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The Oh Fo Podcast

A Moment of Transparency

We are back after a long and necessary break for us all. We get a little personal and transparent with some things going on in our lives.
00:48:12 9/20/2021

Past Episodes

The Oh Fo Podcast
Which sport's championship is the best? The Oh Fo Boys discuss that and more on this week's episode.
01:00:23 7/23/2021
The Oh Fo Podcast
We are back after a brief hiatus talking about man-pons, NBA finals and Covid-19 Delta variant.
00:38:06 7/16/2021
The Oh Fo Podcast
We're back talking about the NBA playoffs and the upcoming Mayweather vs. Paul fight.
00:59:39 6/4/2021
The Oh Fo Podcast
In this episode we talk about the play-in games we have watched so far.
01:06:40 5/22/2021
The Oh Fo Podcast
In this episode, the guys discuss NBA playoffs and some bad reviews left for Chick-fil-A
01:29:41 5/18/2021
The Oh Fo Podcast
We discuss Umar and Samuels, NBA and much more!
02:22:37 5/8/2021
The Oh Fo Podcast
This week we have our great friend Travis Parks on the show. We talk about getting old and the different levels of not GAF.
02:06:16 4/20/2021
The Oh Fo Podcast
We are back with a new episode and we are talking edibles, marijuana, and movie actors and actresses.
01:49:55 4/10/2021
The Oh Fo Podcast
In this late episode (our bad) we talk a little about the NCAA tournament, NBA trades and the upcoming EWF vs The Isley Brothers battle.
01:54:18 3/29/2021
The Oh Fo Podcast
In this episode we talk about the Deshaun Watson allegations and a little stress in the workplace.
01:11:31 3/21/2021

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