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On today's episode, the boys dive into another Top 10, and this time, the topic is Mangers! Cole & Ron break down their picks, and solidify the Top 10 Managers of all time!
01:11:00 9/15/2021

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The Creative Team
It's about that that time friends! The dramatic conclusion to the Finishers bracket feat. Johnny Gargano. Not one Darsow has been played! What will take home the crown of greatest finisher of all time? Tune in, and find out today!
00:49:00 9/8/2021
The Creative Team
Buckle up Creative Team fans. It's time for another bracket, and this time we are talking finishers! 32 Finishers enter the bracket. Cole, Ron, & our special guest, NXT Superstar Johnny Gargano will discuss/debate these iconic maneuvers until we crown The Creative Team's Greatest Finisher OF ALL THE TIMES!
00:58:00 9/1/2021
The Creative Team
Yes! You read that right Tazz with 2 Zs is what Cole & Ron will be discussing on this edition of Take it up with Creative. Where we right all the wrongs that took place within the promising careers of your favorites and ours! Speaking of wrongs and multiple Zs. The boys correct what should have been an EXTREMELY successful push! Tune in to see what we come up with. Leave us a review and tell us what YOU would come up with!
00:54:58 8/25/2021
The Creative Team
It's Summer Slam week! The Creative Team keeps the heat going with another Top 10 episode on the road to Summer Slam 2021. We're discussing the Top 10 moments in Summer Slam history! What sort of surprises do Cole & Ron have in store for the listeners, and each other!? Tune in now!
01:12:00 8/18/2021
The Creative Team
The time has come! Cole & Ron present their Summer Slam Match Draft SUPER CARD to the judges. Please welcome our special guests, Former Pro Wrestling Guerilla stars, Dino Windwood & Hook Bomberry! They are tasked with picking the better of the 2 cards to decide the winner of this heated draft!
01:15:39 8/11/2021
The Creative Team
It's that time again Creative Team Fans! Another Creative Team Fantasy Draft! This time, since it is Summer Slam season, The boys will be drafting matches that took place at the hottest show of the summer! Each participant will draft 8 matches, and present their cards to the judges next week! Who will have the edge? Tune in for Part 1 today!
00:48:00 8/4/2021
The Creative Team
This episode is full of twists & turns, and nobody knows TURNS better than our next subject for Take it up with Creative! The BIG SHOW! Cole Dawson & Ron Kilbourn turn back the clock, and attempt to rewrite the history of a larger than life career!
01:08:00 7/28/2021
The Creative Team
It's that time again Creative Team fans! Another Top 10 Episode! This time, we are talking entrances. The boys discuss who they feel are the Top 10 Entrances of all time. What sort of surprises does Ron have in store for Cole? Find out now! Join us for this fun discussion. Follow us on Instagram & Twitter @creativeteampod
01:07:00 7/21/2021
The Creative Team
The time has come, Creative Team fans! We are bringing you Part 2 of the Factions Bracket featuring NXT Superstar, Candice LeRae! Not one Darsow has been played so far! Who will stand tall as The Creative Team's greatest Faction of all time? Find out now!
01:27:00 7/14/2021
The Creative Team
On a very special edition of The Creative Team. Cole, Ron, & a very special guest join forces for another bracket, and we're discussing FACTIONS! "Who is the 3rd man!" We're glad you asked! Who could possibly help The Creative Team narrow down the greatest Faction of all time? How about a member of the top Faction in NXT right now? How about Cole's sister? How about the Poison Pixie herself? The Way's Candice LeRae! Enjoy Part 1 of The Creative Team's Faction Bracket!
01:18:39 7/7/2021

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