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Endless Ranters

From Christian to killer!

The gang's down a member as the shows home base is relentlessly pummeled by snow. We get into synthetic meat, philanthropic mattress store owners, & why you should avoid owning a Mumu at ALL cost!
01:24:07 2/20/2021

Past Episodes

Endless Ranters
Endless ranters returns with not one, but TWO new members, will things get weirder? Tune in & get it on to find out!
00:00:00 2/13/2021
Endless Ranters
This week we start off discussing our mutual love for staring at aerial photography and the state of umbrella design in 2020. We all get to hear some special listener Drunk Stories told in their own voice. Later, we tackle our first Good Advice/Bad Advice assignment and spend maybe a little too much time on Dirty Dancing. Thanks for tuning in! Cheers.
00:00:00 3/4/2020
Endless Ranters
Jaiden and Chris start off discussing homeless strategies (but not the kind you think). Then they return to last week's Facebook question to read a few more of your "I'm _____ and I've never _____" responses. Afterwards, the guys review some fantastic listener Tool Tune submissions. And finally, Former Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Jaiden, begins his ground-breaking expose on How White is Chris? You'll be shocked by Chris' depth of knowledge on one or two early 90s rap videos that were played a lot on MTV. Thanks for listening and being a part of the show. GIO.
00:00:00 2/20/2020
Endless Ranters
On this first episode of 2020, the guys roll in some new ideas for your Endless Ranters podcast. Then they review each and every guest from 2019 and share their favorite memories from their episodes. The last part of the show they read and critique listener responses to a recent Facebook challenge: I'm BLANK years old and I've never BLANK. Join us in the Endless Ranter Podcast Facebook group to fill in your BLANKS. Good day, Endless Ranters.
00:00:00 2/10/2020
Endless Ranters

Move over Neil deGrasse Tyson! On today's episode, Jordan Willis joins us to talk about his scientific theories on regular ACS topics and the gang solves the world's nuclear power issues! Jordan also discusses his beef with Keto. Let's get it on!

01:58:32 12/19/2019
Endless Ranters

Josh Rosenberg joins the guys to talk about his love of Adam Carolla, his transition from Boston to Burbank, and correct keytar-playing etiquette. He also talks a little about his podcast, "World Famous Shit Show" along with his girlfriend's podcast, "Menopod." Both of which are available wherever you listen to podcasts. He's also hosting a stand-up comedy show at "Acme Comedy Club" in North Hollywood this Wednesday night at 8 PM.

Get it on, Aceholes!

01:15:05 12/9/2019
Endless Ranters

This episode the guys are joined by the legendary, the heroic, the studliest of the studs; Bryan Frankhauser. He talks about how he became a fan of Ace, his love of 90's R&B, and even tells some drunken stories from the Carolla Cruise. A lovable guy that you'll have no choice but to enjoy hearing from. But most importantly...you'll have no choice but to GET IT ON.

02:01:32 11/16/2019
Endless Ranters

On this episode, the guys welcome loyal Acehole, Craig Berndt. Craig tells them about his days in the radio business, his introduction to Adam Carolla, and his NSNG weight-loss journey. Craig also does not shy away from enjoying his favorite tool tunes and definitely shows up ready to get it on. So, hopefully, you do too! Welcome, Craig Berndt, everybody!

01:45:25 11/7/2019
Endless Ranters

Ultra-cool Acehole, Erin, joins Jaiden and Chris to talk about her history with the Adam Carolla Show. She tells us about her teenage days listening to Loveline while delivering pizzas, her disinterest in "methy" porn, and her love of hair metal. There was a little bit of an internet connection lag but she didn't let that stop her from being super fun and cool to talk to. You'll have no choice to enjoy their conversation, but most definitely, no choice but to GET IT ON.

01:40:30 10/15/2019
Endless Ranters

Robby Spotlight joins Jaiden and Chris for the first time as an official ER team member. We've all heard his Carollla origin story, so the guys get right into some hot topics. First off, what is a "sexception" and who's on your list? Better yet, who is on your significant other's list? On a lighter note, Robby demonstrates his mad freestyle skillz again, and it's clear...he's been practicing YO! Get it on. Enjoy the show. Cheers!

01:20:11 9/20/2019

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