Veteran radio sports talk host Mike Jansen, and the ultra-versatile Chris Flook, have spent their lives getting in trouble for their big mouths. UNSCRIPTED with Mike & Chris is a sports podcast, for the most part. But the unscripted nature of the show can take it in any number of directions, with no topic off limits. Enjoy new episodes every week!


UNSCRIPTED with Mike & Chris

522: Video Killed the Radio Star

Mike & Chris look at Joey Chesnut and Miki Sudo continuing their competitive eating dynasties. Plus: Betting on sports after games have started, hub cities, and is Sidney Crosby one of the top five NHL players of all time?
00:34:25 7/5/2020

Past Episodes

Mike & Chris conduct an in-depth preview of the Green Bay Packers' 2020 season. Plus: Should the coach, GM, and team president all be fired over the worst draft of all time?
01:06:39 6/24/2020
Mike & Chris do an NFL mock draft. Plus: Why doesn't Cam Newton have a job?
01:12:27 6/23/2020
Mike & Chris look at the latest news about COVID-19 in the sports world. Plus: The Civil War, Bubba Wallace, and the Dukes of Hazzard.
00:50:33 6/23/2020
Mike & Chris look at the odd timing of the Cleveland Browns negotiating a long-term deal with Myles Garrett. Plus: Jerry Jeudy, John Harbaugh, Kyrie Irving, and Packer fans still have PTSD from the 2020 NFL Draft.
00:35:41 6/16/2020
Mike asks Chris for the latest on the UFC's Fight Island. Plus: Pete Carroll lies his face off about why he didn't hire Colin Kaepernick years ago.
00:38:18 6/14/2020
Mike & Chris conduct the first round of the Nuclear MLB Draft, where all current players are free agents and every franchise has to start new rosters from scratch. Plus: Would you draft anyone over the age of 30?
01:10:23 6/14/2020
Mike & Chris look at burger ideas for grilling season. Plus: The Match!
00:28:38 6/5/2020
Mike & Chris look at unbreakable sports records. Plus: John Stockton, Paul Molitor, the return of the PGA, and the top hitters of all time in baseball.
00:31:49 6/5/2020
Mike & Chris look at the possibility of Mike Tyson vs. Tyson Fury. Plus: Which commissioner is really leading the way right now?
00:42:55 6/4/2020
Mike & Chris suggest blowing up baseball and starting from scratch. Plus: COVID-19, Jon Jones, and George Floyd.
00:43:03 6/3/2020

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