Pour yourself a whiskey and join hosts Ryan and Doug as they convene The Steering Committee, a laid-back take on all things cars and driving, straight out of Colorado. The Steering Committee podcast... where it's okay to obsess about cars!


The Steering Committee

All over the board

Episode 47: We talk Porsche inventory, future Ferrari 250 GTOs, Group B rally cars, Chrysler LHs (really), Lotus Carltons, PBS and our upcoming LA visit. For more info on Level-UP Inc. and their Automobili Rally events, visit automobilirally.com. Check out Harry's Garage at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIB5XXHNAWWzTOw6guIMYCg. Please rate, review and subscribe; every click counts! And, please support those who support us: Swisstrax: use the code STEER15 at checkout for 15% site-wide at (swisstrax.com) goodr sunglasses: use the code STEERING15 at checkout for 15% your first order (goodr.com) Bruz Beers (bruzbeers.com)
00:59:38 9/16/2021

Past Episodes

The Steering Committee
Episode 46: The boys brag about their new recording equipment but forget to hit "record" first. There's a new WRX and we're not fans. And Ryan gives a dad car update while Doug roots for the underdog. Please rate, review and subscribe! And please support those who support us: goodr sunglasses: use code STEERING15 for 15% your first order at goodr.com Swisstrax: use code STEER15 for 15% site-wide at swisstrax.com Bruz Beers: bruzbeers.com And, check out the work of artist Tracy G. Jones: https://tracygjones.com/
01:01:10 9/12/2021
The Steering Committee
Episode 45: Ryan's GT4 gets walked by an old Z4 M Coupe, we debate the merits of the new Lamborghini Countach and Doug gets Swisstrax envy. Our sponsors are amazing; please give them your business! Swisstrax: swisstrax.com, Bruz Beers: bruzbeers.com and goodr sunglasses: goodr.com When shopping goodr.com, don't forget to use the code STEERING15 at checkout for 15% off your purchase. Lastly, come see us on Sunday, August 29th at 2 p.m. for our Belgian Grand Prix viewing @Bruz Beers at 1675 W. 67th Ave in Denver.
01:06:09 8/27/2021
The Steering Committee
Episode 44: Adam Block of Vinyl Me, Please joins us to talk music, Porsches and a suspiciously potent VW Westfalia. Recorded live at the Bruz Beers brewery. Please rate, review and subscribe. And, as always, please support those who support us! Bruz Beers: bruzbeers.com Swisstrax: swisstrax.com Goodr: goodr.com
01:05:12 8/17/2021
The Steering Committee
Episode 43: Ryan discovers a ghost dealership and drives Colorado's Guanella Pass. Doug congratulates a Frenchman and digs on models. Together they go full "Everyday Driver" to determine the best new $60k sports car for Ryan's dad. A couple of show notes: we were wrong about the Supra. The base model is not currently available with a manual. Oh, and the M2 Comp and CS have a different engine than the base M2, and, share a virtual dash. Lastly, is there better beer than Bruz Beers? No, there is not. Get yours at bruzbeers.com
01:08:26 8/11/2021
The Steering Committee
Episode 42: Ryan and Doug burn through the Michelins in the new BMW M440i xDrive on the autocross and drive the M235i xDrive Grand Coupe, X5 xDrive45e and M850i Convertible on the street. Thank you to BMW USA and to our sponsor Bruz Beers (bruzbeers.com)
00:48:41 8/2/2021
The Steering Committee
Episode 41: Live from Bruz Off Fax, we marvel at the Germans (again), Doug answers listener mail and Ryan writhes in discomfort. Oh, and Porsche, Lotus, Ferrari and BMW...for SEO. As always, a thank you to our sponsor-Bruz Beers-and their badass Belgian brews (bruzbeers.com).
00:33:41 7/30/2021
The Steering Committee
Episode 40: Doug blows a fuse and writes the book on responsible parenting. Ryan drinks beer and insults the people of the Ozarks. Together, they make car podcast magic. When in Denver, visit our sponsor Bruz Beers! bruzbeers.com
01:02:22 7/16/2021
The Steering Committee
Episode 39: Ryan receives a gift, Doug specs a new GT3 Touring and the TSC GT4 gets an oil change. When in Denver, visit our friends at Bruz Beers. bruzbeers.com
01:00:48 6/24/2021
The Steering Committee
Episode 38: The mothership visits Denver and the boys drive the new Cayman GTS 4.0, 992 Carrera S and RWD Taycan. Recorded live at Bruz Off Fax. Thank you, Porsche Cars North America. And, as always, please support those who support us: Bruz Beers - bruzbeers.com
00:50:39 6/13/2021
The Steering Committee
Episode 37: We spot a very rare car on the way to Home Depot, break down the first 718 GT4 sold on Bring a Trailer, and ponder the mixed feelings that come along with seeing your "car ex" on "car Tindr." Oh, and Doug finally gets to talk Formula 1. Check out our sponsor Bruz Beers and their badass Belgian brews at bruzbeers.com.
53:46:00 6/13/2021

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