We have two different podcasts talkin sports and talkin games. We love video games and sports. We upload the sports pod tuesday and the gaming pod thursday starting the week of 9-16. We break down today's news and give our opinions about sports and video games. We talk about our favorite games and why we love games so much.



Talkin Sports ep 16

We break down week 10 of the NFL. We look at the tougher schedules of most of the top NFL teams. We discuss the start of the NBA season. We talk about our biggest surprises so far and where we see the standings as the year goes on and we discuss Dwight Howard.
00:00:00 11/4/2019

Past Episodes

We discuss the pre black friday sales for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. We go over the free PS plus games. We talk about Death Stranding, Smash Bros, Fire emblem, Zelda BOTW. We talk about our excitement of Star Wars Fallen order and Much More....
00:00:00 11/4/2019
Thank you for downloading and supporting out podcast! We recap the 6th week of the NFL. We talk about contender and pretenders. We make out picks for week 7. We touch on the NBA preseason and break down the starting lineups for most of the NBA teams.
00:47:05 10/14/2019
Thank you for downloading and supporting our podcast! We talk about the PSN sales going on now. We talk about what we are playing now and what we are excited for. We talk Fire Emblem. We talk about the fortnite update, apex legends and more.
00:55:02 10/14/2019
We breakdown week 3 of the NFL, we talk about Antonio Brown and how the rookie QB's have been playing so far this year. We go over each game of week 3 and give our picks for week 4 plus much more.....
00:36:53 9/25/2019
We talk about the the new sales this week for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. We discuss the Last of Us 2 trailer with the release date. We compare 2019 game releases vs 2020 and why 2020 is much more exciting. We give impressions of Jedi Outcast, the Medal of Honor VR game,Apex Legends. We talk about FF7 remake and a little Star Trek nostalgia. Star War's Jedi Fallen Order trailer!!!!!!!! We finish up with the collection of mana and the trials of mana remake.
00:53:01 9/25/2019
We talk about this weeks sales, how we started gaming. What systems we grew up with and our favorite games as kids. We tell stories about certain games we played and why we enjoyed them so much. We talk about the games we want to be remastered the most and why we loved those games. We are 2 hardcore gamer's that love to talk about games.
00:38:58 9/18/2019
We breakdown week 2 of the NFL. We talk about the injury riddled start of this season and how it has been affecting teams so far. We make our picks for week 3 and break down each game. We talk about the NBA Harden-Westbrook experiment and if it will work.
00:43:30 9/16/2019
We breakdown the NFL week 1 games and make our picks for week 2. We talk about team USA fiba loss and more...
00:43:15 9/10/2019
We talk about top sales going on for PS4 and Switch. Star wars games coming out and updates to battlefront. We talk about our impressions of the Switch and Fire Emblem games, FF7 trailer and more....
00:50:39 9/10/2019
We talk about the sales this week, mario kart for mobile, pokemon masters, yooka laylee, and more.... This a nintendo switch heavy podcast. We talk about Duke nukem and more......
48:36:00 9/4/2019

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