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Posted by LaunchpadOne Team in collaboration with Audry

6 tools to help podcasters boost their audiences

Nowadays, podcasters have countless online tools to help them grow their audience, from platforms to enhance branding and graphics to video streaming suites and transcription software. The podcast marketing process has never been easier.

Whether you are new to the podcasting industry and looking to expand your reach on social media or a seasoned podcaster wanting to elevate your brand, podcasters’ number of marketing tools is growing every day. These six tools will help you streamline the process of boosting your audience and reaching new potential fans.

1. Headliner (
Videos are not only an excellent way to impress your social media followers but can help you to reach new audiences outside of your normal reach. The ‘algorithm’ loves video content. Since most social media mobile applications have introduced auto-play on videos, the need to create

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Posted by LaunchpadOne

The most important factor to the growth of your podcast is shareability. 

Shareability encapsulates everything from the quality of your content to its accessibility to the enthusiasm of your listeners to recommend it. When listeners connect with your show, they’re more likely to engage, share, and return - but it’s your job to keep your show top of mind and top of page.

As we know, podcasting is first and foremost an audio-focused industry; however, successful podcasts branch into video, social media, branding, merch, and more to expand their audience, listenership, and base loyalty. 

Video in particular opens many doors to new platforms, new shareable links, and therefore, new audiences that can expand from network to network. Here, we outline what types of videos may suit your podcast, where to share them, and the tools LaunchpadOne recommends to get started and get going.


Depending on the

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