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Talk Purpose and Truth

Dr. Viviana Coles From "Married at First Sight" on Intimacy, Love at First Sight, And Building Chemistry

Is love at first sight really possible? In this episode, Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin are joined by Dr. Viviana Coles; Relationship & Sex Therapist at her practice, Houston Relationship Therapy, and expert therapist on Married at First Sight for 6 seasons. We discuss what was it like to be on Married at First Sight and why she left. Plus, building chemistry, being "too nice" in relationships, if she believes love, at first sight, is really possible, her book, "The 4 Intimacy Styles", and finding time for intimacy with kids. More with Dr. Viviana:
00:00:00 8/14/2022

Past Episodes

Talk Purpose and Truth
In this episode, Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin are joined by Brandee Stilwell, actress, producer, voice-over artist, and freelance writer for Disney/Amazon Echo. We sat down to talk with her about her book "None of this is Going According to Plan", writing "Sasquatch Detective" for DC Comics, what she does for her mental health being in the entertainment industry, and walking around the Hollywood Forever Cemetary.
00:00:00 8/7/2022
Talk Purpose and Truth
"If you think you can, you can. If you think you can't, you won't." In this episode, Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin are joined by Doug Cornfield and Dave Clark. Doug is an author, speaker, & director of Disability, Dream, and Do (D3Day) sports camps, created in partnership with Dave. Dave is an author, motivational speaker, advocate for children with differing abilities, & worked in professional baseball. We talk with them about Dave's 40-year career in Pro baseball being on crutches & braces as a result of Polio, how 1 small act can change everything, & their book together "A Pound of Kindness".
00:00:00 7/31/2022
Talk Purpose and Truth
14 schools, 2 marriages, grew up in crack houses, was abused by his father, molested as a kid, had a suicide attempt, anger management, and alcohol troubles all before he was 20. Steve Bacon experienced so much pain and suffering in his early years of life. And during those years each pain dominoed into the next until he met his mentor that changed his life. It took a long time for him to see it but all of his trauma was a gift. How could so much pain be turned into good? In this episode, Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin are joined by Steve Bacon to go deeper into his story, to discuss the keys to changing your life around no matter what you've been through, and how his own life served as his biggest lesson for what really drives unhealthy human behavior. We discuss the importance of challenging your belief system, self-concept, and stories created as a kid. Finding the motivation to change your life around and the reason for attempting to protect yourself and control things based on human behavior. More on Steve: Find Steve on Instagram:
00:00:00 7/24/2022
Talk Purpose and Truth
Do you remember William Hung from season 3 of American Idol? He gained fast fame after his Idol audition for "She Bangs", which became a classic piece of American Idol history. Now, he's a 3- time TEDx speaker, author, and podcast host. In this episode, Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin are joined by William to talk about what his Idol experience was like both during and after the show, what made him decide to audition, how he handles hate & criticism, and what he wants next for his life.
00:00:00 7/10/2022
Talk Purpose and Truth
Interested in the male perspective on deep life topics? In this episode, Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin are joined by the hosts of "The Unfiltered Experience", Christopher Rauschand Scott Goyette. Scott is the founder of Go Love Now, a life coach, and a speaker. Chris is a no excuses life and business coach and speaker. We discuss ego vs true self, the deeper meaning of anger and fear in men, midlife crisis vs midlife awareness, and current cultural pressures on men. The Unfiltered Experience: More on Scott: More on Christopher:
00:00:00 6/26/2022
Talk Purpose and Truth
Ready for your life to be filled with joy? In this episode, Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin are joined by Mark DeCarlo: Emmy-winning writer, comedian, producer, tv host, and author. Known for hosting "Studs" & "Taste of America", Boffo the Bear Show, and the voice of Hugh Neutron! We talk with Mark about how we can all create joy at this moment rather than waiting for it to come and how to align yourself with things that only give you joy. Plus, Mark shares about his time on the Jonny Carson, how his time was being the host of the TV show Studs, and more! More about Mark:
00:00:00 6/12/2022
Talk Purpose and Truth
Elisa Fiorilla is a singer and songwriter who worked with Prince for 20+ years as a backup singer and as a part of The NPG. In this episode, she joins Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin to talk about what it was like working with Prince as one of the people he trusted and respected most. We get into Elisa's days working with Prince on Batman, Graffiti Bridge & in The NPG, some details about their trusted relationship, Prince's longing for a family, and their ongoing spiritual connection. More on Elisa:
00:00:00 6/5/2022
Talk Purpose and Truth
Want to expand your healing experiences? In this episode, Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin are joined by Derek Loudermilk to talk about different healing techniques that have changed his life. Derek is a Professional Adventurer, Quantum Business Coach, Bestselling Author, Speaker, founder of AdventureQuest Travel, and Host of The Derek Loudermilk Show. Since 2015 he has traveled all over the world to experiment with over 50 metaphysical, spiritual, and healing techniques. In this episode, he explains Time Travel/Time Dilation, Tantra/Sacred Sexuality, and the Taoist Inner Smile Technique. Plus, how he started this journey after becoming a "man with no identity". More on Derek:
00:00:00 5/22/2022
Talk Purpose and Truth
Have you ever felt stuck, emotionally held back by your past, or emotionally weighed down? In this episode, we discuss the impact that trapped emotions and energy have on our relationships, emotional health, and life in general. We also get raw and real about times when we've released trapped emotions & energy and the huge difference it made in our health and quality of life. Plus, Personal Development and Emotion Release Coach, Skylar Sustin, joins us to share how you can release and let go of trapped emotions to improve your life! Follow Skylar here: Schedule an Emotion Release Coaching Session with her here:
00:00:00 5/15/2022
Talk Purpose and Truth
The podcast is turning 3!! So, in today's episode, we reflect on our innermost thoughts, feelings, and unique stories from this 3-year journey. From writing a book, getting deeper into our own healing work, and having to overcome the fear of judgment and negative feedback we are so grateful for the journey this podcast has taken us on. Our deep reflections in this episode may open up something for you. Plus, we pull a few cards for our anniversary that you can apply for yourself.
00:00:00 5/1/2022
Talk Purpose and Truth
How does music connect us on a whole other level of human emotion? In this episode, Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin are joined by award-winning composer, producer, and songwriter, David Russo to talk about the power of writing music that connects people. David says one of the most powerful things about writing music is the ability to tap into human emotion and touch people right at the moment that they need it. He also shares how he writes music based on human emotion, what led him to find his calling of serving others through music, and what his mindset around life is. More about David:
00:00:00 4/23/2022
Talk Purpose and Truth
Joe Whitcomb joins Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin on the podcast to share with us his story of living in Ukraine as an American when the current war started and his journey of escaping Kyiv. Joe is a licensed trauma-informed psychotherapist and mixed reality researcher, and developer. He moved to Ukraine for research and love. A year later, he found himself hiding in a basement, witnessing gun fights, and fleeing for his life. Despite these intensely traumatic events, he's still able to find beauty in the world and feel gratitude despite what he and many others have experienced. Join us to listen to his story and to hear a special support message for Ukraine from a SURPRISE CELEBRITY. Joe's website:
00:00:00 4/10/2022
Talk Purpose and Truth
In this episode, Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin are joined by Kristine Carlson, New York Times Bestselling Author of the "Don't sweat the small stuff series", Transformational Speaker, and Empathic Guide for People Experiencing Major Life Transitions. Kristine shares what it was like having her life be turned into a Lifetime movie where Heather Locklear played her, how she grieved her husband's death, keeping inner peace amongst the chaos, and finding & defining her life's purpose. More about Kristine:
00:00:00 4/3/2022
Talk Purpose and Truth
Are you a spiritual mama? In this episode, Kim Somers Egelsee ad Eden Sustin are joined by "Spirit Mamas", Victoria Nielsen, and Tiffany Wilkes work to uplift spiritually conscious mamas so they can bloom into the next brighter and more powerful version of themselves. We talk with Tiffany and Victoria about how they help moms tap into their spiritual consciousness, what timeline jumping is, using Akashic records to heal, and traveling to the underworld in your dreams. More abput Spirit Mamas:
00:00:00 3/27/2022

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