Weekly podcast hosted by @camrynsidley and @kassidydesnoyer. We are two college babes drinking some brews and talking about everything pop-culture, entertainment news, and celeb gossip of course! We discuss our amazing internship with Young Hollywood and our in LA journey!


Babes n' Brews Podcast

Oscar Recap 2020

TeamKC Productions Presents Season 2: Episode 3! In this episode, we are breaking the OSCARS! This is from our Radio Show so enjoy some of our favorite music as well (: Follow the podcast on Instagram: @babesnbrewspodcast @camrynsidley @kassidydesnoyer Follow the Podcast on Twitter: @babesnbrews
00:00:00 2/13/2020

Past Episodes

Over the summer our friend Ally Kostial tragically passed away. Today we talk about the life and death of her and the amazing things she accomplished within her 21 years of life.
00:00:00 9/11/2019
TeamKC Productions Presents Season 2: Episode 1! In this episode we wrapped up our LA journey and our amazing internship with Young Hollywood *MTV Movie Awards * The Voice blind auditions * James Corden * Will & Grace live taping * Meeting THE ROCK * Hobbs & Shaw Premiere * Young Hollywood shoots Follow the podcast on Instagram: @babesnbrewspodcast @camrynsidley @kassidydesnoyer Follow the Podcast on Twitter: @babesnbrews
01:11:17 8/23/2019

TeamKC Productions Presents Episode 14:

*Vanderpump Reunion

*New Netflix Rom Coms

*Adam Levine Leaves the Voice

*Miley EP

*Scarlett Johansson + Colin Jost engagement


*Young Hollywood Internships

*TeamKC celeb sightings

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01:00:37 6/18/2019

TeamKC Productions Presents Episode 13:

*Met Gala favorite looks

*Celeb Baby Boom

*James Charles + Influencer Drama

*Vanderpump Rules Recap

*Jonas Brothers are back + Joe and Sophie get engaged

*Taylor Swift Releases new music

*TeamKC summer plans

Follow the podcast on Instagram: @babesnbrewspodcast



01:09:08 5/13/2019

This week Team KC breaks down their epic Spring break trip to California where they saw Colton Underwood and Bob Saget at Jimmy Kimmel Live. Then, they go into detail about visiting the most iconic block in Weho and eating dinner at Sur. Kass and Cam recap the drama on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and New York. Then, they talk about Hannah Montana turning 13 and Miley Cyrus feeling nostalgic. Finally, they discuss their feelings about Lady Gaga and Jeremy Renner allegedly dating. As always, follow the duo on social media: @kassidydesnoyer @camrynsidley @babesnbrewspodcast. Also, if you want your weekly dose of Team KC Productions, make sure to listen to our Babes N' Brews Radio Hour every Monday at 6 p.m (CST) on 92.1 FM or the RadioFX app!

00:55:53 4/2/2019

This week Team KC has an exciting new announcement! They also recap the Jordyn Woods/ Tristan Thompson scandal and the Grammys and Oscars. They are also extra annoying on this podcast but that's because they're passionate ok? Make sure you follow us on social media @babesnbrewspodcast @camrynsidley @kassidydesnoyer.

01:16:15 3/2/2019

On this episode Team KC is back from a two month long break. They give you a nice Golden Globes and Bachelor recap and of course all the opinions to go along with it. Make sure to follow us on all social media platforms @babesnbrewspodcast @kassidydesnoyer @camrynsidley.

01:02:29 2/4/2019

This week team KC lost all their audio the first time they recorded it so they had to round 2 it. Kass and Cam recap their thanksgiving break and then they start off the Pod by talking about the peoples choice awards and their new fav show LADY GANG. Then Hailey Biebers name change and Snookis big news. The girls then finish it off by talking about all kinds of Bachelor related drama and recap the movies they watched over Thanksgiving. Make sure to follow us on social media @babesnbrewspodcast @camrynsidley @kassidydesnoyer

00:42:07 12/9/2018

This week team KC gives a little recap of the past week of their lives. Then they dive into more Pete and Ariana drama and how dramatic Ariana grande is being. Sexist Man Alive is here and Kassidy and Camryn of course have many opinions about it. KUWTK finally gets into the Khloe and Tristan drama and we are totally here for it. They finally watched the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and they talk about all the reasons they're mad at it. Riverdale is getting a new mistress and they talk about all the reasons they're excited for Kelly Rippas appearance. Finally they end it kind of on a sad note and talk about how sad the break up between Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth. Follow us on social media @babesnbrewspodcast @kassidydesnoyer @camrynsidley

00:47:19 11/11/2018

This podcast is a little all over the place today. Camryn and Kassidy explain why we have been so absent from our followers lately. We talk about Meghan Markles pregnancy and Pete and aris devastating break up. They talk about why they're giving Riverdale another chance and talk about the nostalgia of the Sabrina the teenage which reboot. Then they finish it off with jersey shore updates, Hilary duffs new baby, and celebrity Halloween costumes so far. Make sure to follow us on social media @babesnbrewspodcast @camrynsidley @kassidydesnoyer.

00:43:45 10/31/2018

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