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Hypothetical: A What If? Podcast

Episode 76 -- Nate Hurd

Actor. Comedian. Writer. Tik Tok creator. Wrestling fan . #Albino Rhino. Nate encompasses all of these descriptions and so much more. Nate is hella funny and super relatable. After we got to know more about Nate we settled in to the hypothetical at hand, "What if you could create a wrestling gimmick? What would it be?" Each of us took turns fully describing our wrestling personas, from entrance and entrance music to set moves and finishers. Would we be a babyface, heel, or tweener?Most importantly how would we look and act? You can find Nate online at:



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01:57:01 7/18/2021

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Hypothetical: A What If? Podcast
For this episode we had the pleasure of talking to Shelise Ann Sola. Shelise is a working actress and podcaster. These descriptions encompass only a small measure of the talents and experiences that define her. Shelise is also a costumer, author, and Instagram Influencer. After spending 2 years as the Head Animal Costumer on Nick Jr.'s 'Mutt & Stuff' she focused on her acting. Shelise has been featured in numerous commercials booking multiple commercials for companies such as Barbie, QDOBA, Tapatío, Paw Patrol and more. Theatrically, she shot a feature film in Alaska as the lead. Shelise has also authored a book discussing her upbringing in Mormon society as well as abuses she endured and survived. Regarding the hypothetical we discussed how psychedelics could be effectively and safely used in today's society. Substances such as Mushrooms and Ayahuasca, with proper guidance, can be helpful in alleviation of many individuals symptoms both mental and spiritual. The conversation that ensues is lively and fun. We thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Shelise and found common ground with her ideas and opinions in regards to the therapeutic properties inherent in psychedelic substances. You can follow Shelise online at: Twitter: @SheliseAnn Instagram: @SheliseAnn Website:
01:37:42 6/2/2021
Hypothetical: A What If? Podcast
At first glance you could define Icarus Bell as the musical collaboration between Alan Alski Adams and Matt Noveskey... But Icarus Bell is more than the sum of their parts. Their sound is as diverse as the band's that influenced them. It's no secret that Alan and Matt have a shared history with Blue October and are no strangers to the rock n roll lifestyle. Keeping all this in mind we discussed the hypothetical, "What if alcoholic beverages never existed?" We examine how life would be affected without one of the most arguably dangerous drugs known to man, alcohol. During this discussion we discover a familiarity of how alcohol affected our personal lives. Laughter and very sober (pardon the pun) conversation ensued. Matt and Alan are very awesome guys and their music is stellar. You can find Icarus Bell online at: Instagram - @icarusbellofficial Twitter - @BellIcarus Website -
01:38:30 4/11/2021
Hypothetical: A What If? Podcast
In this episode we had the pleasure of talking to Molly Sinn. Molly was a legal prostitute before the pandemic hit. Our podcast is sex worker positive and Molly is a prime example of showing that the unfair perception of this profession does not always define the person. Molly is very opinionated and intelligent. She is very family oriented and very sarcastic and fun to talk to. The hypothetical that Molly chose was, "What if Psychosis is "feedback" from other dimensions?" We discuss all the possibilities inherent in this question. Is it possible that some of our experiences are echoes emanating from other realities? The line between here and there is discussed along with funny and lively ponderings. You can find Molly online at: Instagram : @MollySinns
00:00:00 2/28/2021
Hypothetical: A What If? Podcast
It's not often that you get to talk politics with a clown... Outside of Washington D.C... ?? In this episode we get to know Bullseye the Clown better and learn about what motivates him to do the work that he does. Bullseye teaches children of all ages to fight bullying. He helps people learn to stand up for themselves and works with a variety of charitable organizations. He has traveled across Russia with Patch Adams visiting orphanages and hospice care facilities spreading joy and hope. The hypothetical at hand is "What if Clowns ran The government?" We each plead our case for better or worse as to how clowns would affect every aspect of our political landscape... Hilarity and silliness ensues. You can find Bullseye online at:
02:12:17 1/24/2021
Hypothetical: A What If? Podcast
Hey folks!!! 2020 has been a real shit bag.... Not to be glum or gloomy, just being honest. The end of the year is our (humanity's) chance to put all the junk behind us and appreciate our time together, in whatever form it may come in. Having said that... Jbats & Mykahl want to wish you the best holidays you can possibly have. We want to thank our listeners for hanging with us. We give our well wishes in this episode in addition to playing some awesome holiday tunes!!! Goodbye 2020... 2021 here we come!!! Song List: Merry Little Christmas" OC ReMix - Dale North Lufia II "Christmas in the Village (Silver Bells)" OC ReMix - Dale North Donkey Kong Country 2 "Brambles in the Breeze" OC ReMix - Protricity "Snowfall" - Pnuemoniker "Silent Night (Unholy Night)" - Alexander Nakarada "Arabesque No. 1" - Claude Debussy covered by Architect (Kyle Schaefer)
00:00:00 12/23/2020
Hypothetical: A What If? Podcast
In this episode we have the pleasure of talking to Margaret Davis, accomplished harpist and lead singer of Astoria Window. We talk with Margaret about what attracted her to the harp and how family played a role in her choice to persue an interest in the arts. She highlights the intricate nature of producing the awesome sounds that emanate from her musical weapon of choice. Hypothetically , we explore: " What if being artistsic was compulsory?" From how it would affect mankind personally to the broader implications for society. It was a pleasure talking to Margaret as well as learning more about the music created with her band/collaboration, Astoria Window. If you listen carefully you'll hear their new single, "Cabin Fever", at the midpoint of this podcast. You can find Maraget online at: Website - Instagram - @margdavismusic Instagram - @astoriawindow Want to work with awesome companies or advertise your product/podcast? Podcorn ( is the answer. Sign up and start monetizing while also showing support.
01:20:31 12/5/2020
Hypothetical: A What If? Podcast
Happy Halloween What If'ers!!! This spooky season we have a special guest.... Horror Host Mikey Sevier!!! Mikey is a ghoul of many talents: Master of Sevier Manor, Creator of spine-tingling masks, and Spook Show Host. We discuss all things monster with Mikey in this hypothetical.... Imagining what the world might be like if Dracula worked the same shift as you or The Mummy frequented the same gym you worked out at. The conclusions we come to are thought provoking and hilarious simultaneously. Be sure to check us out on Vurbl also.. You can find Mikey on line at: YouTube: Mikey Sevier's Spook Show Instagram:
00:00:00 10/31/2020
Hypothetical: A What If? Podcast
In this episode we have the awesome pleasure of talking to the lead singer of thrash metal band Diabology, Jesse Bergen. We discuss the origins of the band as well as what has influenced them stylistically.... The band as a whole is young, but make no mistake, they can shred with the best of them. Be sure to wait after the interview to here their recent single, "Seas of Eternity"... ..Jesse ( 2nd on the left) and Diabology.. We decided to have a little fun with the hypothetical... Josh and I vs Jesse. We each put together a supergroup consisting of : A vocalist, a guitarist, a bassist, a drummer, and multi-instrumentalist. What ensued was an interesting and fun examination of generational preference. If you wanna find Diabology online: Website: Twitter:
00:00:00 10/26/2020
Hypothetical: A What If? Podcast
In this episode we talk to undertaker, author, and podcast host Harlequin Grim. We discuss what Harlequin does in regards to undertaking as well as his love for writing and podcasting in the horror genre. The hypothetical that Harlequin chose was, "What if necromancy were real?" We delve into the implications involved in bring back the dead via magical means. We examine how daily life would be affected as well how social norms would change. Harlequin is well spoken, with a sharp wit and a delightful sarcastic twinge. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to his podcast, Mania, and be sure to visit and follow his social media accounts info on his writing. You can follow Harlequin Grim online at: Website: Twitter: @harlequingrim Mania Podcast:
01:42:44 9/7/2020
Hypothetical: A What If? Podcast
In this episode we talk to comedian, writer, extra and, professional cupcake eater Ronny Pascale. Ronny discusses some of his radio and tv work with us, as well as some of his childhood shenanigans. Ronnys silly sense of humour is genuinely infectious at times, but in a good way.... Lol. As for the hypothetical, we each delve into our plans to fake our own deaths. What starts out detailed plans quickly devolves into absurdity. You can find Ronny online at: Twitter- @ronnypascale Instagram - @ronnypascale
01:42:24 8/3/2020

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