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I'm Just Sayin' Bruh

I'm Just Sayin' Bruh... Is That Jazz In The Background?

We finally make our return after life has definitely gotten in the way. We hope you're glad we're back as we are glad to be back. Check out this smooth jazz edition of the I'm Just Sayin' Bruh Podcast.
01:00:07 9/9/2021

Past Episodes

I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
Sports, sports and more sports. With a sprinkle of Da Baby in there.
00:41:35 8/13/2021
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
We pushing the vaccine and talk about Da Baby!
01:00:39 8/6/2021
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
We are back after a 2 month hiatus. We recorded this on Tuesday night so there has been a lot of things to change since we recorded. Thank you to all of our loyal listeners that waited patiently for us to come back. We will continue to give you audio entertainment until the wheels fall off.
01:12:26 7/30/2021
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
Don't steal our idea! Seriously, don't do it we have IP on it. We recorded this on the day the play-in games began so this episode is a little behind.
01:01:31 5/20/2021
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
We're back after one of the host had to reset the specs.
01:05:34 5/14/2021
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
We are back discussing a little JSU and SWAC football and the murders of black people by the police.
01:21:48 4/16/2021
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
In this week's episode we have Joel on to talk about the Deshaun Watson accusations and more.
01:45:20 4/10/2021
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
In this week's episode we talk about the possibility of a new stadium for JSU and more!
01:19:22 4/1/2021
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
We are back with a discussion of the racist comments made by the Oklahoma High School Basketball announcer and more.
00:58:25 3/21/2021
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
In this week's episode we just shoot the breeze a little and discuss the happenings in Mississippi.
00:52:39 3/4/2021

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