Re:Vision, simply put, is about the future of the future. Not too long ago, when we looked over the horizon we imagined flying cars, magical cities and a better life for everyone. Somehow, popular media has transformed the future into a dystopia where everything has gone wrong and our worst fears have been realized. With Re:Vision we hope to show how people, organizations, and industries are working towards creating a beautiful tomorrow we can all be excited about.



The Future of Facial Recognition

This week on Re:Vision we jump into the middle of the discussion about facial recognition. Tri recently took a field trip to a lecture put on by the Make It in Brooklyn Meetup called the The Promise and Dangers of Facial Recognition. The panel consisted of Jonathan Stribling-Uss, technologist fellow, New York Civil Liberties Union (ACLU of NY), Assistant Chief Jason Wilcox, NYPD Detective Bureau, Nasir Memon, professor of computer science at NYU Tandon School of Engineering, Noah Levenson, technologist and artist with the Mozilla Foundation.

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01:06:24 8/5/2019

Past Episodes

This week on Re:Vision we get into the subject of workplace education and the roles universities and organizations play in the development of their workforce. Our guest this week is Lily Maley & Siobhan Amer the founders of Mama Bear Digital and agency whose mission it is to help women break into technology through hands on mentorships.

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00:44:08 7/29/2019

This week on Re:Vision we stumble into the world of UX Design, and explore some insights as to how software is made and the future of design in general. Our guest this week are Grayson Scott and Tri Persaud as we not only explore UX but finally get around to the task of introducing ourselves and why we decided to make this podcast. It's nice to meet you.

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01:02:38 7/15/2019

This week on Re:Vision dive headfirst into the world of Social Media, the good, the bad and the ugly. In all honesty, we did our best to stay positive but we learned that when discussing social media it is very difficult not to end up in the mud. Our guest this week is the incredibly positive Jacob Banas the Social Media Editor at one of the greatest futurist websites.

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00:47:30 7/8/2019

This week on Re:Vision we talk about the world of marketing/branding and the fundamental nature of our relationships with the products we buy, and how all of that will have to make fundamental changes if they hope to survive. Our guest this week is Steve Swanson and Steve has worked on the agency and the corporate side of things making each brand he is involved in unique while still connecting with the customer.

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00:47:08 7/1/2019

This week on Re:Vision we examine the exciting world of television and how an industry we all know and love is being shaken to it's core by new technology as well as an embarrassment of riches that is so vast it's almost impossible to explore. Our guest is Virginia Juliano, an entrepreneur and former executive at Showtime.

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00:57:06 6/24/2019

This week on Re:Vision we talk about the exciting future of personal/public transportation and the future of speed trains, transportation pods, and flying cars. Additionally, we dive into how the constantly changing world of retail, space travel, and our core infrastructure will need to change in order to make all of these amazing technologies a reality.

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00:57:58 6/17/2019

This week on Re:Vision we examine the ever change realm of social norms which now includes how we interact with our devices and apps as much as interacting with one another. Additionally, we dive into how all our electronics are affecting our relationships and mental health. Our guest is Trisha Rossi, a psychotherapists and adjunct professor of psychology in New York City.

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00:52:14 6/10/2019

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