I have been in the beauty industry for over 30 years in many different aspects I was a beauty manager I was also manicurist and pedicurist ,and I'm now a licensed Lead Esthetician and cosmetic artist.I'm passionate about skin care and I like to share all of my knowledge here with you!! Thanks for listening



Jul 1, 2019 14:11 NATURALLY

00:31:00 7/1/2019

Past Episodes

In this episode Lilly will explain the differences between hypo and hyper pigmentation in the skin. How to treat it ,and more importantly how to avoid it.
00:38:47 5/13/2019
In this episode Lily is going to give you some tips about issues with the eyes
00:26:37 4/9/2019
Rosacea is a skin disorder that's very common and treatable let's talk about that.
00:23:38 10/7/2018

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