I'm Just Sayin' Bruh...Everybody Losing Money!

This week's episode has another guest, our good friend, Dorran Thigpen. We recorded this episode right after the nose of the NBA teams boycotting the playoffs games for that night. We talk about that and more on this episode.

I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
01:18:16 8/27/2020

Past Episodes

This week's episode was recorded on Monday night during the MNF games between the Chiefs and Patriots and the Packers and Falcons. We discuss sports, covid-19 and we try to convince Greg to give Dexter a try.
02:06:15 10/8/2020
NFL recap, Game 1 of the NBA finals and our thoughts on Power Book II so far! Remember to follow, subscribe, like, share, rate and review. We would greatly appreciate it!
01:44:26 10/1/2020
This week's episode features special guest Dr. Ollie Liddell! We're talking sports again with NFL and the big news coming from all of our Dear Old College Home Jackson State University.
01:13:46 9/24/2020
Bonus Episode!!!! With the News of Deion Sanders and our Dear Old College Home, we had to get together and talk about it.
00:52:38 9/18/2020
This is a sports filled episode this week as we talk about NBA Playoffs and a small review of NFL week 1.
01:29:00 9/17/2020
This week's episode is the part 2 from last week. In this episode we give you all a small peak in to our nerd'dom of movies. One day we will do a deep dive on a movie so you all can hear the full scope.
01:05:58 9/12/2020
We have a 2-parter! This week we recorded extra long and broke it up in to 2 parts. We recorded this Wednesday night, the night before the Nets announced their new head coach. Be on the look out for part 2 of the episode!
01:08:00 9/4/2020
We have our first guest on the show this week to discuss a serious matter. We hope you all enjoy.
01:20:44 8/20/2020
This week's episode went a little long but we had a lot to say.
01:35:22 8/13/2020
Yes, we're late, but better late than never. We were finally able to get together Saturday afternoon to get an episode to you guys. We hope you enjoy this week's episode.
00:53:48 8/8/2020

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