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The LD Wrestling Show

4th July Radio Show Podcast - Radio shafted us

This is a quick special episode of the Radio show but in podcast format as gremlins (!) prevented us from broadcasting... Which was nice. :) Have a lovely day, Actual @UTTROB episode coming in the next few days also! :) Cheers, LDW x
00:38:05 7/4/2020

Past Episodes

We're back! :) Two yorkshire goons with great faces for Radio present their second ever video podcast for your sensory pleasure! Only this time they have a VERY special guest with them; Ragin' Matty Rose! to talk about his personal golden era - WCW 1998/99. Do you remember this era? OR are you like Stu that slept through ALL the best years of wrestling?! :) Either way, come and join us for an hour ish and let us know if we missed any of your favourite bits! All the best, Batch, Stu and Matty x
01:00:12 6/18/2020
Lockdown has made lots of wonderful people do lots of wonderful things. Us on the other hand have decided to branch-out from our UK Wrestling Radio Show and bring you our first podcast!
00:57:36 5/7/2020

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