They are a risk-taking couple & they are back with a whole new venture! These two literally do everything together. Met about 8 years ago in law school, got married on 11/11/2018 (2+0+1+8=11), co-founded two companies together, currently live in St. Louis & have two of the cutest little Frenchies, Onyx & Noir. Now, Nina & Brian all about enjoying the journey and becoming their best selves. Their goal here is to spread more understanding, non-judgment & unconditional love to show you, their listeners, you are not alone in whatever it is you may be going through. They believe we are all here on this planet to help each other. Now here are your hosts Nina & Brian Dixon!


Deep Thoughts W/The Dixons

Episode 19 Part 1: "Hold Yourself Accountable For The Energy In Your Marriage/Family AND Childhood Trauma, How it Affects & Alters Someone's Overall Development In Life Completely"

Welcome to another brand new episode Deep Thoughts listeners! So glad to have you back & for those of you new to our show welcome! The lifestyle tip this week is MAJOR and based of some real life observations both Nina & Brian have made. This week's main topic was suggested by a dear friend & listener of the podcast. It definitely took Nina down a rabbit hole of emotions while researching and also taught both Brian & Nina a lot. Although it is a very serious and semi dark topic, both Nina & Brian have made the effort to help their audience see the positive or see the good in something traumatic their audience members may have experienced. Part 11 airs next week and will focus on "How To Overcome The Stigma Of Being A Victim Of Your Past."
01:03:08 9/23/2019

Past Episodes

"Take Care Of Your Body, It's The Only Place You Have To Live"
01:02:51 9/16/2019
"Take Care Of Your Body, It's The Only Place You Have To Live"
01:02:51 9/16/2019
Happy Tuesday people! We are back as promised with yet another brand new episode of "Deep Thoughts w/the Dixons!" This week Nina shares a lifestyle tip she just stumbled upon.... Quiet Time. Sounds simple right? Many of us are so used to always be talking, listening to the TV, listening to podcasts, reading something, consuming some time of content at all times. Even when meditating we use youtube videos and headphones! Well quiet time is the exact OPPOSITE. It helps lower your cortisol levels, helps get rid of anxious thoughts, helps calm and center your mind and body and you can do this while enjoying your morning coffee/latte/matcha. It help you to learn to sit with yourself and not be at the demand of your thoughts or emotions but instead it help you to become very intentional in just being calm, present and grateful. It's a great way to start your day. For the main topic of the day, Nina & Brian share their personal sacrifices they are currently making for their careers and also put a positive spin on it for those of you who feel like you're sacrificing a lot as well. ENJOY!
01:00:05 9/9/2019
Many of us never question our beliefs. We are on autopilot and this is by far one of the most limiting habits we have. Sit back and listen how you can reprogram your mind, break your mental barriers and rewire your beliefs to create the life you really wish to live.
00:50:11 9/2/2019
A new episode of "???????? ???????????????? ??/ ?????? ????????????" is OUT NOW. ?????? ??????????? ?????? ??"?????? ???? ?? ???????? ???????????????????"?????? ???? ??. ?????????????????? ???????????????? ??/ ???????????? ??????????????????.?????? ?Be strong yet lenient in your approach. Don't allow one unmotivated day throw you off your game. Focus all of your energy on kicking a** the next day. ?????? ??? ???. ???????????? ???????????? ????. ?????? ?Life is too short to not enjoy the present moment. Be sure to reward yourself after a productive day/week.?????? ?????? ???. ?? "??????????????" ?????????????? ??????????????. ?????? ?A relaxed, calm, & intentional morning routine will help keep you energized & motivated. For details on my morning routine listen to Episode 15 of our podcast.??? ?????? ???. ???????????? ???????? ???????? ?????? ???? ?????? ??????????. ?????? We become so focused on the everyday tasks in life that we forget why we are even doing what we are doing? This can suck the motivation out of anyone at anytime. An easy way to snap out of these funks is to always keep a little reminder, a note of some sort or a physical token that represents your goal. ?????? ???For me personally, I just think of the future version of myself. I do it for her. I am driven by the promises I have made to myself. That's what drives me. So on my toughest days, I just vision the 33 or 34 year old Nina who is looking back at her 31 year old self and thanking her for not giving up. Sometimes I get very detailed about this future "Nina": Where I am living? What does my new office look like? What product lines have I launched? How big or small is my team? What do my campaigns look like? How many people still download our podcast? Has my business gone international yet? As I am thinking those questions above I am also answering them through my visions bc I know exactly what I want for myself at 33 or 34 years old. So then my current, unmotivated attitude shifts into an energized, motivated & inspired attitude. ?????? ????I know this works for me, because I look at where I am at today.... and in a lot of ways, maybe differently, I saw 75% of this for myself 4 years ago.
01:07:11 8/29/2019
Welcome Back! Did you know only 3% of American write their goals down and less than 1% actually read them everyday? If you want to smash your goals, and achieve everything you have set your heart on then sit back and listen up. In today's episode Nina & Brian share the one major key to success....and that is writing your goals down and reading them EVERY SINGLE DAY. Yes, it's that simple. Later, Brian digs real deep as he shares some personal stories from his past and how he has come to learn some lessons in life. He covers the following four lessons: 1) Don't Let Credentials Define Your Future 2) Learn The Metaphysical First Over The Physical World 3) Make Decisions But Then Have The Patience To See Them Through 4) Be Infinitely Curious *Connect with yours hosts Nina & Brian on ALL SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS. @ninapaldixon @briandixon06
01:30:20 8/29/2019
Welcome Back! This week Nina shares her morning secret which keeps her energized, focused, motivated and up early out of bed without the crash. Hint: it's NOT coffee! Brian asks Nina to share 3 major life lessons she'd had to learn the hard way over the last several years. 1) Perfection isn't real 2) Be more like water. Adapt and bend with life. Lean in and stop resisting to life's journey 3) Take Action! Taking action brings forth clarity. So, go ahead take MASSIVE ACTION! Remember you can get in touch with Nina on Instagram: @ninapaldixon You can also get in touch with Brian on Instagram: @briandixon06
00:55:13 8/29/2019
In this episode Nina & Brian share their lifestyle tips on diet. Specifically adding more raw fruits & vegetables to your meals and why this is so crucial to maintaining great health. The main topic is all about confidence! What it is, how to work on it and how we deal with it on days we don't feel so confident. Remember you can connect with Nina on her instagram page at @ninapaldixon. You can connect with Brian on his instagram page at @briandixon06. Enjoy!
01:04:04 8/29/2019
After a long week away from home, Nina & Brian are back from a family vacay and talking about INSTAGRAM! Do you feel unmotivated, deflated, insecure & maybe ungrateful after scrolling through IG? You're not alone. In this episode your hosts break down the business behind IG and the strategies used that play with your psyche. Instagram is a great tool. It's so useful in helping get exposure and being creative BUT what consumers forget to remember is that it's just's not all real. Perception is reality and it's imperative you keep your wits about you. People don't see the whole picture on instagram. You only see the highlight reel of someone's life therefore stop comparing yourself/life to instagram. It's a business for content producers, a creative outlet for artists, and a great way for exposure for anyone. Nothing more, nothing less.
01:04:44 8/29/2019
This week your hosts Nina & Brian keep it simple yet effective. Gratitude is the single most powerful tool us humans have and we don't use it enough. This week learn new ways to practice gratitude everyday and revamp your mood instantly! You will manifest with ease, you will be happier, you will be more motivated, you will be more calm and you will definitely see progress in your life!
00:44:32 8/29/2019

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