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Ya boi is combatting the Sunday Scaries HARD as I write this, but safe to say this is a great poddy. Some are calling it must-listen. You be the judge.
01:47:41 10/18/2020
Big Somms has no idea which way is up or if the sky is blue with how this season of college football has gone, Grande confirms that LeBron and AD wanted to be watching the Bachelorette this Tuesday, and so much more.
01:51:32 10/12/2020
We are very good at podcasting. Pls rate 5 stars, and any technical gaffes or issues should be directed to Mitch Trubisky
01:54:26 10/4/2020
1. Skype stunk today - tried to edit it but it's a bit choppy 2. Seriously, where did Diet Coke get that idea for their nerd commercial
01:22:30 9/27/2020
Grande goes solo for this episode and recaps all of the sports games that were played this weekend minus golf (S/O DeChambeau). Make sure you are subscribed to the greatest podcast in the world.
01:07:24 9/20/2020
Big Somms brings an hour-plus of bonus pod from the rafters tackling Bam Adebayo's insane game-winning block, Jamal Murray and Jokic giving Kawhi and Playoff P the boot, Monday Night Football and the inability of kickers to do their job, quick hits, picks for the week, Listener Questions, and What He Learned in the Last 3 Days.
01:22:30 9/16/2020
Little peek behind the curtain for the folks at home - had a few technical difficulties, but all in all a solid show. 2-plus hours of coverage of the NFL, NBA, a little college ball, The Bachelor news, and a whole bunch more!
02:18:36 9/13/2020
We went over 2 hours again and folks are LIVID
02:16:37 9/6/2020
The fellas are back with TWO AND A HALF HOURS of sports, pop culture and more. After breaking down some dipshit's tweet about completing impossible sports tasks, the guys cover everything about the NBA playoffs and news around the NFL. Then around the 1:08:40 mark, it's time for the Grande and Big Somms Show TV Bracket, complete with the full first round. Then it's time for What We Learned This Week and Recommendations.
02:35:48 8/23/2020

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