Veteran radio sports talk host Mike Jansen, and the ultra-versatile Chris Flook, have spent their lives getting in trouble for their big mouths. UNSCRIPTED with Mike & Chris is a sports podcast, for the most part. But the unscripted nature of the show can take it in any number of directions, with no topic off limits. Enjoy new episodes every week!


UNSCRIPTED with Mike & Chris

536: Bubble Boys

Mike & Chris talk about the playoff bubbles and some thoughts on NHL/NBA coaches. Plus: The NFL is back!
01:04:10 9/10/2020

Past Episodes

Mike & Chris look at headlines from around the NFL, including new contracts for Deshaun Watson, Jadeveon Clowney, Adrian Peterson, and Leonard Fournette. Plus: Is Giannis leaving Milwaukee?
00:55:22 9/8/2020
Mike & Chris look at the Hart Trophy nominees. Plus: Who's better than Mike Trout, the CFL picks their hub city, and Mike's NBA awards picks.
00:22:36 7/28/2020
Mike & Chris reveal their top ten worst sports team names of all time. Plus: What the hell is an Obezag?
01:02:13 7/27/2020
Mike & Chris discuss Kansas City Chiefs offensive lineman Laurent Duvernay-Tardif opting out of the 2020 NFL season. Plus: Mike Zimmer, Tyreek Hill, Russell Wilson, and Alex Smith's miraculous recovery.
00:41:15 7/26/2020
Mike & Chris rip Seattle's NHL team and Washington's NFL team for their questionable new monikers. Plus: Mike Tyson returns to the ring at age 53.
00:28:14 7/24/2020
Mike & Chris discuss Jeremy Roenick's wrongful termination lawsuit against NBC Sports. Plus: Clint Frazier does his part for society, Henry Burris gets into the CFL Hall of Fame, and who will win the Vezina?
00:24:49 7/21/2020
Mike & Chris reveal their top ten most underrated athletes. Plus: Mike tells a story about the time he drank all night in Vegas with an NBA legend.
01:04:07 7/20/2020
Mike & Chris discuss the 15 women who are accusing employees of the Washington NFL team of sexual harassment. Plus: Kawhi Leonard, Masai Ujiri, Nick Nurse, and the breakup of Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers.
00:41:20 7/19/2020
Mike & Chris look at Patrick Mahomes' $500 million contract. Plus: Aroldis Chapman, Sven Baertschi, Wimbledon, Beyond Meat burgers, and comparing hot dog prices at MLB ballparks.
00:28:54 7/15/2020
Mike & Chris look at people who got what they deserved. Plus: Is Anderson Silva finally disqualified from the GOAT debate after one win in his last eight fights?
00:53:20 7/14/2020

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