House of Ojeda The Roundtable is a Podcast developed and hosted by Jeda. Featured interviews about the Entertainment Industry and a Rap Segment at the close of the show celebrating a decade classic Urban music.


House of Ojeda The Roundtable Podcast

HOJ The Roundtable EP. 1 Rashun S.L.I.M. Feat. Mr. Incredible

Rashuon S.L.I.M. and your Host Jeda bridge the age gap through a common interest; Music
00:14:20 3/26/2019

Past Episodes

Jessy B. The Moneybagg Queen breaks down how she wrote her 1st single and where the inspiration came from as your Host Jeda engages the rapper about her taste in music.
00:14:03 3/26/2019
Omar tells The Roundtable about his project with America's Top Model Queen Tyra Banks and her new game app. Your Host Jeda wants to know all about it and the future of Technology.
00:18:21 3/26/2019
Dominique Gilkey is out to change the narrative at his company Awoil Entertainment and your Host Jeda wants to know how.
00:14:26 3/26/2019
In this Episode the around-the-way-girl is actually one of the coolest women on the planet; Averianna The Personality and your Host Jeda talk coming up from nothing and dreams of doing what we love; Entertainment.
00:13:11 3/26/2019
Livio Harris music mogul from Los Angeles talks to your Host Jeda about what he thinks about the current state of the Music business and the future of Entertainment.
00:11:00 3/26/2019

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