Inspire our Children to Follow Their Dreams with Carolyn McKecuen

Carolyn McKecuen is a business development and communications expert and Executive Director of the Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® Foundation. She played an integral role in the creation of the annual Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® Day, and is actively involved in its celebration every year. Carolyn continues to consult with businesses, organizations, and nonprofits to devise strategies that make them more effective, more efficient, and help them make a greater impact on the world. She has worked with the MacArthur Foundation Fellows and the state of North Carolina, among others.

You, Inspired
00:47:23 4/18/2021

Past Episodes

You, Inspired
Interview with serial entrepreneur and investor Maria Simon. Meditation on bringing the right investor for your idea, project or company. About Maria Simon: Maria is a transformational business and funding strategist, speaker, author, philanthropist, event producer, serial entrepreneur, and consummate dealmaker. She began her corporate career as a pharmacist negotiating and managing multi-million-dollar provider accounts in home healthcare. Since retiring from a successful career in healthcare in 1999, she has founded and served as CEO of a number of businesses in retail, technology, services, fashion, and real estate investing. Maria has been responsible for raising over $10 million in funding for multiple projects and has created millions in revenue.
00:47:45 7/28/2021
You, Inspired
Interview with Money Queen Jessica Weaver with a Money Meditation at the end. About Jessica: I'm Jessica Weaver AKA Not Your Father's Advisor, yes the typical advisor is a male in his 60s, and I took a stance to find my own voice in the finance industry over a decade ago! I'm a two-time best selling author, blogger, speaker, and the founder of the #pinkfix movement. The #pinkfix movement is a celebration of women and their wealth! I help them channel their inner wealthy woman and shift into becoming a significant player in the game of money. We are a powerhouse community of women to help women like YOU build their career and businesses, build prosperity, and form your Money Council. I help women find their TRUTH, to uncover what ignites them, and how to monetize their voice. I love God, I love bringing God, meditations, and, prayers into our events and programs. I want you to have the wealth you have always desired, to be unapologetically YOU, and to build a platform, your very own Money Empire!
00:49:23 7/19/2021
You, Inspired
Interview with entrepreneur and best selling author, Colleen Biggs on her journey to founding the Lead Up for Women organization. Meditation at the end on leading. About the Guest: Colleen Biggs is a Award-Winning Peak Performance Consultant with over 18 years of experience, has launched over 340 businesses, is an International Speaker, Author to a #1 International Best-Seller Anatomy of Accomplishment, the CEO of three businesses including Lead Up for Women, a community that boasts tens of thousands of female entrepreneurs that are driven by their passions, support and promote others with purpose to fuel female voices with power that are leading the way for all women world-wide to dominate the entrepreneurial market.
00:56:39 7/16/2021
You, Inspired
Interview with parenting strategist Jaci Finneman with meditation at the end for parents. About Jaci: Jaci Finneman is passionate about helping parents become confident leaders for their kids, find happiness in their day-to-day routine and bring peace back into their homes. Her experience runs deep. She started her career as a para-professional for children with developmental disabilities. A few years later she was hired by Caritas, a non-profit agency that supports children with physical and emotional needs. During her tenure, she became a Personal Care Attendant for a 10-year-old child diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD).
00:51:48 7/9/2021
You, Inspired
Interview with International Best Selling Author, Katrina Sawa. Meditation at the end on Heart Centered Selling. Katrina Sawa is known as The JumpStart Your Biz Coach because she helps entrepreneurs make more money doing what they love and fast. She is my coach as well! She is the creator of the JumpStart Your Marketing® System, a tell-it-like-it-is speaker, 7x International Best-Selling author with 11 books including, Love Yourself Successful, Jumpstart Your New Business Now and the Jumpstart Your _____(blank) Compilation Book Series. Katrina has a no-nonsense approach to showing entrepreneurs how to develop consistently profitable businesses implementing proven marketing and business strategies. She's been featured on the Oprah and Friends XMRadioNetwork, ABC, TheCW and dozens of influential podcasts and radio shows.
00:38:55 6/30/2021
You, Inspired
Interview with Zen Millionaire Ken Honda with meditation at the end on being grateful and happy with money. About Ken: Ken was 29 when he first "retired" to welcome his newborn daughter in the world. At the time, he thought he was "done" with work. He had owned a successful consultant and accounting business, so successful it had allowed him to close up shop and spend his days with the apple of his eye. Little did he realize his "second" career, impacting millions by helping them heal their relationship with money, was about to begin.
00:00:00 6/21/2021
You, Inspired
Interview with Nurse and Pain Expert, Lisa Evers, MA, BSN, RN with a meditation on releasing pain at the end. Lisa Leshko Evers, MA, BSN, RN has enjoyed 35 years of nursing practice with a focus in Emergency Nursing and Addiction Medicine.  When the FDA approved opioids for children (ages 11-16), she began asking new questions about pain and listening deeply. During years of study, "Comfort Quest" was born: a transformative, hopeful lens through which pain is reframed as a healing messenger.
00:51:25 6/14/2021
You, Inspired
Interview with America's Happy Hormone Doctor, Dr. Deborah Matthew with a meditation on how to have more balance and less stress in our lives. Dr. Deb Matthew MD, The Happy Hormones Doctor, is a best-selling author, international speaker, educator, wife and mom of four boys.   She has been featured on national podcasts, radio, and broadcast shows, including NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX.
00:42:59 6/7/2021
You, Inspired
Master Zhi Gang Sha is a Tao grandmaster, healer, teacher, and author of 25 books, including 11 New York Times bestsellers. He has an MD degree in Western medicine from China and is also a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Master Sha has combined the essence of Western medicine with ancient wisdom to create Soul Mind Body Medicine and Tao teachings to help humanity. He is a grandmaster of several Asian arts and in 2002 was named Qigong Master of the Year at the Fifth World Congress on Qigong.
00:42:41 5/31/2021
You, Inspired
Anthony Teresi is a renowned clairvoyant, master astrologer, psychic visionary, sound healer and empath, highly respected for his compassion and integrity. In addition, he is the author of Rippling Waves: A Spiritual Journey Through the Heart of the Universe. Ever striving to grow into complete alignment with the highest states of consciousness, his soul mission has been the development, refinement, exploration and mastery of his intuitive and psychic nature.
00:45:37 5/25/2021

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