36 COLOR OUT OF SPACE! (with Richard Stanley)

The guys discuss their visit to the HPLFF, followed by their KSAR live interview with director Richard Stanley!

Strange Aeons Radio
00:58:54 10/10/2019

Past Episodes

79 BASED ON A TRUE STORY? This episode starts with Volition, Apollo 11, and the new season of Doom Patrol, but ultimately ends up on films that are based on true stories,,, ish. Kind of. Maybe. You decide!
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78 THE OBJECT OF MY EYE Emergency dental visits, The Rock's poor early career decisions, and sneaky religious films dominate the first half of this episode, but then the gang delves deep into Obsession Flicks!
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77 NINE-TENTHS OF THE LAW! Topics today include Ju-On: Origins, The Last of Us, and Jurassic World, and then the gang gets into their picks for Possession films!
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76 SHOUT IT OUT LOUD The gang talks Unsolved Mysteries, Hamilton, and 1BR and then shout to the heavens their picks from the Shout Factory catalog!
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This week the gang talks Portland Horror Film Festival, Vast of Night, and season 3 of Dark before jumping into their picks for Cursed Object films!
01:31:11 7/9/2020
74 SCREAM UNTIL YOU LIKE IT! Topics include Blood Machines, Hannibal, and a Five-Star Movie Challenge, and then the gang dives into the Scream Factory catalog!
00:00:00 7/2/2020
73 THE DEVIL, YOU SAY? The crew discusses the general audience's hatred for Zack Snyder then gets into representations of The Devil in film!
01:21:37 6/25/2020
72 IT'S FATHER'S DAY! Back in the Strange Aeons Radio studio for the first time in months! Topics include Stargirl, Making Apes, and Avatar, and then the gang shows some love to Film Fathers!
01:19:16 6/18/2020
SHORT AEONS #17! The gang gives out suggestions on stuff that's available to stream while you're stuck at home!
00:18:16 6/13/2020
71 TO THE MAX! Content Warning: The gang discusses "Extreme Horror" this episode, which leads to some pretty dark subject matter. Enter at your own risk!
01:26:29 6/11/2020

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