Mike & Chris celebrate 500 episodes by welcoming Saskatchewan Bureau Chief Ryan Hall, Vancouver Bureau Chief Shawn Doad, and Senior Fantasy Football Analyst Shawn Nichols to the program. Plus: Breaking news about when live crowds will be allowed back at major sporting events!

UNSCRIPTED with Mike & Chris
02:20:54 5/3/2020

Past Episodes

Mike & Chris look at the NFL's proposal of a "4th and 15" onside kick alternative. Plus: Dak Prescott, Charles Barkley, Chad Johnson, Vince McMahon, Conor McGregor, and Mike Tyson.
00:37:50 5/26/2020
Mike & Chris look at the potential collapse of Major League Baseball. Plus: Jerry Sloan, Eddie Sutton, the NHL's 24-team playoff format, and ESPN makes yet another blunder with the catastrophic hire of Ryan Leaf.
00:44:24 5/25/2020
Mike & Chris each reveal their top 25 sports jerseys of all time. Plus: Do you hate Christian Laettner?
01:13:15 5/24/2020
Chris tells Mike about murder hornets. Plus: Phil Mickelson, Jose Canseco, Jay Cutler, and Daniel Cormier.
00:22:52 5/20/2020
Chris discusses the toughness Tony Ferguson displayed at UFC 249. Plus: Michael Jordan, ungrateful morons in baseball, and Mike discovers a dubious list of the best sports jerseys.
00:45:24 5/20/2020
Mike & Chris look at the bizarre arrests of Deandre Baker and Quinton Dunbar. Plus: Russell Wilson, Eric Dickerson, Marshal Yanda, and Matthew Stafford.
00:38:28 5/19/2020
Mike asks Chris twenty non-sports questions. Plus: What would the title of your biography be?
01:01:19 5/17/2020
Mike & Chris look at The Simpsons predicting the future again. Plus: Ken Griffey Jr., Larry Bird, Ron Artest, Alex Smith, and which demolished stadium would you bring back?
00:22:03 5/11/2020
Chris excoriates Brendan Leipsic and Dez Bryant. Mike wants to know why The Last Dance isn't on broadcast TV in Canada. Plus: Don Shula, the NHL's 24-team playoff proposal, and do the Pittsburgh Penguins have the NHL's most passionate fans?
00:48:43 5/10/2020
Mike & Chris reveal their top ten dead douchebags. Plus: Should people with CTE be exempt?
00:42:29 5/10/2020

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