MMA Fighter, Author, Tattoo Artist, and CEO of Tattness Co. Clothing, Keith "Tattness" McCleary Hosts a Podcast that has no boundaries. From the paranormal to nonsensical debates over retro cartoons,pop culture,music, pro wrestling and more! Nothing is too low brow for this outspoken host.


The Tattness Podcast

S3 Ep. 6 Why Tattness was away, a life changing phone call, and prioritizing our outrage

Tattness explains his time off and reveals a call that changed everything. We talk about the Mr. Potato Head outrage.
01:02:48 3/4/2021

Past Episodes

The Tattness Podcast
Tattness drops an announcement that will change the Tattness Co. Network in a big way!
00:05:07 2/20/2021
The Tattness Podcast
Tattness sits down with the super talented Anna Thompson - Singer, we talk about the industry, musical influences and the struggles of a young artist. Check her out at the links below and show her some love! Theannathompson- Instagram @edgythompson - Twitter Theannathompson- Tik Tok
00:57:44 1/30/2021
The Tattness Podcast
Tattness has a blast talking to Actress and new dear friend, the beautiful and multi talented Jessica Noel Thompson! We talk industry, struggles, and nonsense we find funny. IMDB link below.
02:19:43 1/25/2021
The Tattness Podcast
Tattness hits up his Brother Scott Sender from The Tattness Co Network's own Basement Bullshit Podcast to see if he's over reacting to drama or if he's justified.
02:38:15 1/18/2021
The Tattness Podcast
Tattness talks with Aaron Hawkins & Chris Shern about their upcoming film Evil Lurks! The award winning Trailer is included in this special show. Be sure to check out their links below! the_love_4_acting aaronlh88
00:30:39 1/12/2021
The Tattness Podcast
Tattness discusses his views on a current situation with someone he thought was down. Ultimately saying "I may need to see some receipts to see how much you have given to the community before you downplay my accomplishments." The Tattness Co. Camp questions the loyalty of some of the people he has helped out. Is it beef? Or is it just someone getting out of pocket and letting "Jokes" become disrespectful?
01:46:42 1/8/2021
The Tattness Podcast
Are you alone on Christmas? Email Tattness at and let him check in via a Zoom meeting and spend some time with you just shootin' the breeze. NOBODY should be alone on Christmas.
00:04:07 12/24/2020
The Tattness Podcast
Tattness has the immense honor of sitting down with Mr. Johnny Brennan! Creator of The Jerky Boys and voice of Mort Goldman on Family Guy, we talk about Frank Rizzo, Sol Rosenberg, and so much more!
01:10:14 11/30/2020
The Tattness Podcast
The truth shall set you free, but first it's gonna really piss you off. What happens when a complete fraud texts Tattness at 2:30 A.M. making veiled threats when he's already 10 steps ahead? He exposes that fraud and their whole fraudulent camp of course. Imagine creating fake websites just to call yourself #1, or calling yourself a "New York Times Best Selling Author" but your so called book has only 3 reviews which are clearly fake and you can't even form a sentence without spelling or grammatical errors. They picked the wrong one to start beef with y'all.
01:42:37 11/22/2020
The Tattness Podcast
Tattness hangs with his Brother from Suck It Podcast and comedian Derek Hanjora! We get into all kinds of madness including our upcoming film! Derek hosts a show that advocates for mental health awareness while still talking about various topics. Check out our upcoming event to raise funds for Toys For Tots charities.
01:05:04 11/14/2020

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