Ep 64 - Covid scares for the NFL, Dak vs Russ, and someone broke a HIPPA?

In THIS Episode: We broadcast LIVE on the patio at Barrell & Bones in The Colony, and mother nature is apparently not a fan, since she literally tries to undermine our entire run sheet multiple times! Zeke Elliott is named as one of the Cowboys who is infected with COVID-19 but where did the leak come from and what does that mean for the NFL season moving forward? And WHO leaked his name to the media? NBA great Bill Russell sets Kendrick Perkins straight about the most athletic NBA player ever, and Kendrick agrees! With Dak wanting Russell Wilson money on his next contract, we discuss the similarities in their contract situations as well as the differences in where they are in their respective careers at this point. Oh yeah, should Russ have audibled out of that ridiculous goal-line Super Bowl losing play??? The Top 9 at 9 gives you the top-ranked QBs going into 2020. A couple of notable exclusions from previous lists... Hey Aaron Rogers, why didn't you make the list?? We also have some fun with the worst QBs in history from some NFL teams. To end the show BigRed almost dies from a hot sauce challenge and we had to cut the show short. We hope you were there to see it live! Please continue the discussion with on Twitter at @IndyCarTim, @BigRedBlitz, or @DrunkSportsDFW, or via email at TheDrunkSportsPodcast@GMail.com. And make sure to check out our YouTube channel for all the videos of each episode and some next-level hilarity from us!

The Drunk Sports Podcast
02:10:04 6/19/2020

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01:01:23 9/20/2020
DSP NFL Week 2 Picks and Predictions
00:14:54 9/18/2020
In THIS episode we kick off week 1 in the NFL by showing our disgust for the Cowboys' performance in Los Angeles and preview the Cowboys / Falcons matchup in wk 2. And Colby has a few choice words for Stars fans who don't want ANYONE jumping on this bandwagon... Make sure to continue the conversation on our video feeds on YouTube, Facebook, and Periscope, and follow the conversation with us on Twitter at @BigRedBlitz, @IndyCarTim, and @ColbySapp. You can email us at TheDrunkSportsPodcast@gmail.com
01:03:06 9/18/2020
Timm "IndyCarTim" Hamm and PGA Pro John Gerber discuss the recently completed Safeway Open and the upcoming US Open. Funny facts about the groupings, course set-up, and Gerb's picks for this weekend's major from Winged Foot.
00:45:23 9/17/2020
Timm tells the story of his trip to Monroe City, MO to see BigRed and the Grand Re-Opening of The Dugout Bar. And how he left some DNA for all see...
00:21:54 9/14/2020
DSP NFL Week 1 Picks and Predictions
00:12:42 9/13/2020
This week we kick off the NFL weekend with some notes around the league and predict the NFL's top 100 players for 2020. We say goodbye to Ralph Hudson and rank all NFL teams by Hall Of Famers. The Top 9 @ 9 gives us Colby's favorite sandwiches ever.
02:01:15 9/13/2020
This week we'll review Dustin Johnson's win at the Tour Championship and preview the upcoming Safeway Open, as well as take a look at the nominees for Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year. And we have questions about some that are nominated.
00:40:34 9/13/2020
Processing the death of Chadwick Boseman and speculating on what comes next, and other comic book meanderings... With IndyCarTim! Continue the conversation and comment back at me on Twitter @ColbySapp
00:29:33 9/3/2020
We bury the Dallas Mavericks 2019-2020 season finally as they die at the hands of the LA Clippers. What went right? What went wrong? NFL Division Picks and Odds from CBS Sports and FOX announces it's broadcaster lineup for 2020. The Stars lay a huge egg against the Avalanche in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Do they still have a shot? Our Top 9 at 9 offers the best Chris Berman nicknames of all time, and Colby Sapp gives us News & Notes and remembers a funny story about his pro wrestling days! Join us on Twitter at @BigRedBlitz, @IndyCarTim, and @ColbySapp OR thedrunksportspodcast@gmail.com
01:57:48 9/3/2020

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