Talk Purpose and Truth; Shifting You Into Higher Consciousness is a podcast hosted by Eden Sustin; physical medium and Kim Somers Egelsee; intuitive, #1 best selling author and inspirational speaker. This unique show elevates, uplifts and encourages listeners to grow, heal, awaken and evolve. Eden and Kim include bold topics, special interviews with inspiring guests, intuitive reading, channeled messages from beyond including celebrities, hot topics and more! Tune in for unprecedented truth, on purpose discussions and magic moments!


Talk Purpose and Truth

How to clear blocks around love, money, and success for a happier & healthier life with Charissa Sims

Are you being held back in life by your perspective on money, a toxic relationship, past traumas, or health issues? You may need to learn how to clear energetic blocks and cut cords around what is holding you back. Luckily, in this episode, Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin are joined by the spiritual healer, author, and corporate consultant, Charissa Sims to help teach you! Charissa explains how being energetically attached to a person or idea can negatively affect you. Therefore, she shares how anyone can tune into that negativity and release the blocks around it so you can make room for healthier and more positive relationships and behaviors. Plus, Charissa will guide you through a heart-opening meditation to open your heart to giving and receiving love. Listen to this POWERFUL episode now for incredible realizations and life-changing information! Learn more about Charissa & buy her book here:
00:00:00 10/25/2020

Past Episodes

What is the reality of 2020? This week's guest explains that you have to be in your truth to see the truth of this year. In this episode, Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin are joined by the J.R. Martinez who was an actor on"All My Children", the winner of season 13 "Dancing With the Stars", author, motivational speaker, and U.S. Army Vet. He talks to us about how his life changed in an instant, learning how to adapt to undesirable circumstances, the importance of being vulnerable & letting yourself cry, and how to improve relationships. This episode also stresses the idea that it's okay to be messy! Listen now to hear how much wisdom J.R. has and to become inspired.
00:00:00 10/18/2020
Have you ever wondered what Prince's private conversations were like? In this episode, Eden Sustin and Kim Somers Egelsee are joined by Prince's personal journalist and close friend, Neal Karlen. This episode features never before heard rare and exclusive audio clips of the legendary music artist Prince talking vulnerably and full of immense wisdom. We also talk to Neal about their relationship, where Prince's will may be hidden, their dying wish pact, Neal's new book and audiobook "This Thing Called Life", and how he got to know the man behind the curtain. Plus one of Prince's designers, Michelle Kasimor Streite, tells us about what it was like working in his design department. Listen now for a one of a kind episode with audio clips you won't hear anywhere else! Follow us here: IG: Facebook:
00:00:00 10/10/2020
Do you remember Taylor Swift's 2014 AMA performance where she held fire in her hand? This week Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin are joined by the magician/illusionist who made that illusion possible, Alex Ramon. Alex tells us what it was like working with Taylor Swift and the challenges of making the rose and fire illusion happen, how his virtual magic shows have brought the world closer together, the importance of encouragement, and whether or not magicians have supernatural powers! You can also see him work his magic every week on the CW's "Masters of Illusion". Listen to this episode now to realize "anything is possible".
00:00:00 10/4/2020
Have you found yourself worried about your appearance or judged about it on social media? Many people run into this multiple times a day and it's affecting the youth of our world and humanity as a whole. In this episode, Eden Sustin & Kim Somers Egelsee are joined by Brianna Brown Keen. She is most known for her roles in Dynasty, Devious Maids, General Hospital, and Homeland. This actress talks to us about the effects social media has on humanity and recommends watching the Netflix series "The Social Dilemma", the judgments Chadwick Boseman received due to the media, what it was like to work with Naya Rivera, and her nonprofit the "New Hollywood".
00:00:00 9/27/2020
This is a special crossover episode between the Talk Purpose & Truth Podcast and the ImperfectlyPerfect Podcast! Therefore, in this episode, Eden Sustin, Kim Somers Egelsee, and Glenn Marsden are joined by two amazing guests. We have Bravo's Vanderpump Rules Star Scheana Shay and her Professional Athlete Boyfriend Brock Davies! These two get personal as they share their own imperfections, behind the scenes stories, details on their relationship, their recent news, and how having each other helped them to get through it. Listen now for an amazing crossover episode you won't want to miss!
00:00:00 9/20/2020
In this episode, Big Chick's family friend, Jamey Forness, joins Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin to talk about what life was like working for Prince. Jamey shares never before heard stories and unique anecdotes from Chick's life during the Purple Rain days, including backstage life, and what his life was like after working for Prince up until he died. Additionally, he tells us what their relationship was like and how Chick felt being Prince's bodyguard. Plus we talk about Big Chick's book, "White Slave", which is all about his life during and after working for Prince!
00:00:00 9/13/2020
Are you searching for happiness but can't seem to find it? Well, according to our guest, happiness is a momentary state of being but fulfillment is what the soul craves - fulfillment of the soul's plan. With that being said, in this episode, Kim Somers Egelsee, and Eden Sustin are joined by author, celebrity photographer, and trans channel for Archangel Michael, Jeff Fasano! Not only will you learn more about happiness vs. fulfillment but you will also learn how to notice your soul's divine plan, how to live life from a soul's perspective, and the importance of joy. PLUS Jeff channels Archangel Michael to give you a wisdom-filled message of hope and peace to implement into your life. This episode is coming out at a divine time for the world to hear. It's applicable for all ages as it touches on valuable elements of life, listen now! Buy Jeff's book, find his podcast, and check out his services here:
00:00:00 9/6/2020
Trauma hit July 19th, 2015 when Gerald Waters thought he would never be able to move his body again. A tragic incident left him paralyzed from the neck down for years and despite odds, he is still alive today. In this episode, Eden Sustin and Kim Somers Egelsee, are joined by actor and model, Gerald Waters. Gerald shares with us the story of how he was left paralyzed, being able to find your strength and uncovering your purpose in the darkest of times, the importance of a support system, and all about his new Netflix movie. Since that life-altering day in July, Gerald has accomplished more than anyone would have thought he would be able to. Included in those accomplishments is co-starring in a new Netflix original, "All in This Together". Also, starring Auli'i Cravalho, Carol, Burnett, Fred Armison, and more, the movie talks about the importance of accepting help from those closest to you when tragedy hits. Listen to this powerful, eye-opening, and humbling episode on Gerald's transformational journey now!
00:00:00 8/30/2020
Everywhere you look there's news about COVID. How it has affected people and how many cases there are. However, have you heard anything about how kids are dealing with it, their perspective on what's going on in the world? In this episode, Eden Sustin and Kim Somers Egelsee are joined by their own kids: Skylar Sustin (20), Taylor Sustin (17), Noella Egelsee (14), and Nia Egelsee (8)!! They each tell us their own experience during this unique time and how the drastic changes in their lives have made them feel, revealed to them, and taught them. As Eden and Kim dive into the minds of their kids to better understand the effects the pandemic has had on younger generations they ask them. . . How are they coping? What setbacks have they faced? How has it affected them emotionally and personally? Has anything good come out of the coronavirus? And lastly, what important life lessons have they learned? This episode can be helpful for everyone: kids, teens, college students, and parents! No matter who you are or how the pandemic has affected you, the wisdom from these kids can help change your perspective and understand it from the minds of our future.
00:00:00 8/22/2020
Have you ever had the feeling of guilt or shame hold you back in life? In this episode Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin are joined by, dream life mentor, Veronika Winski to talk about how you can eliminate guilt and shame to be more successful in life. The three steps Veronika explains is awareness, conscious breath, and saying what you desire to feel, with awareness being KEY! We go into how this plays a role in shame around bodyweight and how to interrupt those old beliefs of needing to look a certain way by reprogramming the way you talk to yourself; language is powerful! In this episode, you will learn how to trust what is and not force things, how to overcome your guilt/shame and understand the importance of awareness. Complimentary Reinvention Guide: Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @talkpurposetruth Subscribe to our youtube channel:
00:00:00 8/16/2020

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