Episode 25 | Sets, Signings, and Stories

Chad shares an overview of everything unfolding for October as well as a special reading for Triumph of the Wizard King's one year anniversary.

Tralodren: Behind the Scenes
00:18:56 9/30/2022

Past Episodes

Tralodren: Behind the Scenes
The first podcast for 2024 has Chad sharing insight on new website designs, projects updates, signings, events, and more.
00:22:14 2/27/2024
Tralodren: Behind the Scenes
Chad shares some updates on what's been happening behind the scenes with various titles and what is in the works for 2024 and even a little beyond while also sharing a run down on the last few months of tours and promotions.
00:21:53 11/30/2023
Tralodren: Behind the Scenes
Chad gives a run down of the last four months of conventions and promotional efforts for his latest titles as well as answers some questions, sharing some additional updates along the way.
00:28:37 7/26/2023
Tralodren: Behind the Scenes
Chad shares some updates on the recent tour cycle along with a progress report on various Tralodren tales in development as well as some news on reprints and other matters tied to the current titles published with Dark Horse.
00:26:40 5/24/2023
Tralodren: Behind the Scenes
Get some inside information on what went into writing The Shadow Regent-from initial conception to overall tale-as well as enjoy an excerpt from the audio book. Warning: Story spoilers! Listen at your own risk.
00:30:00 3/28/2023
Tralodren: Behind the Scenes
Chad shares updates on new projects, upcoming book tours, scheduling changes to the podcast's release, and other insights.
00:20:40 1/21/2023
Tralodren: Behind the Scenes
A year end wrap up with insights and updates for the podcast's new format next year as well as other news.
00:22:39 10/26/2022
Tralodren: Behind the Scenes
A quick overview of a few key matters for the present and the month ahead.
00:12:15 8/27/2022
Tralodren: Behind the Scenes
Chad answers some more questions.
00:22:44 7/28/2022
Tralodren: Behind the Scenes
A brief rundown on the progress with various Tralodren related titles/projects.
00:19:50 6/25/2022

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