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The Grande and Big Somms Show

Ep. 98 - Are We Sure the Lakers Are Gonna Win it All? Plus DRAMATIC Details About the Bachelorette and is Benny Snell About to Save Two Keys???

100 minutes plus of what you came for - SPORTS TALK BAYBAYYYYY. The guys chop it up about the WNBA, the world's most valuable franchises, NBA bubble, Zion vs Ja, NCAA Football changes, the Pac-12 players' demands, NFL opt outs, and so much more.
01:53:51 8/2/2020

Past Episodes

Clearly Coronavirus quarantine is breaking our brains.
01:23:19 7/19/2020
The gang's all here in the newest installment of the pod. The guys tackle everything in the title, Beer Olympics, a deep passionate love for JR Smith, if we'll actually see any college football this year and more.
01:36:56 7/12/2020
Grande goes solo dolo on this week's episode of the podcast. In this episode Grande gushes over his one true man crush Cameron Newton. Listen as he goes throw stats and why he thinks Cam Newton is a top notch fellow and quarterback. JR Smith is also mentioned in this podcast before you hear about what Grande learned this week and if he has any recommendations. Make sure to listen/rate/subscribe to this glorious podcast!
00:25:03 7/5/2020
Big Somms battles a crippling hangover and the Sunday Scaries as the fellas talk weekends, what the landscape of sports looks like in the midst of COVID (we don't know) and a very correct top 10 defensive players since 2000. Naturally Cam signed with the Pats ~ 2 hours after this was recorded.
01:05:01 6/28/2020
Whole buncha chattin' and debatin' from the fellas over 96 minutes. Spoiler alert, Saquon's not in the Top 10.
01:37:51 6/14/2020
The fellas bring you one-hundred (100) plus minutes of tasty takes, including Big Somms 1000th moving update, what we've ordered out, the NBA's restart/ James Harden's future three month stay in Epcot, the MLB shooting itself in the foot for the umpteenth time, our Top 10 QB Seasons of the 21st Century, What We Learned This Week, Recommendations, and a Public Health Update from Papa Somms himself. Buckle up, ladies and gents, it's gonna be a fun one.
01:42:59 6/7/2020
A completely unscripted, off the cuff hour from your two favorite Lexingtonians.
01:05:45 5/31/2020
The boys give ya almost two hours to fuel your Memorial Day (or probably the Tuesday after at work where you're like "damn, I gotta work now, huh?" - well at least you've got this).
01:58:08 5/25/2020

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