Mike & Chris discuss the 2020 NFL schedule. Plus: Chris previews UFC 249.

UNSCRIPTED with Mike & Chris
00:45:47 5/9/2020

Past Episodes

Mike & Chris conduct an in-depth preview of the Green Bay Packers' 2020 season. Plus: Should the coach, GM, and team president all be fired over the worst draft of all time?
01:06:39 6/24/2020
Mike & Chris do an NFL mock draft. Plus: Why doesn't Cam Newton have a job?
01:12:27 6/23/2020
Mike & Chris look at the latest news about COVID-19 in the sports world. Plus: The Civil War, Bubba Wallace, and the Dukes of Hazzard.
00:50:33 6/23/2020
Mike & Chris look at the odd timing of the Cleveland Browns negotiating a long-term deal with Myles Garrett. Plus: Jerry Jeudy, John Harbaugh, Kyrie Irving, and Packer fans still have PTSD from the 2020 NFL Draft.
00:35:41 6/16/2020
Mike asks Chris for the latest on the UFC's Fight Island. Plus: Pete Carroll lies his face off about why he didn't hire Colin Kaepernick years ago.
00:38:18 6/14/2020
Mike & Chris conduct the first round of the Nuclear MLB Draft, where all current players are free agents and every franchise has to start new rosters from scratch. Plus: Would you draft anyone over the age of 30?
01:10:23 6/14/2020
Mike & Chris look at burger ideas for grilling season. Plus: The Match!
00:28:38 6/5/2020
Mike & Chris look at unbreakable sports records. Plus: John Stockton, Paul Molitor, the return of the PGA, and the top hitters of all time in baseball.
00:31:49 6/5/2020
Mike & Chris look at the possibility of Mike Tyson vs. Tyson Fury. Plus: Which commissioner is really leading the way right now?
00:42:55 6/4/2020
Mike & Chris suggest blowing up baseball and starting from scratch. Plus: COVID-19, Jon Jones, and George Floyd.
00:43:03 6/3/2020

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