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Talk Purpose and Truth

The secrets to manifesting and how to hear your higher self with Glaica Rain (part 2)

Have you tried manifesting but it just has not worked? If yes, you're not alone! A lot of people have a hard time manifesting and that might be because you're doing it all wrong. In this episode, Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin are joined by spiritual life coach and ascension guide, Glacia Rain. In this part 2 episode, Glacia shares the inside tips to manifest instantly, how to tune in to find your purpose, the realities of the law of attraction, and how to ask yourself important questions. Listen now and make sure to have something to take notes with while you listen!
00:00:00 1/17/2021

Past Episodes

Talk Purpose and Truth
Have you heard about the ascension process we are all experiencing right now? If you have no idea what this is or even if you know a lot about it, this episode will be very helpful for you. Therefore, in this episode, Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin are joined by Glacia Rain. Glacia is a well-known intuitive life coach, energy healer, and ascension guide. She explains to us exactly what is happening in the process of ascension for each of us and the world, the difference between residing in the 3D world and 5D world, the deeper purpose for COVID, and how to connect to transcendent universal consciousness. Plus you can hear Glacia's journey to discovering her calling to the powerful and transformational work she does. Listen to this insightful and eye-opening episode now!
00:00:00 1/10/2021
Talk Purpose and Truth
Have you ever been body shamed? In this episode, Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin are joined by Rachael Newsham to talk about their own experiences with body shaming and how it affects people all over the world. Rachael is an internationally renowned speaker, choreographer, and celebrity trainer who has inspired thousands of people to get hooked on regular exercise! Additionally, Rachael talks to us about her journey of learning to stay true to herself in her fame, the work she is doing to combine mental & physical fitness, and how to fall in love with fitness without obsessing over it.
00:00:00 11/29/2020
Talk Purpose and Truth
How do you know if you are wounded or awakened? In this episode, Eden Sustin and Kim Somers Egelsee are joined by Hillary Haight and Yolanda Martinez in a round table discussion to talk about the 7 ways to go from a wounded to awakened person. We explain what the difference between a wounded and awakened person is and hear the real-life experiences of what it's like transitioning from the wounded to the awakened state. We also talk about how being in your truth, toxic people, having low self-worth, seeking external validation, people-pleasing, apologizing too much, and negative self-talk can make the difference between wounded and awakened.
00:00:00 11/22/2020
Talk Purpose and Truth
How can you take your power back and learn to love and heal yourself in the process? In this episode, Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin are joined by two inspiring guests. Returning for the fourth time is Eric Nies, MTV star known for being on the "Real World" and "The Grind" and is now a physical, spiritual, and emotional healer. We also have his niece, Maxx Nies, who is a 20-year-old singer/songwriter thriving past her sexual abuse. In this episode, They both share with us the powerful story of how Maxx is healing through her music, the traumatic inspiration behind her new song "No Good at Love", and how Eric is helping Maxx heal, bringing his life's purpose full circle. Plus, you can hear Maxx's new song! Listen to this emotional, inspiring, vulnerable, and tear-jerking episode now! Watch "No Good at Love" on youtube:
00:00:00 11/15/2020
Talk Purpose and Truth
Want to know the secret formula to happiness? It's actually a lot simpler than you may think, you might even be surprised you already know about it. In this episode, Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin are joined by celebrity happiness coach, author, and public speaker Rob Mack! Rob was an expert on "E! Famously Single" reality show and has been featured as a regular guest expert on "Good Morning America", "The Today Show", "Access Hollywood", & more!? Additionally, our's and Rob's good friend, Glenn Marsden, from the Imperfectly Perfect Campaign, joins us as a guest co-host! During this episode, we talk to Rob about how he turned his very unhappy life into one full of so much joy, the happiness formula, the importance of loving your aloneness, the benefits of adversity, & his book "Happiness From The Inside Out". By listening to this episode you may begin to reevaluate your views on where happiness comes from and learn how to be intentionally happy in your everyday life. Come learn with us by listening to this powerful, inspiring, and moving episode! Learn more about Rob:
00:00:00 11/8/2020
Talk Purpose and Truth
Do you find yourself judging others or constantly complaining? Or do you find yourself being the victim of constant judgment? In this episode, Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin are joined by Charissa Sims: healer, entrepreneur, and author. We talk about how you can stop judging others, stop complaining, and how you can stop attracting judgment towards you by shifting your views of yourself, others, and the world. Additionally, Charissa explains how generational sadness affects us all and does an energy healing on Eden live! Listen now and make sure to go back to our previous episode to hear part 1 with Charissa about clearing energy blocks!
00:00:00 11/1/2020
Talk Purpose and Truth
Are you being held back in life by your perspective on money, a toxic relationship, past traumas, or health issues? You may need to learn how to clear energetic blocks and cut cords around what is holding you back. Luckily, in this episode, Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin are joined by the spiritual healer, author, and corporate consultant, Charissa Sims to help teach you! Charissa explains how being energetically attached to a person or idea can negatively affect you. Therefore, she shares how anyone can tune into that negativity and release the blocks around it so you can make room for healthier and more positive relationships and behaviors. Plus, Charissa will guide you through a heart-opening meditation to open your heart to giving and receiving love. Listen to this POWERFUL episode now for incredible realizations and life-changing information! Learn more about Charissa & buy her book here:
00:00:00 10/25/2020
Talk Purpose and Truth
What is the reality of 2020? This week's guest explains that you have to be in your truth to see the truth of this year. In this episode, Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin are joined by the J.R. Martinez who was an actor on"All My Children", the winner of season 13 "Dancing With the Stars", author, motivational speaker, and U.S. Army Vet. He talks to us about how his life changed in an instant, learning how to adapt to undesirable circumstances, the importance of being vulnerable & letting yourself cry, and how to improve relationships. This episode also stresses the idea that it's okay to be messy! Listen now to hear how much wisdom J.R. has and to become inspired.
00:00:00 10/18/2020
Talk Purpose and Truth
Have you ever wondered what Prince's private conversations were like? In this episode, Eden Sustin and Kim Somers Egelsee are joined by Prince's personal journalist and close friend, Neal Karlen. This episode features never before heard rare and exclusive audio clips of the legendary music artist Prince talking vulnerably and full of immense wisdom. We also talk to Neal about their relationship, where Prince's will may be hidden, their dying wish pact, Neal's new book and audiobook "This Thing Called Life", and how he got to know the man behind the curtain. Plus one of Prince's designers, Michelle Kasimor Streite, tells us about what it was like working in his design department. Listen now for a one of a kind episode with audio clips you won't hear anywhere else! Follow us here: IG: Facebook:
00:00:00 10/10/2020
Talk Purpose and Truth
Do you remember Taylor Swift's 2014 AMA performance where she held fire in her hand? This week Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin are joined by the magician/illusionist who made that illusion possible, Alex Ramon. Alex tells us what it was like working with Taylor Swift and the challenges of making the rose and fire illusion happen, how his virtual magic shows have brought the world closer together, the importance of encouragement, and whether or not magicians have supernatural powers! You can also see him work his magic every week on the CW's "Masters of Illusion". Listen to this episode now to realize "anything is possible".
00:00:00 10/4/2020

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