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The Light Brothers

"Pandemic P!"

The show kicks off with reaction to the ruling in the Breonna Taylor case. Tha Drive Thru features the NBA playoffs, Jackson State head coach Deion Sanders' effect on HBCU college football, and why we don't feel sorry for Le'Veon Bell or OBJ. In Skinny-Fatboy, we congratulate a local pizzeria that made the top five in the country and reveal our number one childhood TV crush!
01:06:42 9/25/2020

Past Episodes

Football is being played during the pandemic, and there are plenty of adjustments being made. We are so concerned about both professional and collegiate sports, but what about youth sports? Special guests: Frank Pillow and David Lewis Jr. ?
00:48:25 9/10/2020
This week the guys talk NBA playoffs, the Brooklyn Nets hiring of Steve Nash, and the passing of legendary Georgetown coach John Thompson. Also, after the "Skinny-Fatboy" ? segment, ?Joe tells a scary story from Russia!???
01:02:59 9/6/2020
The Big 10 and Pac 12 have postponed fall sports, meaning no football until the spring (we hope). You may want to get used to watching the current live sports for awhile. ?
00:46:26 8/13/2020
No notes! NBA "bubble" talk, baseballs' unwritten rules, COVID-19 affects on college football, and a manhood story from the pits of hell! Also, Lil Debbie have been warned. ?
00:56:13 8/10/2020
Well well well, Washington football franchise owner Daniel Snyder had a change of "heart". (Yeah right.) The Chiefs give Patrick Mahomes 503 million reasons to stay in Kansas City, Richaun Holmes really likes Postmates, The Drive-Thru, and the return of the Skinny-Fatboy segment!
01:02:36 7/14/2020
The guys start the show discussing the Bubba Wallace "noose" investigation,?? and Joe gives his side of the Cam Newton signing?. Also, Dak signs, an ode to the Negro Leagues, the best french fries, and the return of sports...we think.
00:42:31 7/2/2020
There are few NFL owners that have actually spoken before and after Roger Goodell's response video to the NFL players in support of racial injustice. Credit is due, but more support is needed from more owners.
00:32:53 6/13/2020
Although not new?, Mike and Joe talk about the "George Floyd" effect on the country and the world from a sports perspective. ?
01:06:42 6/13/2020
The guys sat down over the weekend? and wondered why the NFL has to give teams incentives in order to hire minorities.? ?In "The Drive Thru", Jerry is a genius, James Harrison's envelope, and two dumb NFL cornerbacks. Also, FedEx delivers...anywhere!????
00:51:31 5/18/2020
This week, the guys give their thoughts on the NFL draft, The Last Dance, and debut the newly named segment The Drive Thru. In, For Tha Culture, Grocery Joe and Trader Mike run down the top 25 snacks and ?have a warning for the attention!
01:04:09 5/4/2020

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