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The M&R show

Episode #8

1. Are the Celtics a legit title contender? 2.Was this the best All Star weekend ever? 3. Can Zion still win rookie of the year ?
00:33:25 2/24/2020

Past Episodes

The M&R show
Super bowl reviews. NBA trade deadline. Whats going on with the 76ers? Are the Knicks moving in the right direction?
00:45:34 2/8/2020
The M&R show
1. What is Kobe's legacy To the NBA/how has he impacted the generations after him? 2. Which team do you think could use Andre Iguodala more at the trade deadline 3. Thought about the Aaron Hernandez documentary? 4 Super bowl picks
00:41:09 2/1/2020
The M&R show
1.Who is going to win the NFC East? 2.Who do you project to win the wildcard spot for the NFC and AFC? 3.Who is the next coach that's going to be fired after Ron Rivera exit ? 4.Ron and Malcolm list their five best NBA teams right now
37:00:00 12/15/2019
The M&R show
1.Are the Lakers the best team in Basketball? 2.Is James Harden the most skilled player in the NBA? 3.What's your thought on the cowboys? 4.Is Lamar front runner for MVP? 5.Is Mike Tomlin coach of the year?
00:46:00 12/7/2019
The M&R show
1. Was Myles Garret at fault? 2.Who is a better player Kemba Walker or Luke Donic 3.Do you side with Kaepernick? 4. Are the Ravens going to the Super Bowl? 5. Will Carmelo Anthony work in portland?
00:40:00 11/23/2019
The M&R show
1. Should running backs be paid? 2. Who will represent the NFC in the Superbowl 3. Is Russell Wilson the MVP? 4. Can the Boston Celtics represent the East in the Finals 5. Will injuries effect the chemistry of the Los Angeles Clippers
00:44:00 11/16/2019

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