Film opinions, facts, musings, rants and ravings with Derich Heath and Josh Davis. Covers a wide variety of genres, periods, familiar names and titles - everything from Spielberg to Kaufman to Argento to Herzog to Lynch. Loaded with obscure trivia and interesting anecdotes.


The Midnight Movie Podcast

MMP - Episode 17 - Robert Zemeckis

This time around, we're taking a look at Robert Zemeckis - a most controversial figure around the Midnight Movie offices. Hear about his humble beginnings! Hear everyone praise Roger Rabbit, and find out just how many actors were offered the lead role before Hoskins! Hear how Zemeckis sold his soul to digital madness! Hear Derich rant about his deep, profound hatred of Forrest Gump!
03:12:38 3/23/2020

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