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Comic Boys

Episode 56: MCU Draft, Shang-Chi Spoiler Talk and More!!!

Marvel Draft
Joker 2 is happening...?
Shang-Chi Spoiler Talk
What we watched
Box Office 

01:59:58 9/23/2021

Past Episodes

Comic Boys



Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer Talk

Matrix 4 Talk

What We Watched

Box Office

01:26:33 8/29/2021
Comic Boys


Disney Lawsuits

Venom 2 Trailer Talk

MCU Rankings

Box Office

What We Watched

01:48:33 8/4/2021
Comic Boys

Trivia Time!!
Mobile Netflix!!!
MCU Animated
Batgirl Movie
What We Watched
Box Office

01:00:48 7/21/2021
Comic Boys

We are back again and this time with an even more excitement!


Netflix introduces gaming and Streaming problems

Movie Theatres

Black Widow Spoiler Free Reivew

Black Widow Spoiler Talk

Box Office

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01:25:33 7/15/2021
Comic Boys

Episode 51:
We are back again...again! And we are talking about everything from the new MCU content to the new Mission Impossible Movie. And of course all the movies we have watched over the last few months.

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01:18:52 5/11/2021
Comic Boys

In a more unique episode of our podcast, we are back with a bit more randomness and banter. We talk about everything from WW84 and our spoiler review to the new marvel projects announced during the investor call, DCfandome which was ages ago, and Tom Cruise!

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01:36:55 12/29/2020
Comic Boys

I would put a detailed layout here normally but since it doesn't seem like a real layout exists just know we talk about marvel, dc, and other stuff. 

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00:00:00 8/14/2020
Comic Boys


Best of the Decade Bracket

Summer Movie Preview

Talking about VOD

What We Watched 

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00:33:34 5/19/2020
Comic Boys

Artemis Fowl Release Date
Sam Rami Officially Directing Dr. Strange 2
Best of the Decade Bracket

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00:36:45 4/20/2020
Comic Boys

Time Staps:

Let's talk about Jar Jar and Live-Action Robin Hood: 0:00-00:06:24.63

The Best of the Decade Bracket (For Real): 00:06:24.63-00:50:25.87

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00:49:52 4/13/2020
Comic Boys

New MCU Phase 4 Slate
What MCU Delays Mean for Disney Plus MCU
No Time to Die Getting No Edits
Other Movie Delays
Best of the Decade Part 4
What We Watched
At Home Box Office

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00:57:39 4/7/2020
Comic Boys


Fundemental Changes In Movie Releases

Black Widow and Many More Delayed

China to Reopen Cinemas

Sony Making Man-Wolf and Solo Films

Best of the Decade 3

What we Watched

Box Office: But Not Really

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01:05:19 3/21/2020
Comic Boys
TOPICS: Award Season Talk Thor 4 Castings Talk 1917 Spoiler Talk Loki Castings Best of the Decade 2 What Else We Watched Box Office Follow us: @comicboys_ @khalil_deadpool @alon.s128
00:00:00 2/7/2020
Comic Boys


Black Widow Trailer Talk

Wonder Woman 84 Trailer Talk

Tenet Trailer Talk

Best of the Decade Part 1

The Rise of Skywalker Spoiler Talk

What Else We Watched

Box Office

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01:20:51 12/31/2019

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