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I'm Just Sayin' Bruh

I'm Just Sayin Bruh... If You're Sorry, You're Dead

In this week's episode we talk all sports and get on our COVID-19 soapbox.
01:22:11 7/30/2020

Past Episodes

Very good and heated discussion this week, listeners. Hope you enjoy!
01:17:22 7/23/2020
We have been gone for a week due to some technical issues and there were some technical issues with the recording for this episode. We were still able to put a little something together for you all to listen to. Stay safe everybody!!!!
00:47:21 7/20/2020
We're back everybody and we are discussing Cam going to the Pats, a little bit of coronavirus and we finally get to our female vocalist list to prepare the bracket.
00:59:59 7/2/2020
Take your time out to listen to this good conversation we had!
00:56:05 6/18/2020
Our responses and opinions of the Drew Brees comments.
01:06:27 6/11/2020
Our reactions to the protests and rioting, plus some fun discussions.
01:09:25 6/4/2020
This week's episode gives our thoughts on issues with police and the call 911 culture on blacks culture.
01:00:14 5/28/2020
We are back to business as usual this week! Hope you enjoy the episode and keep on listening for updates on our next contest.
01:10:44 5/21/2020
We apologize for the delay of this week's episode. This is not much but we had to provide something to you all. We will be business as usual for next week's episode and continue to listen out for our next contest.
00:25:58 5/16/2020
In this week's episode we discuss episodes 5 and 6 of The Last Dance, our thoughts on all 3 seasons of Ozark and working from home.
00:51:44 5/7/2020

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