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Original Janksters : Episode 104 - Another Day, Another Joshua

This week we look at disaster movie "The Core". Then a truly and utterly heartbreaking edition of the 80s Classic Rock Tournament where things do not turn as planned. Then a look at the album artwork of System of a Down and Pete drops some big game news!
01:20:00 9/1/2019

Past Episodes

The Ed is back for his super-deluxe preview of the upcoming football season for the entire world of America to enjoy. Plus, Twin Peaks, fantasy football draft order, and the usual nothingness.
02:39:00 8/30/2019
This week we look at the Ryan Reynolds' movie The Voices, Is it a comedy? Is it a drama? Is it everything to everyone? Find out! Plus Round 4 of the 80s Classic Rock Tournament and a look at the album art of Philadelphia's own Dead Milkmen!
01:25:00 8/25/2019
Our pal Pat Picciarelli returns to discuss an ongoing controversy with the Mystery Writers of America and the Central Park Five case.
03:01:00 8/23/2019
SummerSlam recap, Twin Peaks, and more technical difficulties probably.
02:50:00 8/16/2019
A review of the movie "Your Highness", a look at the album artwork of Swedish punk sensation Millencolin and some other random reviews!
01:50:00 8/13/2019
Twin Peaks, SummerSlam, and boredom. All free.
02:15:00 8/9/2019
A look at 80s b-movie Deathrow Gameshow! 80s Classic Rock! And a look at the album artwork of Iron Maiden!
01:42:00 8/4/2019
Johhny Cash? Maybe. Twin Peaks? Probably. Patheticness? Definitely.
02:57:00 8/2/2019
The Never Ending Storyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Plus we come up with our Ultimate Offspring Playlist! And a look at the tragic San Diego Comic-Con of 2019.
01:52:00 7/28/2019
We finish up S1 of Twin Peaks. Plus the Man Inside has a new found love for the Man In Black.
02:19:00 7/26/2019

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