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Luminous with Greta Harman

Interview with co-founder of the Luminous community and platform, Educational Therapist Greta Harman. Meditation on trusting yourself with your Health, letting your intuition guide you. Greta Harman is serial entrepreneur, currently working along side Oprah's favorite parenting expert, Dr. Shefali, to help spread the Conscious Parenting movement worldwide. Along with Dr. Shefali and Suzi Lula, she co-founded LUMINOUS, a holistic membership-based community with over 1,000 members worldwide, focused on empowering women to live their most LUMINOUS life. Greta is also a board certified educational therapist in Orange County, California who specializes in individualized, research-based and brain-based interventions and programs for children who may be struggling in school and/or home. Greta believes in the power of play and connection and combines research-based methods and programs with heart-centered, 100% individualized therapeutic interventions to help her clients achieve their goals.  For more information, about Greta, go to
01:05:59 8/1/2020

Past Episodes

Interview with Social Entrepreneur and Educator, Tanya Sheckley. Meditation at the end of the interview on choosing the best educational environment for your child. About Tanya: Tanya is a social entrepreneur, speaker, skier, climber, yogi, mom and working to make the world a kinder place.  She is the founder of UP Academy, a progressive elementary lab school in San Mateo, California.   UP Academy was born of her quest to find the best education for her three children. The oldest, intuitive, curious and differently-abled with cerebral palsy, her middle, ambitious, fearless and creative and her youngest, observant, sweet, and athletic and all three of them brilliant.  The school was created as a legacy, in loving memory of Eliza Sheckley so every child, of every ability, can reach their potential.  She holds a BA in Public Health and Dance and an MBA in Entrepreneurship. Recently, she launched a series entitled, "Voices of Educators", to learn from the best in the field and be at the forefront of education.
00:00:00 7/23/2020
Interview with Katie Wise of Bhakti Explosion and Healing Songs About Katie: Katie Wise is a conscious singer-songwriter hailing from Boulder, Colorado. Fusing the sacred sweetness of yogic mantra with roots Americana, she and her band Bhakti Explosion, have graced stages at the biggest sacred music festivals in the US and internationally. Trained as a classical pianist from a young age, Katie holds a theater degree and performed regularly in the LA comedy scene, where she was also a sought-after voice over artist. She offers transformative vocal coaching to individuals and groups, helping people clear away blocks in the throat chakra and discover the power of their authentic voices. She has been featured in Yoga Journal, Yoga International, Kindred Spirit (UK), Soul Traveler Radio (AU), and NPR.
01:08:18 7/17/2020
Sol Balance with Mary Sushinski Interview with Mary Sushinski and Meditation on Releasing Trapped Emotions. About Mary: Mary Sushinski is a certified practitioner in Foot Zone Therapy and currently working towards Emotion Code Certification. She is an essential oil wellness advocate and incorporates specially selected Doterra essential oils in her practice. Mary is a featured author in the Best Selling Book "Inspirational Influencers", sharing her journey of fully becoming and embracing the talents and gifts that are innately ours to express. With a Bachelors of Art degree in Film Production and Communications from The Pennsylvania State University, Mary ventured west over 20 years ago for a career in filmmaking. The vast production skills she honed on film sets combined with her natural inclination to be of service and make beautiful thigs happen parlayed into a career in weddings and special events. Accredited as a "Professional Bridal Consultant" from the Association of Bridal Consultants, Mary was the Director of Education for ABC-GLA (Association of Bridal Consultants - Greater Los Angeles) and has seen her events, articles, interviews, inspirational photo shoots published in wedding sources such as Brides, The Knot, Style Me Pretty, Grace Ormonde, Bridal Bar Radio, Brides World among others. Mary is realizing her gifts of intuitive energy healing, human connection, and expressing beauty, culminating in Sol-Balance Whether through foot zone therapy, emotion code healing, essential oil wellness enhancements, or her artisan jewelry, Mary seeks to uplift and harmonize the mind and the senses. A connoisseur of good food, wine and friends, Mary resides in Glendale, CA with her husband Larry, her son, Jackson, and fur baby, Opal Kitty. BONUS: All listeners to the podcast that contact Mary for any of her products or services, will get 20% off! Use code "You, Inspired". See more at her website:
00:47:39 7/11/2020
Interview with Kirstin Merryman from Italy. She moved there right when the CoronaVirus started. She shares her journey from Pastry Chef and the party scene in Paris, to India studying tantric practices to Personal Training and her unique process of Energetic Purification today. Energetic Mantra at the end to help calm your soul. About Kirstin: Her journey of ever-increasing wellness led her from the United States, to Paris, Spain, Asia and now the Amalfi Coast, Italy. Thanks to her foundation of fitness in Boulder, Colorado, eight years as a personal trainer in Paris and her practice and study of Tantric and Hatha yoga in India, she developed a method of vibration raising body transformation that focuses on energetic purification and alignment, physical training to create an elongated, flexible, lean and toned figure, spiritual growth through self-love and acceptance and creating a nourishing and satisfying relationship with eating.
00:57:59 7/4/2020
Interview with Dad Art Pena, father of twin girls and meditation on being a good father and letting go of father issues. Pena is a 1st generation Mexican/American that grew up in the Harbor Area of Los Angeles in a small city/town named Wilmington. Through growing up in a gang, the police calling his mom to pick him up to biking on film sets that permeated his neighborhood. That lead him to working in his profession that has been his passion for 21 years. He encourages his twin daughters to be creative in anything they want to do, weather it's art, camera, writing, painting, music ,acting singing, wherever their dreams take them!
00:55:50 6/22/2020
Interview with Sarah Itkin with healing on unconditional love. Sarah Itkin is an intuitive, a medium, an angel channel, and ThetaHealing practitioner. She uses her psychic gifts and training as a licensed clinical social worker to create uplifting experiences of clarity, insight, and emotional healing. Sarah offers messages from angels, guides, and deceased loved ones, as well as intuitive coaching, past life readings, and energy healing.
00:30:09 6/16/2020
Interview with Medical Intuitive Dr. Simi Ahuja with healing meditation at the end. Dr. Simi is Mind-Body Medicine practitioner who is board certified in Family Medicine, Holistic Health Coach, trained in Functional Medicine and a Medical Intuitive.  Her journey lead her to exciting new discoveries about the power of the mind and it's ability to heal the physical body. This realization enabled her to heal her own cognitive brain dysfunction that resulted from chronic childhood trauma, hence giving her a deep understanding of the subconscious and the unconscious mind.  These revelations birthed her passion for Mind-Body Medicine. Dr. Simi's medical practice is currently located at the "Complete Care of Colorado" medical facility in Lafayette Colorado.
00:54:35 6/10/2020
Interview with Sound Healer Kirsten Korot with sound healing at the end. About Kirsten Korot: Kirsten Korot is an Intuitive Coach, Master Vibrational Sound Therapist, Guided Imagery Master, and Founder of Nature Nurture Experiences. Kirsten believes the best and most important relationship is the one we hold with ourselves. As our inner world transforms then too our outer world begins to shift and blossom. A native of Los Angeles, Kirsten grew up singing but also at an early age she felt a strong connection to her intuition and so began her spiritual journey. 
00:44:09 6/4/2020
Interview with Melissa Park and Meditation on releasing trauma. About Melissa: Melissa Park, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has been licensed for over 11 years. She has been working in the field of mental health and developmental disabilities since 1997. Has extensive experience working with Autistic and emotionally disturbed children, developmentally disabled individuals, co-morbid disorders in mental health, sex offenders and for the past 14 years has been working with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation providing mental health and behavioral therapy to male inmates. Melissa obtained her bachelor's in Psychology at Cal State Northridge and studied at USC where she obtained her Master's in Social Work (MSW) and later her Master's in Public Administration (MPA). She is currently studying at Southern California University (CSU) and expects to graduate in 2022 with her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.
00:50:52 5/29/2020
Interview with ER Doctor Pamela Bannon with meditation at the end to keep you healthy, grounded and connected. About Pamela: Pamela Bannon, MD has been an emergency medicine physician in Philadelphia, PA for over ten years. A New York City native, she has a bachelors degree from Johns Hopkins University and a medical degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Dr. Bannon completed residency training at the University of Pennsylvania and currently works for the Temple University Health System. In her spare time she enjoys exploring the world with her wife and two young daughters.
00:00:00 5/22/2020

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