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The Drunk Sports Podcast

Top 9 @ 9: Colby Sapp's Ultimate 'To-Do' List Before You Die!

Top 9 @ 9: Colby Sapp's Ultimate 'To-Do' List Before You Die! Sponsored by
00:15:08 6/14/2021

Past Episodes

The Drunk Sports Podcast
Your spouse or significant other allows you only four. To display. In your home. Which four athletes would you choose to represent your sports fandom in your home? Autographed and tastefully framed for prominent display.
00:12:10 6/13/2021
The Drunk Sports Podcast
Bracketology: Best Fast Food Bracket
00:27:01 6/11/2021
The Drunk Sports Podcast
Is all this Luka's fault? What's wrong with the Mavs? | NHL and NBA Playoffs
00:29:00 6/10/2021
The Drunk Sports Podcast
Colby searches the world wide web for the weird... And by GOD he's found them!
00:13:04 6/8/2021
The Drunk Sports Podcast
We knew they were weird, but this is ridiculous...
00:15:51 6/7/2021
The Drunk Sports Podcast
The Forbes magazine list with our comedic and twisted commentary.
00:26:23 6/6/2021
The Drunk Sports Podcast
The tragic story of how a man who had it all threw it away for nothing.
00:13:58 6/5/2021
The Drunk Sports Podcast
The story of how a man secretly planned for his family's future after his death.
00:16:10 6/4/2021
The Drunk Sports Podcast
How one of our very own infiltrated a Plano cricket match and walked out as a member of the team || NBA and NHL Playoffs || Dallas Mavericks vs LA Clippers
00:24:58 6/3/2021
The Drunk Sports Podcast
We discuss which is better, and somehow that evolves into Peter Pan vs Thanos in the Marvel Universe, and if there should be a Tinkerbell vs The Wasp movie! Wait, what?
00:09:41 6/1/2021
The Drunk Sports Podcast
Forget 'March Madness', this is a bracket you can't lose!
00:21:53 5/31/2021
The Drunk Sports Podcast
"Where Did They Finish Their Career?" - A DSP Game Show!
00:16:12 5/28/2021
The Drunk Sports Podcast
Taken from a 1950's High School Textbook, we run down the list of what a good wife was in the '50s and see if they still apply today!
00:11:52 5/27/2021
The Drunk Sports Podcast
DSP107: 'Stop Down' Movies | UFO's Are Very Real | K&C Masterpiece "Behind The Mic" | The Truth Behind Colby's Shocking Weightloss
01:39:03 5/19/2021

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