Join Adam and Beef as they explore the World of Booze. They will be talking with the makers, the creators, the sellers and the drinkers. You will find out the craft behind the beverages, meet the colorful people that make it, have fun with pub trivia, story telling and two buddies who have known each other for a long...long time. Adam has over 20 years' experience in the Hospitality Industry from bartender, to creating beverage programs, owner of a restaurant and selling booze. Beef has over 20 years' experience drinking booze!


Virtual Pub Podcast

Episode 37: Crane Brewing

Chris Meyers joins Adam and Beef to talk about Crane Brewing and their traditional style beers. They talk about the story of the brewery, beers and how they have been creative during a pandemic. Adam and Beef have booze news, pub trivia and another beer from Missouri.
00:59:32 2/25/2021

Past Episodes

Virtual Pub Podcast
Adam and Beef are joined by a home brewer, who became a seasoned professional brewer, who started a software solution for brewers, President and Co-Founder of FermentAble Darin Haener. They dive into the behind the scenes of what it takes to become a professional brewer. Adam and Beef have a first from the this or that, they drink beers from North Carolina, booze news and pub trivia.
01:04:20 2/17/2021
Virtual Pub Podcast
Adam and Beef are joined by Lewis McCallister from Mountains Walking Brewery from Montana. They talk about Oat Whip, smoothie beers and a new line they will be introducing soon. Booze News, Beef's Pub Trivia and more.
01:02:58 2/8/2021
Virtual Pub Podcast
Adam & Beef talk to Ricky "The Meadmaker" Klein from Groennfell and Havoc Meadery. They talk about mead, his mead, The Feast and the importance of feasting. Beef & Adam enjoy North Dakota beer, booze news and pub trivia.
01:21:16 2/2/2021
Virtual Pub Podcast
Goats, Gin, Vodka...Oh My! Beef and Adam talk with Michael from Hidden Tradition Distilling out of Massachusetts. He creates craft gin, vodka and has two goats that go along for his adventures. Adam and Beef have booze news, Beef goes off on poetry, they test a non-alcoholic whiskey, Virtual Brew Tour in Ohio and Beef's Pub Trivia.
00:00:00 1/25/2021
Virtual Pub Podcast
Adam and Beef relive some of the best moments and interviews of 2020. Enjoy small clips from past episodes about booze information, fun times and some ridiculous moments.
00:59:37 1/18/2021
Virtual Pub Podcast
Music, brewing, hot tub decisions and community. Adam and Beef talk to Leslie and Steve from Bootstrap Brewing in Longmont, Colorado. They pair music, community with great beer, seltzers and a NA beer Strapless. Beef holds up to his word and shotguns a can of wine. Adam makes Beef explore NA beers in honor of Dry January, booze news and trivia.
01:12:53 1/12/2021
Virtual Pub Podcast
Adam and Beef talk about the thing that should not be named...The Hangover. They breakdown their top ways to prevent or help a hangover plus drinking and hangover stories.
00:44:31 1/4/2021
Virtual Pub Podcast
Adam and Beef mix, drink and create a list of cocktails that you should be drinking on New Year's Eve to forget 2020 or bring cheer for a New Year! Recipes Included.
00:40:01 12/28/2020
Virtual Pub Podcast
Adam and Beef visit with Michael and Rick from Acorn Brewing in Edgewood, Washington. They talk about their delicious malt balanced beers, fun beer names and the stories behind them. Booze news, pub trivia and the Virtual Brew Tour stops in New Jersey. Beef makes a promise of shot-gunning something in a future episode!
01:14:22 12/27/2020
Virtual Pub Podcast
Adam takes a special, never before look into a tradition like no other, Whiskmas. Adam talks to Beef and Mrs. Beef after 10 hours, over 3 liters of whiskey, and 3 movies to discuss this tradition. Beef and Adam also have booze news, pub trivia, drink and review a beer from Nevada in the Virtual Brew Tour and Beef shares it all with a story from Vegas... not what you would think!
00:57:39 12/16/2020

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