EXTRAORDINAIRES is an intimate conversation between Host Terasa Livingstone and her fascinating guests: people who live their lives in Extraordinary ways. From everyday folks to thought leaders, healers, artists & celebrities: It's a relief to know we all struggle sometimes, to know we all must work to overcome adversity, to break through to success. And it's in the sharing of the truths & the lessons of our journeys where we find clarity, inspiration & connection to each other. As Extraordinaires We laugh a lot, sometimes we may even cry, but there's always a little healing to be found in every good conversation. We just have to Listen. Join us! wherever you get your podcasts & watch the Episodes on the Terasa Livingstone YouTube Channel



FLEUR LARSEN - social justice & racial equity facilitator shares her wisdom with Terasa

With all the wonderful energy behind the BLM movement these days, I've been really wanting to skill up on how to be a better ally to my Brothers & Sisters of color. If you're white, like me - then truly, respectfully, from the bottom of my heart; it's time for you to do the same. Maybe you're worried about "saying the wrong thing" sometimes to a person of color? and don't want to look like a "bad person" in front of them if you do. That's OK. Me too.We just have to put our minds to getting educated, talk about racial issues together, get clear on our 'stuff' and do the healing work together. And then we can really work together to make some powerful changes for everyone. I just think we need some help seeing the path So join FLEUR LARSEN & I on an investigatory conversation into our roles in social justice & racial equity. What we can do to clear confusion, embarrassment, old paradigms & habits. FLEUR LARSEN travels the nation & the world educating [white] individuals like me & corporations like Amazon, Boeing, even the ACLU how to be accountable for our white privilege. She teaches workshops & hosts events talking about equity, social justice, martyrdom, racism, sexism , internalized sexism, white privilege, white supremacy, and patriarchy. There's so much we've accepted in life that is actually unacceptable - It's time we take the blinkers off FLEUR LARSEN@FLEURLARSENFACILITATION.COM
01:26:24 7/29/2020

Past Episodes

Instead of me interviewing a guest, this week I am the guest being interviewed! On the LIVE INSPIRATIONAL COMMUNITY COLLABORATION show hosted by Mark Abadi: A lovely Englishman who produces and hosts his own daily show, every weekday on Facebook Live and then uploads it to his YouTube channel at Markabadi.com He invited me to talk about 'what is alive for me right now' Well....in this time of Covid, great societal transformation & upheaval, there feels like much more is being destroyed right now than is alive or thriving. It is all a bit upside these days Yet even though there may be much uncertainty in my life & perhaps yours too. I can also say that I breathe equal, if not more parts joy and passion, hope and inspiration and LOVE - I feel so much love and genuine connection these days - do you too? I hope so, because I feel like that's the good seed of our new world The answer to the question of what is alive for me then is to connect & to the deepen the feelings of love and empathy for my fellow man. Nothing makes me happier or more fulfilled than to think I could be there for you in some way, or even just make you smile today Being of service has brought me so much joy I hope you enjoy the conversation WATCH the Episode on the Terasa Livingstone YouTube Channel
01:53:00 7/8/2020
MICHELE ARIANA & JEFFREY PLATTS are two excellent, caring folks, whom I met recently. When I found out they were both DATING & RELATIONSHIP COACHES I freaked out and immediately signed them up to come on for a Q&A conversation with my most beloved single friends. This Dating & Relationship Episode stars a few people who are most dear to me, a handful of single men & woman, who are experiencing various stages of falling in and out of wanting, to fall in love It's a tricky dating game out there these days. My husband Wil Traval and I just managed to slide 'safe' into the plate, mere moments it seems, before the swipe left/swipe right calamity of online dating exploded. I want my friends to find the love they want, deserve & dream of SO BADLY, that I thought wouldn't it be fun to bring in the big guns! ABOUT THE BIG GUN COACHES:::: MICHELE ARIANA is an NLP Master Practitioner who created the coaching companies called MPOWER Your Life? & MPOWER Your Love Life? Michele, helps powerful visionary women attract love, while loving themselves...and without losing themselves. She focuses on helping women to develop the key areas of Clarity, Confidence, & Communication. Her new free ebook is called "Single & Stuck: Clear the 15 Sabotaging Beliefs That Block Women From Love" https://www.mpoweryourlife.com/love If you want to dive deeper into finding your soul mate - call Michele - she has a new 10-day online course called "MANifest: 10 Proven Steps To Attract Love Using The Ultimate Law Of Attraction" JUST FOR OUR LISTENERS Michele is offering access to this audio workshop for FREE!! **AUTHENTIC-SELF POWER VISUALIZATION AUDIO Download FREE at: www.mpoweryourlife.com/free_audio **************************************************** JEFFREY PLATTS has been in the life coach game for over 10 years. His work and writing has been featured in the Huffington Post, Washington Post, ABC News, Authentic Man Program, AskMen.com and the Good Men Project and he is days away from launching a brand new 8-week online and highly interactive course, designed for single, professional men, who are serious about finding their own well-matched woman for monogamous, long-term relationship or marriage. Integrating both the masculine AND feminine perspective. Students will receive cutting edge, foundational tools and practices that will have them stand out in the dating world and make them more magnetic to the very women who are the right fit for them. Reach out to Jeffrey - he cares! Visit | jeffreyplatts.com Facebook | facebook.com/jeffreyplatts Instagram | instagram.com/jeffreyplatts
01:47:26 7/3/2020
In light of some of the most tragic & amazing recent events in the United States - (the term UNITED seems so ironic to me - but perhaps now, in this new time, we may actually have the chance to actually live up to that name The UNITED States) racial injustices have divided this nation for too long I love all my brother a sisters JESSICA CHILDRESS is one of them: she is a musician, a singer; a beautiful artist. She is also an African American woman & a Los Angeles native & It was a honor that she would agree to join me for the kind of conversation I hope we are all having now.
01:40:47 6/24/2020
In light of some of the most tragic & amazing recent events in the United States - (the term UNITED seems so ironic to me - but perhaps now, in this new time, we may actually have the chance to actually live up to that name The UNITED States) racial injustices have divided this nation for too long I love all my brother a sisters JESSICA CHILDRESS is one of them: she is a musician, a singer; a beautiful artist. She is also an African American woman & a Los Angeles native & It was a honor that she would agree to join me for the kind of conversation I hope we are all having now.
01:40:47 6/24/2020
Parents , kids, humans (in general) :- we have a lot going on right now. Tensions are high. Working from home & home schooling is hard enough, let alone finding the time to PLAY !!! but what if the answer to all your family tensions, was to engage in PLAY THERAPY? Dr Jodi Mullen recommends dedicating time to PLAY with your children for 30 non-distracted minutes a day. To Carve out time for you to skip, to twirl on the front lawn, WORK hard at PLAYING hard, to cultivate your joy.....All your relationships benefit when we do this, together - all of them: both internal & external Dr. Jodi Weinstein Mullen, PhD LMHC NCC RPT-S CCPT-Master, is a professor at SUNY Oswego in the Counseling & Psychological Services Department. She primarily teaches in the Mental Health Counseling Program and Graduate Certificate Program in Play Therapy. She is the Director of Integrative Counseling Services, with several offices in Central New York. Dr. Mullen is an international speaker, author, credentialed play therapist and play therapy supervisor. Dr. Mullen has over 25 years in the field of counseling. She has authored books on play therapy, counseling children and adolescents, grief counseling and parenting. Dr. Mullen was the 2008 recipient of the Key Award for Professional Training & Education through the Association for Play Therapy. She is the proud Momma of Leah & Andrew.
01:57:00 5/27/2020

EXTRAORDINAIRES Podcast Host Terasa Livingstone sits down with well-known ex-pat Australian Photographer JAMES HOUSTON. 

He may be the author of 5 successful photography books so you might not recognize his face; but you've sure seen his work on the pages of high-class, glossy magazines! Creating global advertising campaigns for Donna Karan, Givenchy, Lorčal, Hugo Boss. Even some of the most beautiful photos you've seen of Elle MacPherson, Hugh Jackman, Karli Kloss & Helen Mirren, may very well have been his work.

We talk about the photography industry & what it takes to be a successful, confident, creative and courageous Leader. We talk about his past and the difficulties of coming to terms with being gay. James shares stories of what an overwhelming struggle it was for him to move & 'start-over' in New York city & how when almost all was lost; he turned his life around by developing his own abundance creation philosophy & techniques - which he has since turned into a successful business called "Mind Space Design.com". 

Tune in to learn the 4 steps it takes to create a 'future focused home'. A few mental and physical changes here and there and your Home becomes the catalyst that shifts you into living your dream life. His science sounds good to me!

James is a Seeker, a beautiful artist & a skilled leader & he's got some great stories and lessons to share - all delivered with that unapologetic Aussie wit = #worthalisten

01:06:03 5/20/2020
Covid got you shackled? Is it time to resuscitate your business?? Maybe you want to start a new business? or just need to get clear on your own creative intentions? Maybe you need a plan for your family, to work together as a more cohesive team? - I think we can help you with all of it.... Think of Todays episode like a WORKSHOP. Engage with me & successful entrepreneur and business strategist RAJ SUNDRA (co-founder of the multi million dollar phone & laptop accessories company SPECK) as we follow his step-by-step guidance to create a customized 30-90 day plan, to have a completely reinvented, successful plan! for your Business, your family, for you! - have a pen & paper handy! For a limited time, RAJ is offering a free "PIVOT with POWER & POSSIBILITY" WEBINAR SERIES that offers transformative concepts & templates for you to really hone in to what it is you want and how to make it happen . Raj helps you strip it all back, start fresh, get clear, break it down and then rebuild it; from the inside out. Raj Sundra is the Founder & CEO of "Transformance Business Consulting". Raj took SPECK from $0-$22 Million in just 3 years - so he knows what he's talking about. I hope this episode helps you and your family get back on your feet and back into powerful purpose I wish you every success, Extraordinaire!!
00:50:55 5/13/2020
SCARCITY!!! In these uncertain times, many of us are [understandably] worried about money [I say, as I hold up a big neon arrow pointing down to my own head] Old trauma, meets new fears & anxiety sets in......perfect! We're so freaked out, it's hard to even begin to answer the question of "HOW DO I PIVOT?" "How do I get my business back in business?" This COVID AFFAIRS episode is specifically created to help us Answer those very Questions: Welcome to "BUSINESS BOUNCE BACK"- PART ONE For todays guest: BRIAN A. WASSERMAN Business success is a merely 'state of mind'. Clearly it's working; he's a money making magician. Proving time and time again to have a Midas Touch. His calm and trust that 'money will FLOW' is remarkable and worth paying attention to. He's got some tricks (tools) up his sleeve & he's is here to share them with you. As well as running multiple businesses, Brian teaches these tools in American Universities, he teaches radical new concepts like "Energetic Entrepreneurship" "Flow states in business" & "The art of business alchemy" Ooooohhhhh sounds intriguing right? I mean Check out the Business Brain on Brian! He's an ex Wall Street guy, running successful portfolios for Billionaires, he's created a slew of super successful businesses, around the globe, one after the other; from Tech to Textiles! He even sold one of his 'brain children' to SONY. He's got Skills! Oh and in his spare time he's is a Pet Detective - yeah, you heard me...A. PET. DE.TEC.TIVE And clearly....an EXTRAORDINAIRE
01:06:00 5/6/2020

EXTRAORDINAIRES Host Terasa Livingstone has the most wonderful conversation with Sexpert, Women's Wellness coach, Author & marketing entrepreneur DANA B.MYERS.

Dana is the creator of "The Satisfied Mama" online course. She has written two books on how to Makeover your Mojo & she has been in the Women's sex & wellness space for over 15yrs. Dana a wealth of knowledge & inspiration just to be around.

Starting your own business, sexual & body shame, safe words, self pleasure - we talk about so many things!

If you're in a relationship, or a you're a Mother & you're looking to spice things up in the bedroom and learn how to ASK for what you want - listen to this. 

If you need to 'up' your sex drive & communication skills with your partner - Dana shares some great tools in this conversation!

If you're single and looking for "Mr Right" she'll tell you the story of how she literally masturbated her soul mate into reality!! Its true, Orgasms are powerful - she'Il tell you how. 

And if you're a young woman just beginning your sexual journey, stay tuned for her important tips on how to have control over who you let in and how you keep others away. #CONSENT is your right. She has advice on ways to learn to listen to your intuition.

Women everywhere will love this conversation - It's all about sisterhood and empowerment.


01:07:46 4/29/2020
Dr. Ross Grant works at one of California's busiest hospitals. He contracted COVID -19 a month ago and was hospitalized at the very same hospital he works at. Mere days after he recovered, he's back working 12 hour days, 7 days a week, treating patients with COVID-19 and saving lives - I think he qualifies as an EXTRAORDINAIRE. Dr. Ross was gracious enough to join me on todays episode, to answer the questions you wanted me to ask. And would you believe he even said THANK YOU... TO US!?! Oh no Dr. Ross Grant. Don't Thank us... THANK YOU! 1000 times. Thank You
00:36:43 4/20/2020

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