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Sandoval Benched

Episode 54: College Football Week 1 Recap, NFL Week 1 Preview, Michael K. Williams, 20th Anniversary of 9/11

In this episode, we discuss the first 2 weeks of the college football season. I also talk about week 1 of the NFL season and the matchups I'm looking forward to. We also discuss the death of Michael K. Williams and the best roles of his career. I then talk about the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and my memories of that day. And Steve from Blue's Clues makes a return.
00:39:14 9/8/2021

Past Episodes

Sandoval Benched
In this episode, we discuss the recent release of Cam Newton. We also talk about the best fit for Ben Simmons with 3 California team on his trade list and why I like the trade for the Sixer. I also recap my fantasy football draft from this past weekend (I know no one cares). Finally, we take a look at the interesting story over the weekend involving the Bishop Sycamore Football Team and the surrounding controversies.
00:35:23 8/31/2021
Sandoval Benched
In this episode, we go over each division in the NFL and pick a winner. Official Super Bowl picks, MLB playoff push. We also discuss the alliance between the PAC 12, Big 10 and ACC. ESPN changes First Take and The Jump. Also discuss Nine Perfect Strangers and Schitt's Creek.
01:09:33 8/26/2021
Sandoval Benched
This episode breaks down fantasy football draft strategy and players to watch. I also discuss some MLB and NFL futures bets to keep an eye on.
00:50:08 8/17/2021
Sandoval Benched
This episode recaps the Olympics and USA's dominance, I also discuss the mental health aspect and the sudden loss of Olivia Podmore. NFL Over/Under and season preview where I breakdown each team's chances. I close out the episode discussing Mr. Corman which stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and The White Lotus.
00:52:44 8/10/2021
Sandoval Benched
This episode covers the NBA Free agency and trades for Westbrook and Lowry. The Simone Biles story, MLB Trade deadline deals and more.
00:36:36 8/2/2021
Sandoval Benched
This episode covers the recent storylines at the Olympic games. We also check in on Aaron Rodgers and Deshaun Watson. Texas and Oklahoma bolting for the SEC and what the other conferences should do. Also get into the latest episodes of The White Lotus.
00:42:08 7/26/2021
Sandoval Benched
00:35:58 7/21/2021
Sandoval Benched
This episode covers game 5 of the NBA finals, Damian Lillard's plea to the Portland front office. Covid issues in Tokyo during the Olympics. I also review Space Jam and F9 (spoilers).
00:45:35 7/19/2021
Sandoval Benched
This episode covers the NBA Finals. Giannis' Dominance, Ohtani becoming the face of baseball and MLB's savior. Emmy nominations and new hobby of buying and selling rare games.
00:39:41 7/13/2021
Sandoval Benched
This episode covers the first game of the NBA finals between the Bucks and the Suns. Checking in with Trevor Bauer and his suspension. I also breakdown the Maria Taylor and Rachel Nichols Issue at ESPN and how it relates to fake social activism.
00:47:54 7/7/2021

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