XFL Week 5 Review / Week 6 Picks and Predictions - A Hashtag Snafu

Recorded before the cancellation of the inaugural season today, we reviewed week 5's highlights and lowlights for the teams and discussed the officiating snafu at the Hou/Sea game and the subsequent XFL statement that followed. We also discuss our "hashtag mishap" during our live tweeting of the Dal/NY game from the press box at Globe Life Park. We got into our preview and picks against the spread of week 6 games but unfortunately those games won't happen. Stay tuned to Drunk Sports as well as our other podcast - The Blitzcast, A Dallas Cowboys Podcast, heard on CowboysSi.com...

The Drunk Sports Podcast
00:41:22 3/14/2020

Past Episodes

In THIS episode, BigRed, Colby Sapp, IndyCarTim, and America's favorite board-op, Chris Bussell discuss Mike McCarthy's first official address of America's Team and try to figure out just how many fans will be at AT&T Stadium this season with COVID's restrictions. Also, new life for the XFL with a SHOCKINGLY low sale-price. The Top 9 at 9 returns, as does Colby's News & Notes, and we'll tell you why MLB's season may already be over. Thanks a LOT Rob Manfred... And WHO has the better burger? From a non-Texan... Whataburger vs In-and-Out! Then Chris throws us all 'Under The Bus'. Please continue the discussion with us on Twitter: @BigRedBlitz, @IndyCarTim, @ColbySapp, and @TheRealCBus. Thanks to our sponsors as always: HighlandsPGC.com, KavlaForMen.com, and ZoltonsSauces.com.
02:22:28 8/6/2020
Did the Cowboys dodge a high-dollar bullet by Adams going to Seattle? And we discuss 10 questions as the team heads into training camp. We say goodbye to Claudell Washington and his famous foul ball, and our Top 9 at 9 features the biggest draft day busts in NFL history. We then rank all 32 projected starting NFL QBs going into 2020. Colby Sapp delivers News & Notes like only HE can.
02:21:39 7/31/2020
In THIS episode: Is it too late for Dak to be a Cowboy long term? Have the Cowboys decided Dak's NOT the guy and will they let him walk after 2020? Baseball starts this week with actual games with no fans, and NFL training camps start up, meaning we're that much closer to actual football! The NFL cancels the preseason as rookies reported on Monday, and 4 Cowboys rookies made what list? A Houston area strip club re-opens, but how? And Alex Rodriguez is getting blasted by former players for what comment regarding money? Colby Sapp's world famous News & Notes, the Cheifs' Chris Jones is an idiot, and the 2020 Instagram Rich List is here! Join us for the show and on Twitter: @BigRedBlitz | @IndyCarTim | @ColbySapp
02:08:31 7/24/2020
In THIS Episode: Today is the deadline for a long-term deal between Dak and the Cowboys. By the time we're on the air at 8pm CST we will know if Dak is playing under his $31.4M tag or if the Cowboys caved and gave him what he wanted. We'll discuss it either way and how it affects the season, Dak, and the future of the franchise. We'll also examine the new Mahomes deal with the Chiefs as we try to figure out what the heck the "mechanisms" are that are referenced, and how HIS deal will affect the future deals for all QBs in the league. Then we move to some MLB talk and the Top 9 at 9 discusses the longest championship droughts broken since 2000, and as always Colby Sapp presents us with the new show staple: News & Notes. Join us on Twitter too! @IndyCarTim | @BigRedBlitz | @ColbySapp
02:04:07 7/19/2020
In THIS Episode: As BigRed is absent while on assignment in Missouri, Colby Sapp joins us at the Drunk Sports table for the Colby & IndyCarTim show LIVE from Barrel & Bones in The Colony. Brought to you by HighlandsPGC.com for Whiskey Wednesday with $2.50 Slow & Low Whiskey Old Fashioneds! We'll discuss Colby's favorite Ukranian Metal band, 'Jinjer' and he introduces us to a genre of music we were previously unfamiliar with, 'Mongolian Throat Metal', and we discuss the overpayment to Patrick Mahomes, rank Dak Prescott against all opposing QBs he will see this year, and try to rename the Washington Redskins. Plus, the worst MLB Defensive Players of All Time and Colby addresses rumors that Ben Affleck will reprise his roll as Batman for HBO Max.
02:13:50 7/12/2020
In THIS Episode: We celebrate Bobby Bonilla day with the crowd at Barrel & Bones in The Colony, including our great friend Brandy Jones who buys us ALL the shots! What does Cam to the Pats mean, if anything, and are they a playoff team now? We take a look at the Cowboys depth chart at cornerback and discuss the best broadcast teams of ALL TIME in our Top 9 @ 9. Then an emotional moment as we say goodbye (for now) to BigRed who will be joining the broadcast for the foreseeable future from Monroe City, MO via the miracle of the satellite broadcast technology that exists. Starting next week the great Colby Sapp, formerly of FoxSports 1190 and 105.3 The Fan joins Timm at the table to tear up all the sports and current events! We love you, BigRed, and we can't wait to broadcast by your side once again!
02:12:59 7/6/2020
George Teague joined the show LIVE from Barrel & Bones in The Colony, TX, and discussed his new podcast, 'Teague's Take with George Teague', and everything from Alabama Football, Cowboys Football, a mysterious phone call from a former rival, why he couldn't wear #31 with the Dolphins, and his thoughts on IndyCarTim's butt. Also, who is his favorite Cowboys coach ever? We had a ton of fun thanks to the boys over at Hochstadter's Slow & Low and their famous canned Old Fashioned! Check them out at wwwDrinkSlowAndLow.com and join us from 8p-10p each Wednesday Night at Barrel &* Bones in The Colony, TX for 'Whiskey Wednesday brought to you by Slow & Low!'
00:37:18 6/26/2020
In THIS Episode: DFW Sports Radio LEGEND Colby Sapp joins us at the Drunk Sports table as we discuss the Dak Prescott signing of his franchise tag, and what that means going into the July 15 deadline and beyond. Also, the 'Jamal Adams to Dallas' talk is heating up again, but do we really want him in Dallas? Major League Baseball announced plans for a shortened season of 60 games, but at what cost?? And we'll look at Bleacher Report's MLB Power Rankings and see what the Rangers' chances might be for an AL West title. Then we'll tell you why it's apparent that Brett Favre has been hit in the head one too many times, and our Top 9 at 9 follows with the best NFL comebacks out of retirement. And a very special segment as it's the return of Colby Sapp's News & Notes! We're honored! George Teague comes on to share some special news about something you'll be hearing a lot of soon: #TeaguesTake Please follow the conversation on Twitter! @IndyCarTim, @BigRedBlitz, and @DrunkSportsDFW
02:38:46 6/25/2020
In THIS Episode: We broadcast LIVE on the patio at Barrell & Bones in The Colony, and mother nature is apparently not a fan, since she literally tries to undermine our entire run sheet multiple times! Zeke Elliott is named as one of the Cowboys who is infected with COVID-19 but where did the leak come from and what does that mean for the NFL season moving forward? And WHO leaked his name to the media? NBA great Bill Russell sets Kendrick Perkins straight about the most athletic NBA player ever, and Kendrick agrees! With Dak wanting Russell Wilson money on his next contract, we discuss the similarities in their contract situations as well as the differences in where they are in their respective careers at this point. Oh yeah, should Russ have audibled out of that ridiculous goal-line Super Bowl losing play??? The Top 9 at 9 gives you the top-ranked QBs going into 2020. A couple of notable exclusions from previous lists... Hey Aaron Rogers, why didn't you make the list?? We also have some fun with the worst QBs in history from some NFL teams. To end the show BigRed almost dies from a hot sauce challenge and we had to cut the show short. We hope you were there to see it live! Please continue the discussion with on Twitter at @IndyCarTim, @BigRedBlitz, or @DrunkSportsDFW, or via email at TheDrunkSportsPodcast@GMail.com. And make sure to check out our YouTube channel for all the videos of each episode and some next-level hilarity from us!
02:10:04 6/19/2020
George Teague joins us to discuss his playing days, his current tenure as head coach and athletic director of JPII High School, and his upcoming podcast, "Teague's Take". NFL Training Camps are cleared to open, but at what cost? We'll discuss the unrealistic expectations of the NFL and how the 2020 camps are literally impossible to carry out. The MLB Entry Draft is tonight and we'll look at some of the MLB players throughout history who went straight from the draft table to the big leagues. You'll hear some familiar names! We'll also cross-examine MLB's most recent proposal to restart play. It's terrible. As always we offer you the Top 9 at 9 and Around The Sports, and ESPN graded every NFL team's offseason, so we'll make fun of where they graded the Cowboys and the rest of the NFC East. From The Rough includes Charles Schwab Challenge talk and odds as the PGAers are back in Fort Worth for the weekend. Please join us! And make sure to reach out on Twitter: @IndyCarTim, @BigRedBlitz, and @DrunkSportsDFW! Enjoy the show!
02:23:57 6/11/2020

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