Chris Ownbey has been a certified personal trainer for over 30 years. Fitness has always been Chris's passion. His history includes success as a state powerlifting champion, bodybuilder, a mixed martial arts competitor and golfer. Chris's success comes from his big heart and the desire to help and empower others. Now in his 50's. Chris coach's men and women 40+ years of age to get fit and healthy in a private studio in North Dallas with our 30- minute HICT workout system. Tyson Faifer is best known as the first comedian to ever compete on NBC's American Ninja Warrior and you may recognize his face from your favorite reality dating shows... most recently on ABC's The Proposal. Tyson's act has been described as smart, witty, and a ball of energy, covering topics such as his love of the 90's, growing up on the Mexican border, and the struggles of living in your early to mid/late thirties. His first comedy special was recorded in 2017 for Ride TV and can be seen by tens of people who actually have that channel. Now living in Los Angeles, Tyson has been touring the country and is on his way to a city near you. In the meantime, you can still find him on reruns of WeTv's Million Dollar Matchmaker, Fox's Love Connection, The Steve Harvey Show, Ford Mustang Speed Dating Viral Video, Judge Hatchett, and SoulPancake's Date My Dog.


The Fitness Zone

Ep25: Celebrating the One Year Anniversary of Ninja Nation in Murphy, Tx and Chris Owbney's new book, Turn Back Time

Brought to you by The Highlands Performance Golf Center and Kavla For Men Powered by Testofen !

Tyson and Chris celebrate Tyson's one-year anniversary of his Ninja Nation gym in Murphy opening, and Chris' new e-book, "Turn Back Time." Get a free copy of the book at !

00:36:08 9/7/2021

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The Fitness Zone
Cryotherapy, sometimes known as cold therapy, is the local or general use of low temperatures in medical therapy. Cryotherapy may be used to treat a variety of tissue lesions. The most prominent use of the term refers to the surgical treatment, specifically known as cryosurgery or cryoablation.
00:22:50 8/29/2021
The Fitness Zone
Chris and Tyson continue their discussion of the misconceptions of hydration, and where they came from. How many glasses of water per day should one really have? Let's discuss! Presented by: Kavla for Men Powered by Testofen KAVLA FOR MEN acts as a natural anabolic enhancer that burns away stubborn belly fat, restores lost energy, and even helps build strength and lean muscle. More importantly, KAVLA FOR MEN can give you back the confidence you need for better physical and mental performance at work, at home, and even in the bedroom. OPTIMIZE YOUR PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE, BUILD STRONGER and LEANER MUSCLES FAST, and IMPROVE YOUR MOOD AND FEEL YOUNGER AND STRONGER WITH KAVLA FOR MEN POWERED BY TESTOFEN! Look for KAVLA FOR MEN on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Amazon, or on the web at
00:25:00 8/24/2021
The Fitness Zone
Tyson and Chris share their personal experiences with hydration and which form of hydration helped them the most. They also discuss that hydration levels and goals should be different for each person.
00:21:08 8/17/2021
The Fitness Zone
Ep21: Five Activities For Exercises Outside Of The Gym In Dallas/Fort Worth
00:28:24 8/2/2021
The Fitness Zone
Chris tells the story of his first-ever experience with 'Road Rage.' Plus he and Tyson discuss how to return to the gym and continue your fitness journey after having back or neck surgery, and exercises you might be doing in the gym that can hurt you. | @DFWFitnessZone
00:27:27 7/26/2021
The Fitness Zone
Tyson and Chris outline ways to continue to drink your favorite beer, wine, or mixed drinks, and still continue to advance your fitness journey and/or continue to lose weight!
00:23:15 7/18/2021
The Fitness Zone
Follow along with Chris and Tyson as they discuss their respective bodybuilding competition and fitness journeys!
00:26:41 7/14/2021
The Fitness Zone
Marcus is owner of Hicks Mixed Martial Arts in Carrollton, TX - Amazing programs for kids and adults to get more focused, fit, and confident. - Reach out to Marcus at, 214-600-2254, or via email at
00:18:42 7/4/2021
The Fitness Zone
Ep16: Myths About Whey Protein Supplements And Meal Replacement
00:23:38 6/16/2021
The Fitness Zone
Ep15: Life Coach Robyn Moore - Coping With Anxiety And Stress
00:30:00 6/10/2021
The Fitness Zone
Ep14: Chris' 12-week Transformation Challenge with | Being Involved In Fitness While Aging
00:14:32 6/2/2021
The Fitness Zone
Check Peter out at @PeterSers on Twitter and all other social media, as well as his podcasts: The Camera Adds 10 Pounds and My Blue Thoughts: A Dodgers Podcast.
00:32:20 5/23/2021
The Fitness Zone
Ep12: Eulea Espinal - Self Awareness And How It Promotes Health And Positive Energy
00:32:52 5/14/2021
The Fitness Zone
Ep11: Cinco de Mayo Celebration | Celebrating Mexican Athletes Throughout History
00:23:47 5/5/2021

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