GiO is the lead singer/rhythm guitar player of squA²red. In this episodic podcast you can hear what goes on inside the mind of GiO!


squAred Up with GiO

#22 One Hit Wonders

SHIZAHM! Episode 22 is a hub for pupular punk rock songs in AZ! GiO guides the non typical punk rock listener through the beloved tracks of the Arizona punk rock scene! Enjoy and download FREE! Music: FoL - Not Today Contradiktion - Hardy Parder Skull Drug - My Father's Son No Composure - Clocking In TV Tragedy - X-Ray Audio Neato - No Barriers squA²red - Cold Shoulder
00:38:20 9/19/2021

Past Episodes

squAred Up with GiO
SKRRRT! GiO's voice is shot so he introduces some clips from the long running "GiO and Meatbag Show" podcast! Enjoy and download FREE!!! Music: Contradiktion - Hardy Parder COSMICSOUPRECORDING.COM
00:24:37 8/22/2021
squAred Up with GiO

NEATO! GiO hangs with Andy and Kristen of "Carter Drive Sessions" they discuss upcoming releases and events as well as Quantum Physics and the ocean. GiO uncontrollably beats the SHIT out of Andy from Neato at the end of the episode!

Neato - Beautiful Mess (NEW RELEASE)



Racecars - Miles To Nowhere (SQUARED UP EXCLUSIVE)

00:42:54 8/15/2021
squAred Up with GiO

ANUNNAKI!!! GiO and Roadie talk conspiracies, future, and theories on life. GiO sacrafices a baby goat and drinks the blood while trying to summon Cthulhu! Enjoy and download FREE!


MC DADJOKES - Dick Cheney Hunting Trip

squA²red - Phone Home

00:51:12 8/8/2021
squAred Up with GiO

CAZOOWEE!!! Episode 18 has discussions of life and how quickly it's changing. GiO audibly reenacts the joyous sounds of child birth. Enjoy and download FREE!


Rundown Roommates - Shiny Toy Gun 

00:57:59 8/1/2021
squAred Up with GiO

WOOSHAKAH! Episode 17 has deep discussions with the Cosmic Soup Recording podcast family. Jeremy and GiO get into a fist fight, then fist and make up! ENJOY and download FREE!


Torn at the Seam - Skalitical Plannedemics

01:01:55 7/25/2021
squAred Up with GiO

SMACKLE! GiO and special guest Guyv3r talk about the career choice of Hip-Hop, Lyrical construction, and networking with anyone and everyone to get the word out. Gio eats a moldy piece of cheese with some hair on it! ENJOY! and download FREE!


Guyv3r - Bankai 

00:00:00 7/18/2021
squAred Up with GiO

BANGARANG! Seany and Gio hang and BS before the Mcgregor fight. Gio also bust's out a meth pipe and starts ripping it firece in front of all the kids! ENJOY! and download FREE!


Play For Blood - Godless  

00:39:20 7/11/2021
squAred Up with GiO

LET'S GOOO! GiO recalls times shared in meatbag's tenure with squA²red. He then proceeds to fart in his own cupped hands and wafts it towards his nostrils.


MC Dad Jokes - Serenity

00:38:44 7/4/2021
squAred Up with GiO

YEEEAAAHH YYEEEAAAHH YYEEEEAAAAHHHH! Episode 13 is dedicated to Arizona punk rock legend Billie Russell of Contradiktion! listen and download FREE!


Contradiktion - Sound of the Streets (acoustic)

Contradiktion - Thirteen

Contradiktion - No Slowing Down

01:09:46 6/27/2021
squAred Up with GiO

WOWZERZ! Hang with GiO and Roadie in this weeks installment of the greatest fucking podcast of all fucking time holy fuck! Enjoy and download FREE!


No One Wins - Sing Till We're Dead

00:31:58 6/20/2021

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