Former Death Metal vocalist, underground metal radio host, voice over artist and overall creative Philippus 'DeadMeatGrinder' Britto talks about anything and everything. Join him as he shares his experiences as a musician, gaming enthusiast, music aficionado and most importantly, a member of society and a part of humanity.


Grinder's Verdict

S2E25 - A Message to Kids (Important)

Children of the world, please hear my message and consider what is mentioned. Thank you. Any suggestions, concerns or any other form of contact should be made directly to the e-mail

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00:17:39 9/24/2019

Past Episodes

This episode brings AAGabriel to the Grinder's Verdict Podcast for a discussion and summary of his article "Brothers Bleeding : The Hidden Torment of Men Online", which you can find right here :

Among the discussion and analysis of his article, we also talked about multiple other subjects that are relevant throughout the whole episode.

For any suggestions or to simply reach out contact

To reach out to Academy Awareness to help fight online children's exploitation and raise awareness to end the obliviousness we currently see in the world, please refer to for more information.

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01:06:16 9/24/2019

Parents of the world, please hear my message and consider what is mentioned. Thank you. Any suggestions, concerns or any other form of contact should be made directly to the e-mail

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00:21:22 9/17/2019

Hopefully this episode leads to a roller coaster of emotions, providing reflection and inspiration. Check it out!

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00:17:38 9/10/2019

*STRONG LANGUAGE IS USED IN THIS EPISODE* This has been a problem for many years. People feel entitled because they live through monitors,  computers and pocket devices. Someone who only listens to music thinks they can legitimately criticize musicians as if they know music for years. Gamers who play something nowadays think they can tell other people how to play games... Gatekeeping and entitlement is literally everywhere and it is causing toxicity in every single community that involves entertainment. Join me in this episode to find out more!

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00:20:29 9/3/2019

As someone who grew up in a small town in a rural region of Portugal, technology didn't evolve as quickly so I rapidly develop ways of entertaining myself. Many time i'd watch those iconic TV shows and then play out what I saw and try to replicate the moves and whatnot in my entrance hall. In 2009 it was my first time messing with computerized roleplay. So given i've got some experience behind me, I decided to discuss my thoughts on the current state of Roleplay. If you're unaware of a recent boom that happened via livestreams on Twitch, a server called NoPixel had a lot of huge (10k+ viewership) streamers join in and roleplay on GTA V, which lead to a massive influx of people and a tremendous growth. But with popularity, comes mediocrity so give it a listen and find out what I think about this whole thing!

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00:22:13 8/27/2019

Role queue in Overwatch brought more organization, that's without a doubt. But, is it really that positive?! Is it really that great? Find out my thoughts on it in the 20th episode of the Grinder's Verdict podcast!

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00:21:36 8/20/2019

I've been doing this for a bit now and rarely get any interaction with the listeners so if you listen to the Grinder's Verdict then please shoot me an e-mail at Reach out to me for either suggestions, complaints or overall scheduling a conversation. Also join my discord server so that i'm easier to reach whenever!

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00:16:06 8/13/2019

We live in a world where globalization and today's ease of information, many times equivocate, makes people confused about who they are. I decided to make an episode sharing my opinion on this lack of identity of today's world. Let me know your thoughts once you've gone through it. Do you agree? Do you disagree? If so, why? I'd love to hear what you think about my opinion! You can reach out to me on twitter at grindersverdict or e-mail me to [ ].

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00:17:19 8/6/2019

My experiences with video games have been what I describe in this episode... Feels like most individuals are indeed brainlessly, aimlessly running around.

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00:10:32 7/23/2019

For this weeks episode I decided to let you guys in on my favourite YouTube channels that I enjoy watching on a regular basis! Go check them out after you listen to the episode and don't forget to subscribe to those you enjoy! Or if you're that nice person who wants others happy, subscribe even if you don't watch them.

Jim Can't Swim - ;

Nexpo - ;

Surviving Life - ;

Penguinz0 - ;

It'sAGundam -

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00:27:45 7/16/2019

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