Join Terry and Sam as they discuss hot topics, conspiracy theories and current trends that cover a variety of topics around the world. Each podcast will provide an analysis of the topic and look at different points of view. No stone will be left unturned!


Turning Stones Podcast

The Tap Water Conspiracy

Fluoride in our drinking tap water. For many years the government has told us this was beneficial for our oral health and the prevention of cavities. But if we pay for our own dental bills, why would the government care? Is there a hidden agenda and what can it this chemical, along with others, be doing to our body?
00:42:00 2/18/2021

Past Episodes

Turning Stones Podcast
It has been absolute scenes on Wall Street over the past few weeks. GameStop (GME) has been all over social media and the news for its share price skyrocketing which was sparked by a group on Reddit. The every day people wanted payback for the big boys of Wall Street making billions per year from vulnerable companies. We take a look at how it all went down with expert options from finance man Pete.
00:57:00 2/9/2021
Turning Stones Podcast
Political correctness plays a massive part in the world we live in today but have we gone too far? Why is it ok for people to tell us our opinions are incorrect? We take a look at some of the controversial topics in Australia and around the globe.
00:56:00 1/27/2021
Turning Stones Podcast
Nicaragua, set between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, is a Central American nation that gets very little spotlight. We take a look at the fun facts, its history and some of the culture behind this unique country.
00:45:00 1/15/2021
Turning Stones Podcast
After many years of deliberation, Great Britain has officially left the European Union! What does that mean for the countries involved and the rest of Europe? and what issues might now arise due to "Brexit"? We take a look at these questions and more.
00:51:00 1/5/2021
Turning Stones Podcast
Who doesn't enjoy a slice of pizza....? With the help of pizza business owner Rocco, we take a look at what makes a great pizza and what should never be put on a pizza! Rocco also explains the science and benefits behind the use of sourdough as a pizza base and also his experience with pizza around the world.
00:59:00 12/26/2020
Turning Stones Podcast
If you invested in Bitcoin 10 years ago.... Well you would be a very wealthy person right now. We take a look at the history of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency as a whole with the help of our finance expert Pete. Where will this new payment method take us and how does it compare to other investments? We break it all down and share some interesting facts.
01:08:00 12/14/2020
Turning Stones Podcast
The Margherita pizza was one of the first pizza toppings ever created and dates back many years, but where did the idea come from? There are a few stories as to the origins of the famous topping and also a lot of confusion around what a traditional Margherita consists of. We look at the truth and provide the fun facts along the way. buon appetito!
00:42:00 12/3/2020
Turning Stones Podcast
Not many people would even know the country exists, but we cover some interesting facts about this small African country. Tune in for something a little different and of course a few laughs.
00:38:00 11/24/2020
Turning Stones Podcast
It's a term we have heard extremely often with the current COVID-19 pandemic, but what is it exactly? And why is it used? We take a look at some of the questions surrounding the process of contact tracing and share some interesting stories.
00:48:00 11/18/2020
Turning Stones Podcast
His name has been in news headline around the world recently for running in the US presidential election, but many people don't know the story behind Joe Biden. We take a look at where it all started for Joe and the rollercoaster journey that was his life.
01:01:00 11/12/2020

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