The Best Way to Launch and Distribute Your Podcast

Plus, it's completely free...Seriously, "no bullsh*t" FREE.

Why Launchpad?

See the difference between Launchpad and those other hosting services
Launchpad The Other Guys
Unlimited free hosting Limited trial hosting with paid subscription for unlimited plans
All analytics are free Basic analytics are provided with paid subscription for access to all data
You Own EVERYTHING! This includes your content, logos, IP,etc., so that if you leave the platform, you get to take everything with you, including subscribers. And you keep 100% of the revenue from ads you sell. You have to jump through hoops to switch platforms or take your content with you
You decide where you want to distribute your podcast The platform limits where you can distribute your podcast feed
PodcastOne shows promote Launchpad. PodcastOne has over 2 billion downloads annually, and we know how to do this. There is no major network driving traffic to your podcasts
Launchpad is a great way to get your podcast noticed, and you could be offered the opportunity to become a part of PodcastOne's roster. There is no major network watching your growth and noticing you as a potential big-league partner
It's 100% FREE! We never require you to purchase a subscription plan to host your podcast. Learn More
It's EASY! The platform is simple for podcasters with any level of experience. Learn More
In-Depth Analytics INCLUDED! Get access to a dashboard with all analytics at no cost. Learn More
You Own EVERYTHING! Your content, logos, subscribers and 100% of the revenue from ads you sell are yours to keep, even if you leave Launchpad. And you control all distribution. Learn More
PodcastOne PROMOTION! With more than 2 billion downloads annually on PodcastOne's 300 star-studded podcasts, the network will promote Launchpad. Learn More
Join the Big Leagues! If your show develops a significant audience, you could become an official PodcastOne partner. Learn More

More Reasons to Use Launchpad?

Why is Launchpad Free?

First, it's an awesome way for PodcastOne to find the next wave of great podcast talent - which could be YOU!

In order to keep this service completely free to you, we have the right to sell up to 2 minutes of digitally inserted ads in the pre-roll and mid-roll break, and retain the revenue.

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