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Ep66: Happy Bobby Bonilla Day, Cam + Pats, Best Broadcast Teams, Goodbye BigRed (until we meet again)

In THIS Episode: We celebrate Bobby Bonilla day with the crowd at Barrel & Bones in The Colony, including our great friend Brandy Jones who buys us ALL the shots! What does Cam to the Pats mean, if anything, and are they a playoff team now? We take a look at the Cowboys depth chart at cornerback and discuss the best broadcast teams of ALL TIME in our Top 9 @ 9. Then an emotional moment as we say goodbye (for now) to BigRed who will be joining the broadcast for the foreseeable future from Monroe City, MO via the miracle of the satellite broadcast technology that exists. Starting next week the great Colby Sapp, formerly of FoxSports 1190 and 105.3 The Fan joins Timm at the table to tear up all the sports and current events! We love you, BigRed, and we can't wait to broadcast by your side once again!
02:12:59 7/6/2020

Past Episodes

George Teague joined the show LIVE from Barrel & Bones in The Colony, TX, and discussed his new podcast, 'Teague's Take with George Teague', and everything from Alabama Football, Cowboys Football, a mysterious phone call from a former rival, why he couldn't wear #31 with the Dolphins, and his thoughts on IndyCarTim's butt. Also, who is his favorite Cowboys coach ever? We had a ton of fun thanks to the boys over at Hochstadter's Slow & Low and their famous canned Old Fashioned! Check them out at and join us from 8p-10p each Wednesday Night at Barrel &* Bones in The Colony, TX for 'Whiskey Wednesday brought to you by Slow & Low!'
00:37:18 6/26/2020
In THIS Episode: DFW Sports Radio LEGEND Colby Sapp joins us at the Drunk Sports table as we discuss the Dak Prescott signing of his franchise tag, and what that means going into the July 15 deadline and beyond. Also, the 'Jamal Adams to Dallas' talk is heating up again, but do we really want him in Dallas? Major League Baseball announced plans for a shortened season of 60 games, but at what cost?? And we'll look at Bleacher Report's MLB Power Rankings and see what the Rangers' chances might be for an AL West title. Then we'll tell you why it's apparent that Brett Favre has been hit in the head one too many times, and our Top 9 at 9 follows with the best NFL comebacks out of retirement. And a very special segment as it's the return of Colby Sapp's News & Notes! We're honored! George Teague comes on to share some special news about something you'll be hearing a lot of soon: #TeaguesTake Please follow the conversation on Twitter! @IndyCarTim, @BigRedBlitz, and @DrunkSportsDFW
02:38:46 6/25/2020
In THIS Episode: We broadcast LIVE on the patio at Barrell & Bones in The Colony, and mother nature is apparently not a fan, since she literally tries to undermine our entire run sheet multiple times! Zeke Elliott is named as one of the Cowboys who is infected with COVID-19 but where did the leak come from and what does that mean for the NFL season moving forward? And WHO leaked his name to the media? NBA great Bill Russell sets Kendrick Perkins straight about the most athletic NBA player ever, and Kendrick agrees! With Dak wanting Russell Wilson money on his next contract, we discuss the similarities in their contract situations as well as the differences in where they are in their respective careers at this point. Oh yeah, should Russ have audibled out of that ridiculous goal-line Super Bowl losing play??? The Top 9 at 9 gives you the top-ranked QBs going into 2020. A couple of notable exclusions from previous lists... Hey Aaron Rogers, why didn't you make the list?? We also have some fun with the worst QBs in history from some NFL teams. To end the show BigRed almost dies from a hot sauce challenge and we had to cut the show short. We hope you were there to see it live! Please continue the discussion with on Twitter at @IndyCarTim, @BigRedBlitz, or @DrunkSportsDFW, or via email at And make sure to check out our YouTube channel for all the videos of each episode and some next-level hilarity from us!
02:10:04 6/19/2020
George Teague joins us to discuss his playing days, his current tenure as head coach and athletic director of JPII High School, and his upcoming podcast, "Teague's Take". NFL Training Camps are cleared to open, but at what cost? We'll discuss the unrealistic expectations of the NFL and how the 2020 camps are literally impossible to carry out. The MLB Entry Draft is tonight and we'll look at some of the MLB players throughout history who went straight from the draft table to the big leagues. You'll hear some familiar names! We'll also cross-examine MLB's most recent proposal to restart play. It's terrible. As always we offer you the Top 9 at 9 and Around The Sports, and ESPN graded every NFL team's offseason, so we'll make fun of where they graded the Cowboys and the rest of the NFC East. From The Rough includes Charles Schwab Challenge talk and odds as the PGAers are back in Fort Worth for the weekend. Please join us! And make sure to reach out on Twitter: @IndyCarTim, @BigRedBlitz, and @DrunkSportsDFW! Enjoy the show!
02:23:57 6/11/2020
In THIS episode: Cowboys QB Dak Prescott hasn't signed a deal yet, but he's pledging $1M to educate police officers. Speaking of the Cowboys, they've scrapped plans for training camp in Oxnard and will stay local! The NBA has a plan to return but it does NOT include those sucky teams, and who is the best NBA coach in history to NOT win a Naismith Trophy? WARNING - SOCCER TALK: How did the MLS avoid a lockout of their players? And what can MLB learn from them? Our Top 9 at 9 at it's regular time involves the 9 Most Obscure Baseball Records and Feats, and we check out the Rangers top LHPs of all time. Who is Jordan Rock? And "From The Rough" we examine some weird health precautions Golf is adopting and at the same time they're tampering with the fabric of the game. And we have the Schwab Challenge Odds preview so we can all get rich! Please join us LIVE on YouTube, Facebook, or Periscope and make sure to be a part of the show by commenting on one of those forums or on twitter! @IndyCarTim, @BigRedBlitz, @DrunkSportsDFW! Brought to you by,, and!
00:00:00 6/4/2020
In THIS Episode: We break down Brad Sham audio from his interview on the SiriusXM NFL podcast, "Movin' The Chains" regarding the future of both the Cowboys and Dak. We then discuss the possibility of MLB Expansion to recover lost revenue from the Coronavirus situation. As usual we'll have our Top 9 at 9 and this week IndyCarTim offers you the Top 9 Dallas Cowboys Teams of ALL TIME! And the NHL has announced how they'll resume their season. Is it fair? Also we look at CBS Sports' Top 25 Power 5 head coaches and notice a glaring omission from that list. We'll also discuss 10 takeaways from the very successful "The Match II" that aired this past Sunday. All of this brought to you by The Highlands Performance Golf Center in Carrollton, TX (,, and - America's favorite testosterone booster! Please join us and make sure to participate! You can continue the conversation on Twitter: @IndyCarTim, @BigRedBlitz, @DrunkSportsDFW.
02:25:14 5/27/2020
In THIS Episode: LIVE from Tailgaters in Plano, and brought to you by the Highlands Performance Golf Center in Carrollton, TX, Jerry Jones is back at work at The Star, but it's a skeleton crew joining him, we'll check out MLB's plan to return to the diamond, but with all the stipulations and rules, is it even possible to pull off?? We'll check out the NFL's proposed changes to the Rooney Rule, examine the Top 9 Sports Cities in America, and update everyone on Aldon Smith, Randy Gregory, and the health of Leighton Vander Esch. And guess what? GOLF is BACK! We hope you join us and join the conversation!!
02:14:51 5/21/2020
IndyCarTim offers you HIS list of the Top 9 Journey Songs of all-time, with just one honorable mention. How does it compare to your list? What should've been included? What should've been left off? Is he just completely NUTS??? Continue the conversation on Twitter - @IndyCarTim and @DrunkSportsDFW
00:27:26 5/18/2020
In THIS Episode - We discuss the Dallas Cowboys' 2020 schedule and why they're destined to win AT LEAST 10 games, we say goodbye to 2 legends, and examine MLB's proposal for a return to the diamond. And it's the return of the Top 9 At 9 as we look at Timm's top 9 Journey songs of all time! And since NFL Free Agency is NOT over yet, we'll look at some possible targets and fits for the Cowboys that are still available, and some that would be disastrous signings.
02:22:17 5/14/2020
In THIS Episode, we discuss Gronk's return to the NFL and what that means for Brady and the rest of the NFC South. We also examine the punishment handed to Alex Cora and the BoSox for their cheating scandal. Was it enough? Will Cora be back in Boston? We then delve into the world of "The Last Dance" and is it really accurate and is it really that great? And we have to discuss the WNBA draft and what occurred that might never occur again in any sports' draft ever? Our Top 9 at 9 is back, along with baseball in S Korea. How are they pulling it off and would that work here in the States? Then we look at "The Match - Part II" for our 'From The Rough' segment. Join us!
01:24:22 4/25/2020

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