SoFlo Weird Show is a podcast featuring weird Florida stories. Every one knows, Florida is famous for being infamous. From the days of Prohibition to just about anything that happened last week, we've got an endless supply of wild stories waiting to be tapped in to and shared with our equally quirky audience. We feature legend tripping, haunted sights, offbeat travels and true crimes so bizarre you'll think we made it up. Plain and simple... It's weird stories for weird people and you fit right in.


SoFlo Weird Show

Florida In Film

Move over Hollywood California, the historical roots of filmmaking in America run deep in the Sunshine State. At the end of the 19th Century when the film industry was looking to expand from New York and Chicago, production companies headed south to Florida. We discuss this history which includes the creation of gory slasher flicks with Caroline Breder-Watts whose work spans radio, theater and film. Then we talk with Academy Award winning filmmaker Andrew Hevia whose humble beginnings in the biz started in the Magic City that is Miami.
00:37:59 11/13/2020

Past Episodes

SoFlo Weird Show
The SoFlo Team looks to the skies to ask the question "are we not alone?" We love Florida for it's weirdness, but it seems aliens may be attracted to it as well. There's all kinds of unexplainable traffic hovering above the Sunshine State. Curiosity seekers who have witnessed this phenomena are happy to speak about it. We dive deep into first hand accounts of three very different UFO sightings. Maybe the question should be - if there is extraterrestrial life from other galaxies, why wouldn't they come to Florida? Everybody else does.
00:35:21 10/23/2020
SoFlo Weird Show
Join us on our expedition as we unearth some of the wonders of Prehistoric Florida. In this episode we meet with the Museum of Arts and Sciences senior curator of education and history, and SoFlo Weird contributor Zach Zacharias to celebrate the 45th year of the discovery of the Daytona Beach bone bed where we dig up the dirt on Florida's past.
00:24:14 10/1/2020
SoFlo Weird Show
A family that slays together stays together even in the afterlife. Ghostly Gunslingers isn't about those infamous mob families, it's about the original gangsters who got organized crime organized. Before Al Capone became Public Enemy #1, there was Ma Barker and the Ashley Gang. These brazen bandits did their dirty deeds of robbery, kidnapping and murder all within the bonds of brotherhood and they would both meet their end in a hail of gunfire.
00:36:53 9/16/2020
SoFlo Weird Show
Find out what lurks in the Florida's mysterious swamps, forests, rivers and lakes. We talk with Lyle Blackburn, musician, author, researcher, and multimedia producer who tells us about his fascination with cryptid creatures and notorious swamps. His latest book "Sinister Swamps: Monsters and Mysteries From the Mire" is an eerie exploration of America's bubbling backwaters. Then, our favorite Legend Tripper Rob Robinson talks about eyewitness accounts of Florida's Skunk Ape. He also gives advice on where to look for this 8ft hairy bipedal humanoid creature should you be up for an adventure of a lifetime.
00:36:11 8/24/2020
SoFlo Weird Show
"Positively Possessed" tells the haunting legend of Robert the Doll and the real-life misfortunes he causes from someone who has experienced them firsthand. We'll also feature the ill-fated curse surrounding Ethel Allen, a young woman who was murdered in 1934. Her case remains cold and she is said to haunt a restaurant in Rockledge, FL. While filming a movie loosely based on real events surrounding the crime, a series of unfortunate and disturbing incidents occurred.
00:41:47 7/13/2020
SoFlo Weird Show
Florida has long been a muse for artists of every medium. For writers, it sets the scene and provides an endless supply of story content. The SoFlo team caught up with renowned bestselling author Les Standiford who's written 24 books and Kristen Arnett who is new to the scene, but coming on strong with her breakout bestseller, "Mostly Dead Things". They both talk about their love of Florida and how it's influenced their craft.
00:35:05 6/3/2020
SoFlo Weird Show
The SoFlo Weird team heads to Miami's famed North Beach for the coolest immersive theater experience. Miami Motel Stories, produced by the Juggerknot Theatre Company, is a series of short plays performed inside historic remodel ready hotels and motels where every room becomes a different scene depicting the authentic stories of Florida's rich and diverse history. Follow along as we go inside for a unique behind the scenes tour of this shabby chic building that sets the stage for performers to push the boundaries of entertainment.
00:32:19 5/19/2020
SoFlo Weird Show
Ever wonder about those things that go bump in the night? Is it your imagination gone wild or real paranormal activity? Florida is full of ghostly encounters. Why wouldn't it be? It turns out we have the most haunted city in the United States right here in our backyard, which makes the Sunshine State a widely sought after destination for ghost hunters. The SoFlo team joined up with Paranormal Coast as they conducted a live investigation at the Crime Tours Gallery in Hollywood, where a few scary things happened.
00:33:31 5/1/2020
SoFlo Weird Show
A historical look back at the weird sights along those roads less traveled. We discover a rattlesnake reveler who sells canned meat in a secret sauce; a self-taught dentist who practices out of his own curio shop with taxidermy animals. Then there's moonshine stills and parrots doing parlor tricks. These and hundreds of other lost Florida roadside attractions are discussed with Zach Zacharias Curator of History and Education at the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Daytona Beach. He's a Florida native who has a personal passion for these lost gems that dotted the roadways of the Sunshine State.
00:27:45 3/26/2020
SoFlo Weird Show
The life and crimes involving Florida's infamous strippers like Kathy Willets and her deputy sheriff husband's extortion scheme; Zorita the snake dancer and the U.S. Attorney Kendall Coffey's drunken binge when he bit a stripper after losing a case, just to name a few. To repent all your sins, we then feature Daytona Beach's drive thru church where you can wear your Sunday best or last night's nothing at all. And finally, in Bristol Florida we reveal the true Garden of Eden, yes that Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve where the first sin originated from.
00:28:16 2/17/2020
SoFlo Weird Show
The SoFlo Weird team hits up The Miami Book Fair in search of weird writers. This event draws more than 300 national and international artists from around the world making it ground zero for eclectic storytellers. We discover a secret plot to kill George Washington with New York Times bestseller Brad Meltzer. Then we talk with the one and only snowman expert Bob Eckstein, an award winning illustrator, New York Times bestseller and cartoonist for the New Yorker. It's a classic case of weirdness fueling creativity resulting in success.
00:25:46 1/1/2020
SoFlo Weird Show
Florida ranks third in the nation for Skunk Ape sightings. How do we know that? We rely on reports of eye witness accounts and legend trippers who investigate such claims. The SoFlo Weird Show caught up with Florida's own Indiana Jones of legend tripping, Rob Robinson who's written a how to book on the subject. Still not sure what it is? Think about the 1980's movie "The Goonies" or today's "Stranger Things", legend tripping is all about adventure and searching for the truth. Be it a ghost story, Big Foot, UFO's or water monsters, these adventure seekers are always on the hunt.
00:00:00 11/14/2019
SoFlo Weird Show
The SoFlo Weird Show meets up with The Nomadic Travelers, Jason Lawrence and Nicole Potter. This dynamic duo offers travel tips and personal experiences for people seeking adventures both in the U.S. and abroad. We met them in Florida and decided to talk about their journeys and find out if they've discovered anything weird. It turns out; they know the very small town that can lay claim to having the world's biggest things. And there's a spooky story behind the town of Story Indiana. What may be the weirdest though is how they met and became the Nomadic Travelers. Then we take a trip down memory lane and talk about some of Florida's roadside oddities like the Possum Monument, Cement Alligators and the World's Smallest Police Station.
00:35:43 10/2/2019
SoFlo Weird Show
In true Florida Man style a team of weirdos discuss real headlines of bizarre crimes and the stupid people who commit them. Like the Case of the Toxic Tush, where a fake doctor performs botched beauty procedures by injecting fix a flat and cement into the rear end of would be patients; or the man who robs an adult bookstore using a sex toy. It's all true, it's all weird and of course, it's only in Florida.
00:25:07 9/10/2019

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