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Ep. 128 - Where in the World is Russy Wilson, Elite Video Game Athletes, and Pelly Boys Assemble

We went from not knowing if we'd have enough to talk about to doing an hour 45, what a trip it was.
01:46:55 2/28/2021

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The Grande and Big Somms Show
Kentucky may stink but at least we beat Tennessee
01:26:40 2/21/2021
The Grande and Big Somms Show
Last part obviously assuming if he were to get casted, which is a slim chance as is.
01:43:28 2/14/2021
The Grande and Big Somms Show
What's Grande's definitive scores for The Little Things, On The Rocks, Malcolm and Marie, and Palmer? Could Big Somms start at tackle for the Chiefs at this point? Does Anna have crocodile tears? ALL THAT AND MORE RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW
01:13:27 2/9/2021
The Grande and Big Somms Show
Weeeeeee'reeeeeeee baaaaaaaaaaaack (for the first time in 6 days)
01:25:28 1/31/2021
The Grande and Big Somms Show
Plus Grande and Big Somms' old man weekends and What We Learned This Week/ recommendations
01:15:50 1/25/2021
The Grande and Big Somms Show
PLUS the entire NFL divisional weekend AND Bachelor coverage - what's not to love!
01:42:06 1/18/2021
The Grande and Big Somms Show
All of that, plus talkin' beefs, caffeinated bevvies, and Love It or List It.
01:13:08 1/10/2021
The Grande and Big Somms Show
After a week off the air, we managed to keep it under 2 hours. A Christmas miracle!
01:49:25 1/4/2021
The Grande and Big Somms Show
A whoooooole lot on the docket: - High Noons are astronomically expensive - The CFP can SMD -- Justice for Cincy (and I guess Coastal) - Kentucky Basketball, why are we wasting our breath - NFL top performance, biggest disappointment, biggest takeaway - NBA preseason predictions/things to watch - Talkin' Bachelorette hometowns - Go watch Mando you nerds .... and a whole bunch more
01:46:28 12/20/2020
The Grande and Big Somms Show
All that plus Cats Hoops (P-U), Takeaways and Best Performers in the NFL, Zach Wilson takes, and more.
02:10:56 12/6/2020
The Grande and Big Somms Show
Nearly two hours of the fellas chopping up NCAA hoops, college football, the NFL, the Bachelorette, and what some are calling the best holiday movie in 10 years.
01:50:45 11/29/2020
The Grande and Big Somms Show
A special Wednesday treat courtesy of your pals at the Grande and Big Somms Show. The guys talk about the holidays before two-time USL Defender of the Year/Friend of the Program Forrest Lasso joins the show to talk his time in the MLS, coming back to dominate the USL, the COVID shortened season, flexing on haters, Panthers football, holiday takes, him vs. the Monstars and more (27:20 - 1:38:30).
01:44:46 11/24/2020
The Grande and Big Somms Show
The fellas are ON ONE this week in the first part of a special Thanksgiving double-header. Episode 114 dives into the latest news including anarchy in Big Somms' fantasy league, worst quarantine purchases, NBA Draft talk (a man named Patrick Williams went fourth anything is possible), NBA free agency, Kentucky losing by SIXTY (60) whole points, the NFL slate, praying for Joe Burrow's knee and more. Be on the lookout Wednesday as we connect with an old Friend of the Pod ??
01:56:42 11/22/2020

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