After living in a haunted house for years and and learning more and more about what goes bump in the night my son Trenton and I have decided to bring our knowledge and love for the paranormal to the world of podcasting and YouTube. Weekly we will sit down and talk about what's new in the news in the world of the paranormal from ghosts, cryptids, aliens, or anything of the unexplained.


Ghost Freak'n Talk'n Podcast

Ghost Freak'n Talk'n Live - Conjuring House Live Day 7 Thoughts

We recap the last of the Conjuring House Live Event
00:00:00 5/16/2020

Past Episodes

We talk the happenings of Day 6 of the Live Conjuring House!
00:00:00 5/15/2020
Day 5 brings us some Ouija board fun in the Live Feed of the Conjuring house and did a spirit come through the feed?
00:00:00 5/14/2020
Join us as we cover all the spooky happenings of Day 4 of the Conjuring House Live!
00:00:00 5/13/2020
Come and join us as we go live on YouTube to chat to the fans about Day 3 shenanigans in the Conjuring house Live!
00:00:00 5/12/2020
Listen in as we talk day two activities in the Live Feed of the Conjuring house
00:00:00 5/11/2020
Hear our thoughts on the activities of day one of the live events of The Dark Zones feed of the Conjuring House.
00:00:00 5/11/2020
This week we celebrate our 20th episode by talking the upcoming Live Conjuring house live feed and Do dinosaurs still walk... or fly the earth?
00:00:00 5/4/2020
This week we talk in the spirit of Easter we talk Zombies, Stigmata, and was Jesus a Zombie himself?
00:00:00 4/13/2020
This week we get a spooky story written in by a listener about being grabbed and other spooky happenings, and we also talk about Moth Man and his possible ties to the Coronavirus.
00:00:00 3/29/2020
This week we have a special guest co host, our fan Vanessa steps in for Trent as we talk how she came across the human skull she is letting us use, plus we read Reddit Paranormal stories
00:00:00 3/24/2020

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