Password Stress Survey - "Your Moment In Tech"

Kaspersky Labs reports on a survey on stress levels that our passwords cause, for a segment of "Your Moment In Tech".


Password Stress Survey - "Your Moment In Tech"

BeHear Now - "Your Moment In Tech"

In this episode of "Your Moment In Tech" we do a review of the Assistive Hearing Headset "BeHear Now" by It is a nice headset that incorporates a Bluetooth Stereo Headset (with phone), a Personal Sound Amplifier, and a Digital Assistive Listening Device. Set up is done through their Android or Ios app. Technology is through Alango Technologies, Ltd.. Enjoy! #ColoRadio #YourMomentInTech #behearnow #wearandhear #alango
00:02:18 6/14/2021

Past Episodes

Password Stress Survey -
In this episode, of "Your Moment In Tech", we meet Silvia who is an 82-year-old grandmother who almost lost $142,000 to a tech scammer. She tells us her story and what happened afterward. And really who is Silvia?. You can follow her on her YouTube channel, "Music Is A Rainbow", also follow Jim Browning on YouTube as well. Enjoy! #Scambaiting #MusicIsARainbow #JimBrowning #ColoRadio #YourMomentInTech #Scamicide
00:05:26 2/5/2021
Password Stress Survey -
When was the last time you upgraded your WiFi Router? If it has been a while, here is a reason why you should. Also a review of the TEW-831DR AC1200 Dual Band Router, a moderately priced, entry-level WiFi 6 router. "Your Moment In Tech" Enjoy!
00:02:00 1/9/2021
Password Stress Survey -
The Solar Winds cyber-attack is now affecting us all. We talk with a Cyber Security Analyst from who shares some insight into the nature of this attack, and how to recognize it, and protect ourselves. In another segment of "Your Moment In Tech"... Enjoy #Acronis #ColoRadio #Cyber-Attack
00:05:18 12/22/2020
Password Stress Survey -
Scott From stops by to introduce us to the NEW ScotteMask. For a segment of "Your Moment In Tech". Features include: PM 2.5 filter, Replaceable filter pocket (three filters included), Adjustabile fit (available in two sizes), Gator Style, three colours, Straw sip port, adjustable nose bridge, 3 pockets, and Yes, it is washable. Enjoy!, #Mask #Covid #covidmask #scottevest #coloradio
00:05:17 11/25/2020
Password Stress Survey -
The new standard for WiFi is 6 and is now in the market place. What does that mean for us? Rayan, from, gives us the details for another segment of "Your Moment In Tech", Enjoy. #wifi #dlink #router #network #ColoRadio
00:04:24 11/6/2020
Password Stress Survey -
Are you still saying (and using) "antivirus"? Really? Candid, VP of Cyber Protection Research for, stops by for a segment of "Your Moment In Tech" to help clarify some tech terms, new and old. Antivirus vs. antimalware, Signature-based detection vs. behavior-based detection, and Manual backup vs. automatic backup. Enjoy!
00:08:22 10/23/2020
Password Stress Survey -
Dave, from, stops by to tell us about the updated Kingston Digital 128GB Capacity Addition to DataTraveler 2000 Encrypted USB, for a segment of "Your Moment In Tech". Enjoy
00:08:42 10/1/2020
Password Stress Survey -
Leo, from, stops by for a segment of "Your Moment in Tech" to enlighten us about gimbal stabilization and new product. Enjoy!
00:05:36 9/23/2020
Password Stress Survey - introduces its WiFi Leak Detector that can potentially save you thousands of dollars. For a segment of "Your Moment In Tech". Enjoy.
00:03:09 9/5/2020
Password Stress Survey - has just released an IoT Device that measures Indoor Air Quality, measuring nine different parameters They stop by to tell us all about it on "Your Moment in Tech". Enjoy #CleanAir #ColoRadio #uHoo
00:03:31 6/12/2020

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