'Til The Tape Pops Presents.. Hip Hop 201

D-Strong is One of those artists that should have been a household name years ago, but for some reason hip hop doesn't work that way. If you're not talking about bust downs and how many hoes you have or what style of Molly suits you best, then you're shelved as ?other? or the dreaded ?Experimental? hip hop nowadays. There's no separation of music anymore, meaning Hip Hop gets an overused title encompassing all that is urban music, while ?pop? rappers have a million sub-genre names like trap, LoFi, Ghettotech, House, Electro, garage funk to help define what they do. Be strong and see breath of fresh air and they clustered world of social media accounts and words like ?lyricist? being thrown around like hot garbage. we get a chance to sit down and talk to D and find out his take on hip hop rap music Lo-Fi the whole enchilada. It should be interesting. Today?s strain: Gelato.

Also, be sure to check out music from D-Strong @ MIXCLOUD MONDAYS available NOW at this link

55 Minutes With Jakob English
Playing all the very best in Rock Music.
A Fifth of Advice
Live....(or previously recorded) from the Hotel Suede. We bring to you "A Fifth of Advice" with hosts Anthony and Marshall. Critics have described A Fifth of Advice as " a bit of pop culture, a captioned moment, sprinkled w mild contradictions, truly a distinctly flavored take on society". These critics may also double as the hosts, but that doesn't take away the credibility!
Agenda Reboot Podcast
Welcome to the Agenda Reboot Podcast One Hour of the biggest house beats from around the world with chop. All tracks used for promotional purposes please support artists tracks
Anything Goes...
We will talk about anything and everything. Email topics you would like to discuss. Megabossdad@gmail.com
Bands We Love To Hate

Each month host Tim Phillippe (@ShwayMedia) and a guest, give the bands we say we hate one last listen to see if they're really as bad as we think.

"Bands We Love To Hate" was created by Tim Phillippe and is a production of Shway Media. For more information, visit BandsWeLoveToHate.com and ShwayMedia.com

Big Show Joe
This podcast is for fun and entertainment. Nothing is too serious here. We feature odd news. Some will be different random SHIT that's just plain weird, strange, kooky, and far-out. Why because we tried the regular news and it is just depressing CRAP. So bring on the freaky, funky, ghastly stories that are floating around. We can not verify the correctness of any story you be the judge of that. These eccentric & flaky writings is a celebration, to offer you a smile and a laugh or two. The Big Show is a diversion from the norm and a blast of absurdity a JOKE or 3, that we take seriously, in a recreational goofball way.
Chill Avenue Season One
Smoothplay podcast welcomes you again! Experience the ultimate chill music to relax your part of the day. Stay tuned for more episodes. Follow Smoothplay on social media for more information. STAY CHILL !
Chill Lover Radio
Chill Lover Radio is a rapidly growing online radio station whose goal is to feature and promote artists across all genres including talk radio. Chill Lover Radio features from our talented team of national and international deejays and podcasters.
Co-hosts, Julio Nieblas , and Baudelio Rodriguez ramble on about soccer, mma, conspiracies, video games, and music.
You are listening to Crank! - The go-to in rock and metal news, reviews, pressing issues, live shows, and the almighty Crank! Personal Playlist. Hosted by the man Patto & The Voice of God, Crank! is podcasting cranked all the way up to twelve. Yes, we have surpassed eleven. Crank! is produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Queen Norelle Studios and brought to you via Planet Airwaves. So, take a dose of Crank!, and we?ll see you on the other side.
Danny Hauger Free Music Podcasts
Free music weekly! Enjoy free acoustic and alternative rock songs from Danny Hauger music. Get free music and entertainment by subscribing today! Share and help support indie music for the world!
Deep Memories
? Tropical Deep House | Summer Mix 2019 ??
Disk Dungeon
Music lovers, welcome to the realm on your computer disk that brings you the voices of Music lover Joe Dove, and Music Producer Julian Valencia! Together we are talking about the music that speaks to us and we think may sing to you. Its not on your phone already, google already looked. Hence we have brought it from our disk's dungeon to your ear! Get ready to partake on a music conversation and journey from the dark depths of our world to the real world. Prepare to escape the unknown dungeon of life to the joy of music in your street beats, welcome to Disk Dungeon.
Dj BME Promotion Station is the spot for all indie artists of all genres to get heard, also promoted to the Masses. Get your music reviewed by Business Minded Ent. on www.musicsubmit.com If selected get on the show or get the promotion services you need directly djbme252@gmail.com
DJ Mike Bills | Ushering In A New Era Of Wedding DJs in Charleston, SC

Mike Bills is one of the top wedding DJs in Charleston, SC and is ready to the podcast movement. If you are living in Chicago, Atlanta, Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York City or Boston and are planning a destination wedding in Charleston, you should take a listen to this and then let's set up a time to discuss your wedding in the Holy City. For even more information about me and my company, click over to my website https://www.djmikebills.com and check out one of the most informative blogs about wedding DJing on the internet

New podcast talking on culture, life, music, and many other topics.
Programa oficial de En Tijuana Hay Rock Radio Podcast.
FAR OUT! with Frank Hannon

The FAR OUT! Podcast with Frank Hannon is all about taking risks, challenging yourself and getting out of the box, far out of the box, like doing a podcast.

Gewd Gang Television (GGTV)
Every other week, we cover Hip Hop News, New Music from Gewd Life, Music Reviews, and Call in Questions from you! Join us live for exclusive music and news! Gewd Gang, text us a topic/question at (502) 513 4393 (GEWD) Artists, email your song to gewdlifeent@gmail.com -www.GewdLife.com -www.facebook.com/GewdLifeEnt -www.soundcloud.com/gewdlifeent -www.reverbnation.com/GewdLifeEnt
Hot Trax
The Hottest little rock'n'roll show in the world! Hot Trax
House of Ojeda The Roundtable Podcast
House of Ojeda The Roundtable is a Podcast developed and hosted by Jeda. Featured interviews about the Entertainment Industry and a Rap Segment at the close of the show celebrating a decade classic Urban music.
Hypothetical: A What If? Podcast
Interviews with amazing people... Thought provoking hypotheticals. Always ask yourself... What If?
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
Three average guys from down south discuss all things entertainment. We talk about topics involving movies, tv shows, music, celebrities, sports and more.
Keeping It Cultured
Keeping It Cultured is a place where you can come to listen to exciting interviews and fascinating stories from people in the world of music, film, performing arts and more. This podcast show brings entertainment to a new level as we get up close and personal with our guests. Learn things about some of your favourite people in Canadian culture. On the Keeping It Cultured show we talk about everything from personal life, funny facts and upcoming events. Our unfiltered, unedited episodes will take you on an adventure! Just sit back, press play and listen to the stories unfold.
Kota iRadio Network Podcast
Join Ron Kilbourn, Cole Dawson of ProWrestling UnCut & DjBBQ of UnCut Live Show on The Kota iRadio Network Podcast. 2 Shows 1 Podcast. ProWrestling / Sports / Music Independent Podcast. We've always wondered about how ProWrestling has impacted others.You hear stories of how Pro Wrestling inspired the Athletes/Fans and Others. It's time to share theirs, It's time for theirs to be heard.Raw, Real, Live and UnCut. Powered by: http://www.kbackradio.com, AE41|entertainment and The Kota iRadio Network. [Find us on Social Media] Links in Bio: https://linktr.ee/kotairadionetwk ProWrestling UnCut: Host Cole Dawson & Ron Kilbourn ( ProWrestling/Sports) Every Wednesday UnCut Live Show: Host DjBBQ ( Independent ProWrestling/Music/Sports) Merch Store: https://www.bonfire.com/store/kotiradionetwork/ [Find us on Social Media] Links in Bio: https://linktr.ee/kotairadionetwk Twitter: @KotaiRadioNetWK @ProWresUnCut @UnCutLiveShow TikTok: @KotaiRadioNetWK Instagram: kotairadionetwk uncutliveshow Facebook: Our Official Podcast Page: KotaiRadioNetWK Our Official Podcast Shows: UnCutLiveShow ProWresUnCut [ProWrestling NEWS] Mascot Page KotaBear: MascotKotaBear
Kpop translated / K? ???? 
Kelly and Matt sit down and pick some of the most popular Kpop songs and translate their lyrics into English. They go over what they are singing about and try to uncover and decode some of the nuances of the language between Korean and English. It is a lesson in language and culture. Please send your comments if you would like us to analyse your song. Thanks for listening! ??? ?? ?? K pop?? ????? ??! ? ???? ?? ?? kpop? ?? ??? ??????? ! ?? ? ??? ??? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ??? ?? ?? ???? ?? ??????. ??? ??? ?? ???? ??! ????? ???? ??? ??? ??? ??? ?????. ?? ???? ?????.
L.O.U.D Podcast
We are L.O.U.D(Ladies Of Ultimate Dreams) Radio Podcast based out of Troy NC. Our main goal and mission is to bring positive attention ONLY to whats going on in Montgomery County and surrounding counties and all over the states, we seek to be a positive platform for ladies and gentleman with positive intentions to share there stories, their events, businesses and so much more.
Lady's of the Kingdom Show with Cher2ification
This is for the Ladies and ONLY for The Lady's of the Kingdom. Cher2ification has once again stepped out on faith to represent all of the Ladies who are fighting for the Kingdom of God. FOLLOW HER TO GET THE LATEST UPDATES....... FB: @ladysofthekingdom and @Cher2ification Station lG: @Cher2ification SUBMIT YOUR MUSIC: ladysofthekingdom@gmail.com Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ladysofthekingdom/support
Lezley-Ann SINGS
Join Lezley-Ann Shaw as she performs and chats about anything and everything. We want you to get involved with topics and dedications on the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Lezley-ann-Shaw-215816361819509/
LMP Podcast
Life, Music, and Pets! Each episode opens and exits with a new song produced by Kai Kingkeo. The format of this podcast varies from casual to serious conversation among friends as it goes in life! The one guarantee is a steady flow of call outs and shout outs each episode. Subscribe and follow us on Instragram & Twitter @lmppodcast
Don't Get Mad, Get Media! Rare Music Celebrity Interviews MadPod.com
mcyt songs!
by arteatti on twitter, if you have any request feel free to dm me!
Music is fun!
Podcast o umuzykalnianiu dzieci w domu przez zabaw?.
Musical Notes with The Gringos
Rockin' Horn Band "The Gringos" talk with some music and entertainment Industry heavies including Musicians, Agents and Producers.
Nashville Tour Stop
Hosts Aaron and Mike interview the songwriters, artists, and behind the scenes industry experts in Nashville, Tennessee.
NDN Nations Podcast
Native American (Indian=NDN) / US Military news and information. The latest traditional to contemporary NDN music. Everything from powwow to hip-hop, to hymns. If it's NDN you'll find it here on NDN Nations! 586 tribal Nations...ONE station! A program of non-profit organization Celebrating Traditions; Native American Arts and Cultures 501(c)3
New York Sports and Rhymes
Greg Landorf blends sports and rap together through short features and interviews. Focusing on relevant and engaging topics ensures each piece is well written. Two-Five minute segments, released 3x weekly, capture the audience's attention while utilizing time. Sit back, relax and elevate your mind as you listen to New York Sports and Rhymes.
Nothin 2 Lose Podcast - Episode 10
Review of Draye Hunnid's music Whether we think women should breast feed in public Our Top 5 Blood and Crip rappers AND MORE!
Nu Joker Records
exclusive music featuring, dj mixes, instrumentals, underground releases
SOM Talk Live
SOM Talk Live is an Entertainment and Business podcast which focuses on a variety of topics on the iHeart Radio Platform. SOM Talk Live got its first full concept when the host, Rueben Wood, begin his journey into media in 2016. What took over a year to create started in 2017 when the SOM family released its first broadcasted episode on iHeart Radio. The SOM Talk Live podcast/radio show focuses on entertainment and business with some of todays leading influencers, entrepreneurs, and musicians. The show also has a strong focus on the happenings in local communities and enriching the next generation with the importance of opportunities for continued education.
Starving Artist Podcast
This podcast gives a glimpse into what it's like to be a striving musician in todays music industry. Hosted by a metal band called The Doubted and based in Los Angeles, It seeks to be a glimmer of hope for anyone wishing to pursue a career in music.
Talkin' S*** with Mickey The Kid
Its a fun show that features interviews with rock stars, comedians, professional athletes and various pop culture icons, mixed with lifestyle related talk, comedy bits and other insanity.
Tha FlyTrap Podcast
A podcast of uncompromising realness of everyday life. Discussing life experiences, subtle advice, HipHop, celebrity misdeeds and well doings, entertainment & news. Nothing is off limits as Fly gives his opinion with unfiltered honesty toward anything thrown his way.
Listen in on weekly conversation between the one and only Scott Streets and the show they call Freak,. as they discuss PRO WRESTLING, MMA, FOOTBALL,BASEBALL, COMIC BOOKS, MOVIES AND MUCH MUCH MORE. in fact you'll never know where the conversation going to head. plus frequent guest host joining them
The Classic Metal Show
The Classic Metal Show is the premiere comedy and rock n' roll/metal show online today. The show features the comedy stylings of Neeley and Chris Akin. Tune in live every Saturday from 9pm-3am EST at www.cmsradio.net. In case it isn't obvious, all statements made on THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW are merely the opinions of the hosts, their guests and their callers. No statement made on the show is said as a fact, but offered as merely the opinion of the person stating it. Deal with it, crybabies!!
The Gio and Meatbag Show
Music/Pro Wrestling podcast located in Phoenix, AZ. Check out The Gio and Meatbag Show live on YouTube every Sunday! Or Monday mornings on all podcast streaming platforms! Punk Rock, Pro Wrestling, Comedy etc.!
The Joy Songs Podcasts
MoreJoy Media Podcasting presents Joy Songs. Joy Songs is podcast that has bee in the works for several months. If you listen to MoreJoy Radio, and why wouldn't you listen to MoreJoy Radio?, you would have heard about our launch of this new podcast where we ask listeners and our social media friends to fill out a form that we will send you to be filled out with the five songs that bring you the joy and then explain why. Our host Lee M. Bailey will create a podcast in which he plays your five Joy songs and explains why they bring you Joy. It is our hope that you will find many of thse songs will bring you Joy as well.Whether you have ever heard of the artist or song or not. Then the bonus, Lee will select a song at the end that he hopes will bring you joy. If you would like to participate and get a form please do so. Go to our website: MoreJoyRadio.com and register to receive a Joy Songs form. Please enjoy our Joy Songs podcasts and the others MoreJoy Media is producing simply by going to our website and selecting a podcast you may enjoy and tell your friends and family too.
The Liquid Conversations
A no holds barred podcast hosted by Boston Radio/Podcast veteran Shawn SixX and Gemini Syndrome vocalist Aaron Nordstrom. Conversations range from Music, Life, Science, Theology, and everything in between. Episodes are recorded at various locations across the U.S.A. Follow TLC on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, iTunes, and LaunchpadDM. Proudly endorsed by: DIRTBAG CLOTHING
The LMB Show Ep. 1
Lee has lived in Northern Virginia since 1978, Mark and Bill have each lived in Northern Virginia, let's see, their entire lives. The boys have talked endlessly, over the years, about starting their own radio show. Along came podcasts so here we are, doing what they have talked about for a very long time. They each have very unique perspectives on life here in NOVA and they don't always agree but they do make each other laugh so take a chance and listen yourself to what they have decided is a Seriously, not serious at all podcast each week.
The Magick Jukebox
The Magick Jukebox is a showcase for independent Pagan music and media
The Ratio(the ray show)
Live Cassette Recordings of bands in tempe az in the 90's, i have 100's of cassettes i recorded of over 30 yrs, if you would like to here more you can email me at iequit1@gmail.com
The RockDown Rock and Metal Podcast
A rock and metal podcast featuring extended interviews with members of bands ranging from the unsigned to the biggest names in rock and metal. Very different questions leading to some extraordinary answers.
The Violin Geek Podcast
Welcome violin (or viola, cello, guitar, trumpet...) geeks everywhere! With all the detail and troubleshooting of a one-on-one lesson, in The Violin Geek Podcast, violinist and violist, recording artist, author, and string teacher Laurel Thomsen shares her daily discoveries, insightful interviews with top performers and music industry leaders, and tips for practicing, polishing, and becoming the best musician you can be. Happy Practicing!
the wolfy show
paying country songs from my internet radio station
This podcast will have music and sometimes use explicit and sexual language. We'll be talkin about anything from entertainment to Health and Fitness. And we also will be talkin about life challenges and other topics.
Trascendencia iRadio Show

Podcast musical rock y metal hecho en Venezuela con mayor trayectoria y reconocimiento nacional | Conducido como siempre por Julio Aguilar | Noticias, Entrevistas, Comentarios, Conciertos | Web: Trascendencia.com.ve | Mail: contacto@trascendencia.com.ve | Telf: +584123792839

Triple Y Whyalla
Whyalla's local community station. Catch up on shows you missed here!
Underground Railroad Podcast
We started our podcast in Brooklyn East Flatbush to Interview Creators,Inventors, Entrepreneurs, Musicians,Designers,Producers, Pastors Etc in our community, nationwide and international. We talk about their their Start & Their Journey, Their Purposes, Ups and Downs, Their Drives, The industry their in, People they would like to work with, Their Mentors Etc. Hopefully we can get some donations to help fund and grow our podcast (More Equipment, BiggerSpace,Marketing,Venue Rentals for on stage interviews and so forth) . https://www.gofundme.com/f/ugr-podcas... We want to get this out there professionally to a huge audience before these talents that need to be brandished get tucked underneath the carpet and go to waste. With your support we can keep rolling footage and Enhance our content to the Best Quality Videos and Audio Recordings. We are a living advocate for our community and a voice for our Generation and those before and to come.

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