Two best bro's aka amigo's join forces to make a podcast while having beers, shots and talk about today's pop culture, sports, drinks and our funny stories on growing up in the heights as two latino's one Puerto Rican and the other Dominican and Colombian, if you're looking for around the way NYC drinking and funny stories tune in listen in.


Chuleta Brothers Podcast

Episode 74: Car Parking While Drinking Tequila in Mexico

In this week's epsiode we talk about Al's trip to Mexico and his excurison and there's a special two part chuleta smack and we talk on vacations while we drink some tequila and beers.
01:31:18 8/7/2019

Past Episodes

In this week's podcast we talk about cops getting wet in the hood and welter mercado and we talked about what to have on when you're on vacation drinking. We talk about Monday Night Raw with Stone cold and we are waiting questions for episode 75 that you guys can share.
01:12:58 7/23/2019
In this week's podcast podcast we talk about Stranger Things and share stories on growing up broke in elementary school, buying candy in the heights and we give some chuleta smacks for twerking and to the state of Florida.
01:04:33 7/17/2019
In this week's episode we talk about growing up being broke and talk vacations and we get into our trip to prudential center to see Monday Night Raw and talk the latest NBA updates and last week's UFC fight and shouts outs and love to Women's USA Soccer team. We talk about
01:42:46 7/12/2019
In this week's episode we talk about the 4th of July starter kits and we talk about this weekend's concert in seeing Bad Bunny, El Alfa and Anuel AA. We show love to everyone celebrating pride month. We discuss the recent news with the NBA free agency and talk USA women's soccer big win and Copa America. The fellas discuss the menta hookah and how to smoke hookah and our favorite flavors.
01:17:13 7/2/2019
In this week's episode, the guys catch up from the two week's off and talk on Father's day and we celebrate our sisters bdays. We talk about the recent news on the NBA draft and free agency and news and copa america updates. We jump into the juicy topic of watching porn when we were young and share funny sex stories from our past on talking dirty and crazy positions. This is a great episode to catch as we drink whiskey , beers and take shots.
01:54:20 6/26/2019
In this week's episode we talk about the difference of going to the movies back in the days to now and our favorite movie theathers and talk about our wildest stories in movie theathers. We also give shout outs and show love to all the Father's and show love to the puerto ricans for the PR parade and give love to everyone celebrating pride month. The guys discuss the NBA finals and talk some soccer aka football.
01:33:06 6/11/2019
In this week's episode we talk about this past week beer's festival outing in NJ with the family and playing UNO with giant cards and we talk about the best work calling out excuses to use when you don't want to go to work. We talk about new TV shows like the Wu Tang documentary and watching shows with your wifey or man.
01:39:33 6/5/2019
In this week's episode we talk about which artist are King or Queens of each music genre and we talk about drinking how latinos make for BBQ's and we talk about the NBA playoffs and Memorial Day weekend.
01:22:36 5/30/2019
In this memorial day weekend episode we talk about Lee's trip to Italy and his recent news of his engagement we talk about Italy and Al's 1920's great gatsbay party and we talk about last episode of Game Of Thrones and the latest NBA finals.
01:20:21 5/26/2019
In this week's episode we talk about what would be our Met Gala costume we talk the latest episode of Game of Thrones while having oero's and we talk about Yankee game and how the old us vs the new us on how we changed.
01:13:35 5/9/2019

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