Episode #11 - The Road to the Superbowl begins!!!

The first Loud Sports Show of 2021 is football heavy as the NFL regular season comes to a close and we get ready to go on the Road to the Superbowl with the playoffs starting this Saturday! In Episode #11 Anthony and Justin talk about Phily throwing a game, the Rams backup still being in LinkedIn while leading them to the playoffs, the Chiefs and Packers locking up #1 seeds as Miami blows their playoff chance and leaves the door open for the Colts, Titans, Ravens and Browns to all get in...First Coaches fired...Urban Myer to the Jags for how much?....NBA headline and so much more on a new year, new me edition of The Loud Sports Show!!!

The Loud Sports Show
00:52:23 1/5/2021

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The Loud Sports Show
Fresh off the Masters and a week of disappointing MMA, Justin and Anthony are back with another episode of The Loud Sports Show! On episode #23 the guys talk about the Sam Darnold trade and collecting on the Baylor upset from last week, the almost collapse that occurred at The Masters this Sunday, the Celtics winning 3 games in a row, and the lack luster UFC on ABC card this weekend. The NFL draft is right around the corner, Taylor Hall is a Bruin after all, the big man is running the NBA again and of course, no episode is complete without some breaking news and this week was no different as we say farewell to a Patriots legend! Its all here on the latest episode of The Loud Sports Show!
00:53:12 4/13/2021
The Loud Sports Show
Anthony is back from vacation which means he and Justin are back in the saddle for episode 22 of The Loud Sports Show. And just in time to recap maybe the best college basketball games in a decade, except one of the guys didn't watch any of it!!! J and A recap the Final Four before Monday's title game, talk about the moves at the top of the upcoming NFL draft, discuss MLB's Opening Day, how the NBA playoffs are shaping up despite some weird performances and review all the upcoming UFC fights for the next month. Its all here in another action packed episode of The Loud Sports Show!!!
00:59:37 4/8/2021
The Loud Sports Show
Anthony was on vacation this week so Justin is joined by The Conman himself, Mike Conceicao for Episode 21 of The Loud Sports Show! In a week where the March Madness hasn't been just contained to the college basketball court Justin and Mike cover everything that went down in the last 7 days. From the multiple trades in the top 12 of the NFL draft, to the NBA trade deadline and the players who were able to sign on with contenders post deadline to the upsets and craziness of the tournament that has gotten us all the way to the Elite 8. All that plus Mike will tell you why he has never cared for the Patriots and the guys talk about the brand new UFC Heavyweight Champion! It's all here on the latest episode of The Loud Sports Show!
00:59:58 3/30/2021
The Loud Sports Show
On the Loud Sports Show's 20th episode, Justin and Anthony dive into the Madness of March in the NCAA tournament, talk about Lebron going down with an injury and how it changes the Lakers championship chances, discuss what will come of the NBA trade deadline, cover this weeks newest free agent signings and go over the recent string of UFC cards on ESPN+ NCAA tournament, NFL Free Agency, NBA Trade Deadline, and the UFC Fight Nights. Its all here on the latest episode of The Loud Sports Show
01:08:33 3/25/2021
The Loud Sports Show
Justin and Anthony start off NBA All Star Sunday by talking about the UFC PPV from Saturday that featured 3 title fights and somehow still left fans wanting a little more, before the guys discuss the All Star events and how Anthony claims he doesn't plan on watching any if it! Its the first Saturday without any football news for a long time and probably for a long time, so get caught up on the latest in MMA, the NBA and everything else in the sports world NFL free agency starts with the latest episode of The Loud Sports Show!!!
00:59:22 3/8/2021
The Loud Sports Show
Justin and Anthony are back for Episode #17 which kicks off with JJ Watt finding a new home before touching on the Russell Wilson/ Seattle situation, discussing the NFL Comeback Player of the Year needed to find a new team next yr and the NFL officially moving toward a 17 game schedule. And with the NBA All Star weekend coming up, we touch on who may or may not be competing in All Star Weekend (if you can even call it that), who will actually be drafting the All Star teams, and Miami's recent surge before the break. Tiger Woods, Kyle Lowry trades and so much more, on an all new episode of The Loud Sports Show!!!
01:08:05 3/3/2021
The Loud Sports Show
Justin and Anthony are back with Episode #16 of The Loud Sports! After losing AD for at least a month and dropping games to the Nets and Heat this week, the guys talk about how much trouble the Lakers may or may not be in, the Nets long term hold on the East, the All Star Starters and the stumble and potential turnaround of the 2021 Celtics before touching on the Colts finding their QB, if the Panthers going all in for D. Watson is wise and the possibility of a former Heisman winner taking snaps for the Patriots this year. all that and so much more on the newest episode of The Loud Sports Show!!!!
01:08:15 2/22/2021
The Loud Sports Show
After a two week hiatus, The Loud Sports Show is back with an all new episode, fresh off the Buccaneers boat parade! In Episode #15, Justin and Anthony rundown the Superbowl, talk bout what's next for the Chiefs and the Bucs and discuss about some of the QB controversy this offseason before moving to the NBA and talking about the Derrick Rose trade, if the Jazz are the best team in the NBA right now and how ridiculous LeBron is for flopping like a champ. All that and so much more on the latest episode of The Loud Sports Show!!!
01:18:00 2/18/2021
The Loud Sports Show
The Loud Sports Show is back for Episode 14 where Justin and Anthony run down the AFC/NFC title games and go over the last time the Chiefs and Bucs faced off this season! Plus, what's next for Aaron Rodgers, the NFL QB carousel speeds up as the coaching carousel slows down, who is actually playing in the NBA, will there be any more basketball stars dealt this year, Connor's knock out loss, the Royal Rumble and so much more, on the latest episode of The Loud Sports Show!!!
01:06:19 1/27/2021
The Loud Sports Show
All Hell is breaking loose in Houston, as James Harden is finally traded and it seems like only a matter of time before Texans QB Deshawn Watson is the next one out of town....the former Texans HC gets a new gig, Urban Myer to Jax become official, but does that mean Trevor Lawernece is still the Number 1 pick or will it open the door for an OSU reunion in FL? And of course Justin and Anthony break down the NFL divisional games to see who the final 4 will be after some of the NFL's best and brightest stars faced off over the weekend! All that and so much more on the latest episode of The Loud Sports Show !!!
01:14:08 1/20/2021

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